Get the lifetime experience of staying in the exclusive tree house during your Kerala honeymoon

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Being the southern state of India, Kerala, which is lovingly called the God’s Own Country’, is the right place for taking the lifetime experience of staying in the exclusive tree house during the tour. This charming state, where tourist season never ends, is regarded as one of the top honeymoon destinations of India. Every year, thousands and thousands of honeymoon couples, vacationers and backpackers from every nook and corner of India as well as the world escape to this perennial destination to enjoy the tour. For making the tour of this destination easy, comfortable and convenient, kerala honeymoon packages with price are specially designed by HoneymoonBug, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India.’

Tree Houses in Kerala

tree house in Kerala

It is to be known that the tourist destinations across the Western Ghats in Kerala are the spots, where tree houses have been one of its type of accommodation. Now-a-days, tree houses, which are endowed with creature comforts and basic infrastructure, are open for guests by a few resorts and other Nature Retreats. Here, I have prepared a detail about some of the best tree houses in Kerala. To read this detail, you would find the information about the facilities and the staying cost for them.

What is a Tree House all about?

Initially, I want to define a Tree House. It is considered that this structure is constructed atop a tree providing support to its branches of its trunk. By the consideration of some people, a tree house is a structure constructed in the branches of a tree for the kids to play in. At present, an elevate cottage is called a Tree House, which is a temporary or a permanent structure constructed on the top of a tree above the earth level providing the support on its branches or trunk.

Tree House from a Guest Aspect

Offering a nature friendly stay, a tree house would be suitable anybody who is searching for the lodging in the lap of mother nature. A tree house, which has large trunks around it, offer an aerial glimpse of the ambiance, mostly lush greenery of the tropical woods in the charming tourist destination of Kerala. This kind of a house is counted among the places, which offer the very much privacy and the enjoyment of the nature around its guests in enriched exclusivity and serenity. Along with serving the purpose of a cottage and a hotel room, this type of a house is completely a concept, where the tourists take the enjoyment of a stay over the trees and the finest glimpses around them. This amazing house would come to be suitable for the honeymoon couples, who would love to experience the lush greenery and nature to their entire experience of the tour of this charming destination.

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Beginning of Tree Houses

Tree houses have been constructed throughout ancient times. Men used to construct a tree house as a casual shelter to retain them far from the wild animals of the woods when they used to live in the woods or near the woods. In the ancient times, the tree houses were only casual structures constructed on the top of the tree, where at least two people could sleep or sit. The size of the those tree houses was very little and endowed with a rope a ladder or a ladder itself to ascend it. In villages, small tree houses were erected for men to take a sleep during the night and take a stay as a security to save the farmland from any type of attack. In case of not having the availability of a tree, people used to construct the elevated outposts to save their fields. A few tribal people at Kuruthankudi use these kinds of houses, which can be found in the Annakulam woods of Munnar in Kerala. Those tree houses were constructed with some wooden sticks available in the woods and covered with rug sacks. In the local language of Malayalam, this tree house is referred to as Erumadam. The Erumadams provided inspiration for all of the tree houses in Kerala.

What to expect from a Tree House

Offered by a few resorts in Kerala, the tree house, right like its name, is an exclusive alternative for accommodation. Munnar and Thekkady, where the Western Ghats and the forest regions are famous and have an abundance of trees to erect tree houses, are the right place to find most of the tree houses. Being very small in size, most of tree houses are right for a couple or maximum 3 adults. The concept of a tree house makes it a variety of alternatives for accommodation. Offering only bare minimum furniture, a tree house has an attached bathroom with its size of a bathroom of Indian Railway Coach. Right to take the enjoyment of the surroundings and take the glimpse around a tree house, a balcony can be found here to be relatively smaller in size. To carry the luggage and for frequent movement in most cases, a Tree House is accessible through a wooden staircase. In spite of having the possibility of not being practical and convenient, rope ladder and other primitive methods might seem to be amusing. Having a constraint space, a tree house has the space sufficient for two adults to walk around. Because of not having sufficient space to dine inside, a tree house is not suitable for hoping for room service in it. During one of my accommodations in a Tree House, I got the chance of visiting the Giant Malabar squirrel, which was lured by an apple at the Teapoy. As he was unable to consider what to do, he ultimately decided to return into the trees. When the lights are on, a wide variety of insects would be seen around. To see so, the guests of a tree house would get annoyed. As insects are a part of the ecology and they cannot be retained far in an environmental sensitive zone, most of the tree house operators put up an ecological notice mentioning this fact. After making sure that all the windows of the tree house are closed, to put the lights on is the best thing. During the stay in a tree house, guests would come across several other aspects, hope the bare minimum, and comprehend that they have encroached the tree and the animals covering them, at the same time, they are still a part of nature, their accommodation would be just great.

Where can you find Tree Houses in Kerala?

