13 Best Adventure Activities in Kerala for Epic Adrenaline Rush

Adventure Activities in Kerala
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As one of the best tourist places to visit in South India, Kerala literally has everything under its belts to entice tourists. From its scenic belts of backwaters to the lush green stretches of the Western Ghats and the pristine beaches, you could spend your whole life in God’s Own Country and would have a hard time getting over its scenic beauty. With lush greenery in full throttle and the 600 km of Malabar coastline, the adventure quotient of Kerala is unparalleled. There are so many enticing adventure activities in Kerala for all age groups.

For instance, paragliding in Vagamon in Kerala is a thrilling outdoor activity. Trekking in the Idukki district is a famous outdoor sport for backpackers. While family travellers will love cruising the palm-fringed backwater canals in Alleppey, Kovalam. And for couples and honeymooners, watching sunsets near the Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi and enjoying watersports at blue flag tag – Kovalam Beach is the best adventure activity to do.

When is the best time to visit Kerala for adventure sports?

If you want to enjoy adventure activities in Kerala at its hill station or highlands, the best time to go is year-round. The temperature in the highlands in Kerala remains salubrious year-round. But still, you should know that Kerala is influenced by two monsoons – southwest (July to September) and northeast (October to December). The former one is not fierce and outdoor activities in the highlands can be enjoyed. But the same does not allow tourists to enjoy watersports in Kerala from June to July to September. But if you consider the northwest monsoon, no hill activities or beach activities are influenced since the rain is not torrential.

13 Best Adventure Activities in Kerala for All Age Groups

As a travel writer, I have spent my last few months in God’s Own Country. I will try to document the trending outdoor adventure activities in Kerala. So, bookmark your favourite outdoor activity in Kerala and tick them off one by one. Scroll on to read more!

1. Marvel at the pristine waterfalls

Marvel at the pristine waterfalls

One of my personal favourite adventurous things to do in Kerala is marvelling at the pristine waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls in Kerala that stand nearly 50-10 feet, hugged by the Western Ghats. Some of them are so scenic that a lush green trekking route is required to reach. Whether for a picnic or trekking with family, waterfalls in Kerala are enticing for everyone. I suggest you visit the Bahubali famed Athirapally Waterfall in Thrissur district. In a nutshell, every hilly district of Kerala has a belt of pristine waterfalls, including Idukki, Kottayam, Wayanad, etc.

2. Paragliding in the highlands

Paragliding in the highlands

Flying above the verdant glades, tall pine woods above 1,600 m from sea level is an absolute adventure sport to try in Kerala. You must try paragliding in Kerala in Vagamon in the Kottayam district. There are many launching and landing sites in Vagamon for all grade paragliders. If you want to go high in the hair and kiss the cobalt blue clouds, this adventure sport in Kerala is for you and everyone above 12 years of age. Moreover, Vagamon, Munnar, Thekkady, and Varkala Beach are a few more popular paragliding spots in Kerala.

Average price of paragliding in Kerala: INR 3,500 onwards per person

Paragliding duration: 15-20 minutes

Note: Paragliding video charges extra

3. Plan a treehouse stay

Plan a treehouse stay

Relive your childhood days on your honeymoon in Kerala by planning a treehouse stay amidst nature with your beloved partner. Some of the treehouses in Kerala are built in the harmonious setting of the birds chirping and lush and green forests. The Idukki district of Kerala has Munnar, where acres of tree plantations come up with district types of treehouses. Unknown to many, the luxury tree houses in Kerala come with a spa treatment and approaches other ways of holistic living, including meditation and yoga space. If you wish to stay in tree houses in Kerala, Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady has the best tree houses.

Average price of treehouse stay in Kerala: INR 4,500 onwards for two excluding taxes

Name of best tree houses in Wayanad and Munnar:

4. Get your dose of VITAMIN SEA in the Arabian Sea

VITAMIN SEA in the Arabian Sea

Kerala lies on the Malabar coast and has roughly 600 km of coastline. The coastline districts of Kerala are dotted with pristine beaches that are suitable for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, kayaking. For instance, Alleppey Beach Marari Beach has golden sands and sites for deep parasailing fishing. While the famous Varkala Beach is known for its cliff setting and paragliding above the blue sea. Also, Bekal Beach is one of those Kerala beaches which could be visited during the night. Family tourists will love to visit Kolavipalam Beach for its Olive Ridley Conservation Centre.

