20 Best Places to visit in South India for a whole new experience

Roam amidst the tea gardens in Munnar
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Travelling is one of the most amazing things to kick off your blues. Besides offering you a day away from everyday, travelling also help you to spend some of the most amazing moments exploring the natural beauty of planet earth, and get to know different landscape and relive your life once more. Here are the top 20 things to do in South India that you can indulge into and treat the adventure junky in you to a great vacation like never before with South India Tourism:

20 Best Places to visit in South India

  1. Fishing at Bheemeshwari
Fishing at Bheemeshwari - Best Places to Visit in South India
Fishing at Bheemeshwari – Best Places to Visit in South India

Ever dreamt of waking up to the lovely sound of birds chirping? Well! Here at Bheemeshwari, a popular adventure camp site in Karnataka you are surely going to bask the most amazing time of your life. The destination is famous for its array of adventure activities like fishing, Kayaking, river rafting, trekking and rope walking and other thrilling activities to indulge into. Enjoy great day Mahseer fishing, staying at the most exotic jungle camps & resorts, and enjoy a laid back vacation just the way you wanted it to be.

  1. Discover life from a whole new point in Goa


Looking for a perfect dose of fun, excitement, and an electrifying experience? Home to the countries best beaches, the sea-food delicacies, and the most famous flea markets, Goa is an astounding experience for travelers. A hot and happening destination in South India for tourists’ you will always find something going on in Goa, be it the moonlit parties, food festivals, or the famous Sunburn music festival. Moreover, the destination also draws a lot of crowd for Quad-biking. You can find a lot of adventure camps offering quad biking tours to travelers and groups. So if are up for something exotic, then you must visit the beach capital of India for a thrilling ride.

  1. Scuba diving and Snorkeling in Andaman & Nicobar islands

Scuba diving and Snorkelling in Andaman and Nicobar islands

The splendid Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the most favored destinations in South India for an adventurous escape, a romantic getaway, and solo travelers. The famous destination with the most placid beaches, picturesque islands, and the great underwater adventure activities is one of the must see destination on your travel bucket list. Snorkeling & Scuba-diving is the one of the most popular activities famous among travelers who plans their escape with Andaman Tourism.

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  1. Do nothing at Gokarna
Best place to visit in South India

Appreciated for its untouched beaches, and laid back atmosphere, Gokarna is that one type of destination which takes you away from a hectic scheduled on to a destination, where the most serene atmosphere awaits you.

  1. Camping and white water river rafting at Dandeli


Make the most out of your vacation, and plan a trip to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. The dense deciduous forest makes one of the best place to visit in South India for wildlife camping, and white water rafting. Moreover, Dandeli is also a great place for coracle boating, rafting, and trekking.

  1. Get adventurous in Coorg
waterfall rappelling, ultralight flying and more at Coorg - Best Tourist Place in South India
Coorg – Best Tourist Place in South India

Coorg is undoubtedly a destination of heavenly bliss. Heralded as the “Scotland of South India”, Coorg is also a great option to consider if you are looking out for a hill station tour with your friends. You can here enjoy a myriad of adventure activities including elephant ride, waterfall rappelling, and ultra-light flying.

  1. The backwaters at Aalapuzha (Alleppey)
The backwaters at Aalapuzha (Alleppey)
Best Places to Visit in South India

Popularly known as the “Venice of the East”, Alleppey is famous for its breathtaking backwaters. Here you can relish a vacation like never before sailing across the most beautiful views of the famous backwaters of the state, and enjoy the finest hospitality of Kerala on a houseboat.

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  1. Ruins at Hampi

Ruins at Hampi

A UNESCO World Heritage, Hampi is a great destination to explore the historic side of the country. Once part of the ancient Indian kingdom of Vijayanagar, Hampi today stands as a destination with unmatched historic & religious importance and attracts a lot of foreign attention.

  1. Enjoy French architecture at Pondicherry

Enjoy French architecture at Pondicherry

A Portuguese territory, Pondicherry offers a whole new atmosphere to its visitors. The painted houses built in French architectural style, and laid back surroundings makes Pondicherry a paradise for vacationers looking for a halt in their monotonous life. With cheap accommodation options, the best beaches, colonial heritage, and famous offbeat attractions, Pondicherry (Puducherry) is surely going to be the best experience for you.