For taking the enjoyment of a Tree House Vacation, Kerala is one of the very amusing destinations. The Western Ghats of Kerala, where most of the woods are found, are the location of most of the tree houses in Kerala. The places, which have the abundance of several trees, are suitable for finding the tree houses. With modern clams and screws, a tree house could be erected on a single trunk of the tree towards the commercial aspect. As per the instructions of the forest department of Kerala, the tree should not be affected and hammering nails and screws on a tree would attract fine. Some destinations in Kerala, where tree houses are very common, are Munnar, Athirapally and Thekkady waterfalls. To find a tree house built atop five large trees with a very amusing glimpse of the waterfall in the valley and the woods around the property, you can head to the Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat in Munnar. Offering tree house accommodations in the forest regions, the Chinar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to very small tree houses suitable to trek into the woods, for accommodation in a Tree house and to return the following day. To take the glimpse of the beings within safe closeness is a great idea for tourists. If you are willing to explore the woods in the outskirts of the Periyar National Park, you can proceed to the Vanya at Thekkady, which is a fine example of an actual tree house. Here, you get the facility of a Jeep with almost three staff members to take care of the requirements of the tourists. While animal sighting is not easy here, it provides a real woods surroundings. Another excellent tree house is the one at the Athirapally rain forest, a small one with a glimpse of the Athirapally Waterfalls, a charming Tree House with a romantic glimpse of the waterfalls on the backdrop.

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How much price do Tree Houses take in Kerala?

Being the particular option for accommodation, various Tree Houses in Kerala begin from five thousand up to twenty five thousand. Beginning at approx six thousand Indian rupees, a Tree House is offered by the Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat in Munnar. The Vythiri Resort in Wayanad is the most exclusive one in Kerala. Erecting a tree house for tourists is no comedy, although the accommodation in a Tree House is free of cost in a general way. To get the suitable surroundings exclusivity and security to find the entire thing performed, it takes a lot of money and time. The effort and skill are important for the skill oriented work and the materials used in making of them are mostly plywood and wood more than the common materials. To get an amazing tree house experience, tourists have to make the implementation of a lot of ideas. Tourists can proceed to the Tree House in Munnar at the Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat if they are willing to get an amusing Tree House experience in Munnar.

The Tree House at Rain Forest Athirapally

In spite of being home to a tree house with a wonderful glimpse of the Athirapally Waterfalls, the Rain Forest Resort at Athirapally does not provide its guests the chance of taking a full size glimpse through its tree house. But this tree house, which is regarded as one of the most preferred tree houses in this perennial destination, offers a partial glimpse and the gushing sounds of the waterfalls making the guests actual adventurous. The tree house, which is elevated from the earth, is merged along a single large tree and its branches with clamps. Being one of the best ones in Kerala, this tree house, which is counted among the most preferred tree houses in the charming tourist destination of Kerala, is very expensive because of its location and exclusivity.

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Tree House at Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat in Munnar

During the tour of Munnar in Kerala, you can find an amazing Tree House, located housed at the Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat at Kallar at a distance of 15 km before Munnar town during the travel from Cochin. Situated  on a hill slope, the Ela Eco Land is famous for coffee and cardamom plantation. Equipped with a two bedroom rock house, a couple of tents and a tree house, the property is an excellent nature retreat. Being more of camp than a resort, the tree house, which has the size of over 120 square feet, is endowed with a bathroom and a large wonderful balcony – suitable to join one with nature in its actual sense. Offering an amazing glimpse of the mountains, the waterfalls just before its approaches Ela, and the Kalla River, this tree house has its elevation of approx 50 feet above the ground level. Several tourists, who approach this tree house from various parts of the globe, get surprised at the glimpse of it. Having the facility of 24 hours cold and hot water, the bathroom of this tree house, which is equipped with camping furniture, basic lighting, and a queen size bed to provide the pleasant accommodation, has acquired an intercom to link it to the reception.

Tree house at Vythiri Resort

Situated in the Wayanad district of the southern Indian state of Kerala, the Tree House at Vythiri Resort is one of the premium tree houses in the charming destination of Kerala. Offering the sense of being inside the woods, the Vythiri Resort, which owns a charming stream that flows through the property, is counted among the very first resorts in Wayanad. Having a very lush tropical woods ambiance, the Tree House, which is accessed through a hanging bridge and provides a very adventurous experience, is outside the campus of the resort. Being really highly priced, the tree house is suitable for the nature lovers to get the fine glimpse of the lush greenery among the lap of nature.

Thus, we can say that Kerala is the right destination for taking the lifetime experience of staying in the exclusive tree house during the tour. In case of being strongly willing to take this golden chance, you can book Kerala Honeymoon Package from Delhi. All these tour packages, which are affordable to the budget for all types of people, can also be customized as per the requirement of the clients. So, now do not get late in thinking in vain and get quickly prepared to take this unlimited enjoyment. I hope that you would also get the unforgettable enjoyment of the tour of Kerala by making a stay in the tree house of this tourist destination.

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