5. See milky way galaxy from Kerala

milky way galaxy from Kerala

In a nutshell, enjoy stargazing in Kerala if you are planning a romantic trip to Kerala. Stargazing in Kerala is one of the unknown romantic things to do in Kerala for adventure-loving couples. You can light up a bonfire and spot a shooting star from the galaxy in Kerala at almost any of its highland areas. For instance, switch to Wayanad, Munnar, Thekkady, Kasargod for stargazing in Kerala. Amidst the less pollution and clear blue sky, satiate your astrophotography quotient and enjoy the star night views to the extreme in God’s Own Country.

6. Unleash your love for the wilderness of jungle safari

wilderness of jungle safari

Punctured with 40% of Western Ghats’ greenery is proof that Kerala has no dearth of exotic flora and fauna. From Munnar to Wayanad and Thekkady, there are so many places to enjoy wildlife in Kerala. Whether you are travelling with your kids, parents, romantic partner or friends, explore the elaborate forests of the Western Ghats on a jeep safari, elephant safari, canter safari. Your travel partner will love encounters with wild cats, civets, Asiatic elephants, slot bears, Malabar Giant Squirrel at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Average price of jungle safari in Kerala: 1,200 onwards per person

Jungle safari duration: 4-5 hours

Activity timings: 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Note: Photography and videography charges are extra. Also, distinct wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala have district rate charts for Indians and foreigners.

7. Enjoy fishing in the series of backwaters, lagoons, canals

fishing in the series of backwaters

Fulfil your desire for fishing in Kerala with your favourite travel buddies. This is one of the unique outdoor activities in Kerala for backpackers. With a series of tranquil backwaters, palm frigid lagoons, canals, lakes, you will have a good time during fishing in Kerala. From Alappuzha to Kochi and Kovalam, there is no dearth of fishing destinations in Kerala. So pack your bags and slow down your fast pace of life for fishing activity in Kerala. If you are a nature lover, you must choose to stay in a fishing cottage close to or fringed to the fishing space.

Average price for fishing in Kerala: INR 1,000 onwards per person with boating trip included

Activity timings: Sunrise to sunset

8. Climb to the highest point in South India

Climb to the highest point in South India

Yes, you heard it right! The highest point in South India is located in Kerala, and its name is Anamudi Peak. It is positioned on an elevation of 2,695 m above sea level and is stretched to Ernakulam and Idukki districts. If you are a trekking enthusiast, you must climb to Anamudi Peak to test your endurance at the highest peak of Western Ghats. When you trek to this hill, except to be greeted with the sea plantation beside the hill. Also, take your binoculars with you on a guided expedition to spot Nilgiri Tahr, a kind of mountain goat.

Trek to Anamudi Peak starts from: Eravikulam National Park

How long it takes to cover the Anamudi Peak trek: 4-5 hours, including ascending and descending

9. Go for bamboo rafting in Kerala

bamboo rafting in Kerala

For a fully immersive rainforest experience, go bamboo rafting in Kerala. If you are travelling to Kerala with family, of course, bamboo rafting is one of those options to choose to satiate your quest for adventure sports in Kerala. Inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Periyar Lake is one of the best spots to enjoy bamboo rafting in Kerala. You and your parents, along with kids, will have the option to behold the arboreal animals in their natural habitat. At the same time, Wayanad is also a great place in Kerala to enjoy bamboo rafting. Unknown to many, bamboo rafting in Kerala comes under the Kerala tourism eco-tourism umbrella. This activity is indeed a unique expedition amidst the elaborate waterways.