  1. Sea views of Varkala, Kerala
beach at Varkala, Kerala - Most Popular destination in South India
Kerala – Most Popular destination in South India

Ever thought of a sea-side resort vacation relishing the most amazing sea food, and the sight of the never ending sea right in front of you? Well! If you are really up for something like this, then Varkala is the ultimate destination for you. The region is also home to a 2000 years old Janardhanaswamy Temple, and a famous ashram named Shivagiri Mutt.

  1. Roam amidst the tea gardens in Munnar

Roam amidst the tea gardens in Munnar

Situated in the “God’s Own Country”, the hill station of Munnar is a scenic destination in South India famous for its tea plantations. Visit this part of South India, if want to explore the history of tea cultivation in India. Moreover, the hill station has also got some great scope for trekking, and is dotted with the most beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and the most picturesque vistas.

  1. Hike to the peaks of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Gawk at the magnificent peaks at Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yeracud is a popular hill station also known as the “land of seven forests”. The hilltop offers the most amazing views of the surroundings you simply won’t be able to get off your mind. Moreover, you can also visit the tea plantations; visit the remains of the colonial era, the famous caves & coffee estates, and the silk farm of the state as well.

  1. Visit the Jog waterfalls of Karnataka

Enjoy the light sprays of water at Jog waterfalls, Karnataka

The Shimoga district of Karnataka is famous for its Shimoga Falls, popularly heralded as the Jog Falls; Shimoga is one of the best places for a vacation in South India. Treat yourself to a great day of trekking and visit the famous Jog waterfalls- the second highest plunge waterfalls of the country. The magnificence of these waterfalls is surely going to mesmerize you.

  1. Explore the great wildlife of Gavi, Kerala

Mingle with the elephants in Gavi, Kerala

Thickly populated, Gavi is home to a great bio-diversity. The region is home to a great flora and fauna, and you can here find some of the most varied wildlife including the great pied hornbill, Nilgiri Tahr and Lion tailed macaque. Moreover, you can also meet & greet elephants and later indulge into an array of activities including trekking, camping, boating, safaris etc. The hub of eco-tourism, Gavi is truly a wonderful experience.

  1. The Caves at Siddara Betta, Karnataka

The Caves at Siddara Betta, Karnataka

A trek to the caves of Siddara Betta is surely a great experience for adventure seekers. A popular religious site, the Siddara Betta Caves invites a lot of religious crowd who pay their offerings at the site. Moreover, you can also enjoy bird-watching at the site, and if lucky enough can even spot the rare Yellow Throated Bulbul.

  1. Experience nature at its best in Ooty

Experience the Natural Bliss of Ooty

Ooty is truly a heaven, which has got some of the most amazing holidaying options for its visitors. The popular hill station in South India never fails to cast a spell over its visitors and offers great opportunities like trekking, angling, and a tour to its famous tea gardens.

  1. Party in Bangalore

Party in Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the hub of IT revolution and draws a lot of young crowd. The city with a happening pub culture is one of the best places to visit in South India to let your hair down and take a tour across the famous attractions of the metropolitan, and enjoy the great weather of Bangalore.

  1. Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

The Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka is one of the most famous wildlife getaways in South India. The national park is home to some of the most exotic species of wildlife including tiger, leopard, dhole (Indian wild dog), wild elephant, and gaur (Indian bison), chital spotted deer, mouse deer, muntjac (barking deer), four-horned antelope, sloth bear, wild boar, mongoose, hyena, otter, and civet.

  1. Food in Mysore

Food in Mysore

Food lovers can really have a great time in Mysore, relishing their favorite delicacies. Try the most famous Mysore Pak, the traditional snacks from the famous food eateries, and take a culinary tour to the famous restaurants & street-side stalls of Mysore. Also, take your time to visit the famous Mysore palace & other cultural attractions of the city.

  1. Visit the annual Thrissur Pooram in Kerala

Visit the annual Thrissur pooram in Kerala

The Thrissur Pooram celebrated every year in the month of April is a sight for ever one. A cultural celebration for, the festival is a larger than life event attended by all the communities irrespective of their caste, creed & religion. The most amazing site here is of the decorated & embellished elephants that forms a major part of the parade.

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