Discover What Attractions You Can Explore on Leh Manali Highway

Leh Manali Highway
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One of the scenic road trips in India is 435 kilometers (approx.). Yes! We are talking about Leh Manali Highway. Made only for thrill-seekers, it is tougher and higher in altitude compared to Srinagar Leh Highway. Bonus? You are guaranteed to witness the snow-covered mountains and distant valleys throughout your journey. You will find monasteries, camps, and homestays during your Ladakh road trip voyage via Leh Manali Highway. Let us take you on a writing tour of the Leh Manali route journey to make you visualize the best attractions you can explore on Leh Manali Highway!

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Reason to Explore Leh Manali Highway

Manali, Ladakh are some of the places that come to your mind when you think of travel. Riding across the valleys while exploring the breath-taking view of the sky is something which one cannot forget. Manali and Ladakh are two different places. Each of these places has got its attractions for travelers. Do you know there is one place full of beautiful places and connects these two amazing locations?

Yes! We are talking about Manali Leh Highway. It is more of a tourist spot than just a highway. This highway is approximately 435 kilometers long, spread across in between these two locations. There are many places to visit on Leh Manali Highway.

Today we will be exploring a few of these locations, which you can certainly add to the itinerary for your next Leh Manali trip. Do check with your travel agents for Leh Ladakh tour packages with these locations.

11 Best Places to Visit on Leh Manali Highway



The very first tourist place that you can spot on this highway is Manali. Manali does not need any introduction. This has been a favorite destination of many tourists who plan the trip to Himachal Pradesh. Manali is located approximately 6726 feet from sea level, and you will always see the crowd at this place. The peak season to visit Manali is between June to September. For accommodation, you can stay at any hotels or guest houses as there are plenty of them. You can indulge in various activities here, such as ice skating, paragliding, and many more.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass

This famous place has been picturized in many Bollywood movies due to its immense beauty. Rohtang pass is known to be the highest altitude pass in the overall journey. You will find snowfall here most of the time. Here you can stop to explore the beautiful green valleys, chilled temperature, Amazing landscapes, and snow-covered mountains. It is located 13,051 feet (approx.) from sea level. Rohtang top is located approximately 51 kilometers from Manali. This is one of the best places to visit at Leh Manali Highway.


tandi himachal pradesh

Tandi is known as a small town located at Leh Manali Highway. You will find the last petrol pump here. Here at Tandi, you will get to see the beautiful confluence of Chandratal lake and River Bhaga. This confluence then flows through Jammu and Kashmir posts which is called River Chenab.

Chandra River

Since we just discussed the confluence you can see at Tandi, you will also get a chance to see a beautiful Chandra River. Chandratal lake is the origin of Chandra River and contributes to the River Chenab as well. It is located at Manali Leh highway in the mystic valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. Chandra lake is one kilometer long and about half a kilometer wide. You would also notice beautiful glaciers on both sides of the river.


gramphu himachal

Grampu is always considered a place for affordable accommodation if you travel on Leh Manali highway and wish to go for a night’s stay. At Grampu, the road bifurcates and heads towards Spiti valley. You can easily find the food and accommodation in the range of Rs.500 to Rs.1000 (approx.). Apart from this accommodation facility, you will not find any kind of tourist attraction here. So if you wish, you can skip visiting here.

Ascent to Rohtang Pass

Ascent to Rohtang Pass

The Ascent to Rohtang Pass consists of many places that include Palchhan, Gulaba, Kothi, Marhi, and Rani Nallah. You can experience various waterfalls, landscapes, and beautiful sunrises. You would generally notice a crowd here during day time. Hence it is recommended to start a bit early for this.

Parchman and Kothi are small villages located at this ascent where you can take a halt for your refreshments as you won’t get much to explore anything here. At Gulaba, one can expect slower snowfall to experience its beauty.

At Marhi, you can take your break for your food, and this is also known as one of the highest snow points during winters. Rani Nallah is the snow-flooded glacier point on this route.



If you are looking for tent accommodation or a guest’s house, you can consider visiting Kokhsar. You will find a few kilometers ahead once you cross Grampu in Lahaul Valley. The PWD guest house at Kohsar needs a booking for accommodation purposes.


sissu himachal pradesh

If you are travelling across the Chandra River, then you will notice this small village called Sissu. This place is also known as Khagling. The chopper service that flies from Kullu operates in Sissu during winters which are useful for locals to cross the Rohtang pass with heavy snowfall. You will also get access to small dhabas for your refreshment, and you can also stay at the PWD guest house provided you have made the booking for the same.


This is another small village similar to Kokhsar and Sissu. If you are looking for decent accommodation or campsites, then you can consider visiting Jispa. If you are travelling by car or bike and looking for any mechanical help, then you will find one shop here in this village.


keylong himachal

Another famous tourist spot that you will cross on Leh Manali Highway is Keylong. This is one of the largest towns of this route, known as the Lahaul and Spiti valley’s administrative headquarters. If you are someone who loves to visit monasteries, then you will love this place. Here you will find Kardang monastery. It was built for the Drukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Since many tourists come here due to the monastery, you will find many stay options suitable for all the budgets. After Manali, you can get access to an ATM in this town to withdraw the cash.



Leh is the last destination of this highway. There might be very few people who will not be aware of Leh and its stupendous beauty. At Leh, you can witness beautiful longing valleys and mountains, which are favorite among travelers. Here you can choose to explore Chadar, Markha, Tso Moriri, and Stok Kangri valley. It is the capital of Ladakh, and one can certainly plan the trip here if travelling between April to June.

These were some of the best tourist spots picked at Leh Manali highway. Apart from these, other several locations include Karu, Upshi, Rumtse, Tanglang La, Tso Kar, Debring, Moore Plains, Pang, Lachulung La, Nakeela, Gata Loops, Sarchu, Bharatpur, Killing Sarai, Shaheed Sainik Bhawan, Suraj Taal, Baralacha La, Zingzing Bar, Patseo, Deepak Taal and Darcha. These are small towns which you can consider to halt at. If you are someone who loves to explore the riverfront, then you can visit Deepak taal. If you are going with a group and planning for camping, you can consider halting at Sarchu. It is the most affordable option for accommodation.

You can check your plan and decide further to explore all of these spots. While booking the Ladakh tour package, you can check with Honeymoon Bug to provide you with a visit to these locations while travelling to Leh Manali Highway. If you are travelling by car or bike, you can prepare a plan in advance since exploring these locations will take a good time.

Do you have friends or family who share the same travel fascination as you do for Ladakh trip? If yes, then contact Honeymoon Bug for local Ladakh experience.

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