Average price for bamboo rafting in Kerala: INR 50 onwards per person for Indians, and INR 200 onwards per person for foreigners

Activity timings: Sunrise to sunset

10. Slice out the surfing fun in your Kerala itinerary

surfing fun

You would be amazed to know that Kerala is one of India’s best places for surfing. Visit the small coastal towns of Varkala and Kovalam distinct to enjoy surfing to the extreme. One can combine the combination of surfing with yoga too for the pure mindful retreat in Varkala and Kovalam. There are many surf schools at these two spots. Most of them are operational until the arrival of the southwest monsoon in July.

Average price for surfing in Kerala: INR 1,500 onwards per person

Activity timings: 9 AM – 5 PM

Activity duration: 20 minutes (approx.)

11. Ride the rapids of rivers in Kerala

rapids of rivers in Kerala

The fast-flowing Tejasvini River in Kannur has two stretches – lower and upper will keep you high on adrenaline. One can avail of the rapids of white water rafting in Kerala as per the difficulty grade (I – III). You will be accompanied by life-saving jackets and helmets too with the instructor. However, if you have kids with you above 12 years of age, the Kabini River in Wayanad is a great spot for easy white water rafting expeditions. Also, if you are a trained rafter, choose to ride the rapids of the Iruvanjippuzha River under the expert’s supervision.

Average price for rafting in Kerala: INR 1,500 onwards per person

Activity timings: 9 AM – 5 PM

Activity duration: 15-30 minutes (approx.)

12. Unravel the hidden water kingdom of Kerala

The 600 km of Malabar coastline is testimony that the underwater world of Kerala is epic. You must take time to explore the hidden water kingdom of Kerala on an epic snorkelling excursion. Gear up for the snorkelling activity in Kovalam, where corals flourish in the warm waters deep into the pockets of the Arabian sea below 5 ft. Snorkelling in Kerala is carried out keeping international safety standards in mind. Also, the float belt is also available for those who want extra safety assurance on a snorkelling excursion. The best part? The cost of the activity covers you with fins and masks.

Average price for snorkelling in Kerala: INR 4,000 onwards per person

Activity timings: 9 AM – 5 PM

Activity duration: 15-30 minutes (approx.)

13. Embark on multiple trekking trails in Kerala

trekking trails in Kerala

Hugged by 40% of the Western Ghats, it is no brainer that Kerala has multiple trekking trails. But the best bet about this adventure activity in Kerala is that trekking in God’s Country is suitable for all age groups. Pass through exotic tea gardens of Munnar while trekking to Top Station in Munnar. Let the aromatic air of Chembra Peak trek in Wayanad be your honeymoon memory. However, if you are a photography fanatic, you would love to embark on the Lion-Tailed Macaque trek zone. Lastly, if you wish to satiate your quotient for hiking in one day, Thekkady and Idukki districts have many hiking trails to embark upon on the same day.

So, we are saying…

Science also backs the fact that outdoor adventures in the lap of nature are good for the mind and soul. And what else would be a better place than God’s Own Country to check your thrill quotient? We have found your answer in regards to the best adventure activities in Kerala for all age groups. If you still have doubts in mind, we would like to hear them from you in the comments section.

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FAQs about Adventure Activities in Kerala

What are the best aspects of adventure tourism in Kerala?

One can consider mountainous activities and watersports one of the best aspects of adventure tourism in Kerala.

Which is the best adventure sports to do in Kerala with kids?

Jungle safari, kayaking, hiking, bird watching are the few best adventure sports to do in Kerala with kids.

How safe is Kerala for adventure sports?

God’s Own Country, Kerala, is one of the safest adventure tourism destinations in Kerala. The beach adventures are carried here under the experts of PADI certified experts. While mountainous adventures like paragliding and hiking are also conducted under the supervision of the stapled authorities.

How to reach Kerala?

There are 4 major international airports in Kerala to reach – Kannur, Kozhikode, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. However, this south Indian state has a good railway network from all the major destinations of India. Lastly, road travel to Kerala is possible and smooth from Karnataka and its other neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu.

What is the average age to try adventure sports in Kerala for kids?

There is no age limit for kids trying adventure sports in Kerala. However, kids below 18 years of age must accompany their parents for all the Adventure Activities in Kerala. Also, the best thing is you must ask the activity operator if your kid’s age is suitable for the outdoor activity or not.

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