What are the Possible Ways to Reach Maldives from Mumbai?

What are the Possible Ways to Reach Maldives from Mumbai?
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The Maldives is the best of the locations for your well-deserved honeymoon. The Island is all filled with lush greenery and will offer you the great experience and ambience that will keep you hooked. The Maldives have some exotic beaches and places to visit in the place. With one of the greatest scenic beauties in the world, the destination holds a very favorite spot among the visitors.

This place is also an ideal for honeymooners and a lot of newly-wed couples come here to respite their romance. So, if you are also planning to head here, then, here are the possible ways to How to reach Maldives from Mumbai.

How to Reach Maldives from Mumbai

Well, there are a lot of ways for How to reach Maldives from Mumbai and if you are also one of the people’s who wish to visit the location from Mumbai then we will tell you the ways to reach here without any hassle. For most of the people in India, Maldives is a perfect honeymoon destination also that offers great views and ambience. There are many ways to Travel Maldives from Mumbai in India. You can also travel the destination via water from Mumbai if you want to opt for it. But the easiest way would be to travel via flight as there are so many flights that runs on a regular basis from Mumbai to the Maldives.

Via Flight

If you opt to travel to the Maldives via flight then it would take approximately over 5 hours and the best thing is that the Chatrapathi Shivanji airport in Mumbai has a lot of operating flights till Maldives. Also popular as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, this is also directly accessible from the Bangalore and the Cochin airport too. The special carriers from Mumbai airport are Spice jet, Air India and Jet Airways. Apart than this, there are also multiple airlines that join in major international points like Doha, Istanbul, Colombo and Dubai. Along with these, you can also try out the seaplane which is quiet popular in the Maldives. This seaplane can accommodate around 15 passengers easily and he aircraft would take you from the airport to your pre-booked resorts. If you want to experience something different then seaplane is one of them.

Via Cruise

There are no cruise boats such as when you look at travelling to Maldives. But, there are some private Yatchs that crosses the border as it is duty bound. There is no sea route from Mumbai to Maldives to travel. So, if you want to travel to the Maldives safely and conveniently way is to opt for flight.  

Via Road

Since, there are no roads to reach the mesmerizing Maldives. This is an Island and the best way to reach here is to travel is via flights. This says that there are also no sea routes to reach here and the only place in the Island that you can a taxi are the Male and Addu cities here.

How to reach the Maldives from Mumbai in itself an intriguing question and we hope this article might have given you a lot more clarity on the same. You can also check the latest deals and exciting deals on Honeymoon Bug for Maldives holiday packages.

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