Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives Travel Guide
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With its luxurious aura and unrivaled beauty, Maldives keeps on attracting those seeking tranquility, and a lot of romance as well. Ever since its discovery, Maldives continues to be one of the best beach holiday destination for vacationers based across the world. It is a place which will make you feel special, where you can simply gaze at the crystalline lagoons, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Maldives enjoys a great appeal among honeymooners and couples for its romantic aura, and has also started achieving thumbs up from family vacationers as well as solo travelers. Moreover, it is also a perfect destination for food enthusiasts, art lovers, history buffs as well as adventurers. Maldives Travel Guide

Every year couples and honeymooners from all over the world visit Maldives for a relaxing and fun-filled honeymoon. With luxurious accommodation and water villas perched amidst crystal clear azure waters, Maldives makes one of the most romantic sites of the world.

Top attractions to discover with Maldives packages from India

Emboodhu Finolhu Island

With water villas arranged in the shape of a flower bud around the island, the Emboodhu Finolhu Island is a bewitching site and a famous attraction of Maldives. The island features a total of 55 water villas, as well as the luxurious Taj Exotica Resort. A visit to the Emboodhu Finolhu Island will introduce you to pampering 5-star accommodation and amenities, and you can also rejuvenate your senses with at a relaxing spa retreat. Moreover, its proximity to the Maldives International Airport, makes it easily accessible via a speedboat and a famous spot for vacationers in Maldives.

Mirihi Island

Mirihi Island Maldives - Maldives Travel Guide
Mirihi Island Maldives – Maldives Travel Guide

The Mirihi Island is perfect for those who would love a completely detoxifying environment. The Mirihi Island resort offers amazing rooms, accompanied with spa treatments, perfect for honeymooners. The Mirihi Island features around 30 water villas, along with a few island resorts. The restaurants of the island offer some exquisite delicacies before diners. And, if you are up for some thrilling water sport activities like snorkeling and diving, then the Mihiri Island is here to thrill you.


The capital city of Maldives, Malé is dotted with illustrious attractions, brilliantly lit buildings, restaurants, and bars, that will keep you on your toes throughout the day. It is undoubtedly a perfect place for vacationers who enjoy exploring new places. The city is also home to the Malé International Airport, which makes it quite a highlight. During your sightseeing tour in Malé you can take a dip in the protected ocean pool, Artificial Beach and enjoy scooter riding and snorkeling. Moreover, you can also discover places like the Grand Friday Mosque, Tsunami Monument, Malé Fish Market, Male National Museum, and Sultan Mosque.

Halaveli Island

Surrounded by crystal clear azure waters on all sides, the Halaveli Resort is your perfect spot if you are looking for a totally isolated destination. Here you can enjoy a rejuvenating vacation and spend some quality time with your family or beloved, having fun all the time. The island is also home to the famous Constance Halaveli Resort featuring 57 water villas with rooms intact with satellite television and even an iMac entertainment system. Moreover, the Constance Resort also houses a Kids Club offering opportunities for paddle boats and swimming pools. In addition to this, the Halaveli Island serves diners with the best cuisines and drinks that will make your evening truly memorable.

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Grand Friday Mosque

The Grand Friday Mosque is the biggest white marbled mosque in the country. The striking plainness of the exterior with a golden dome, makes the entire structure simply impressive and spellbinding. A famous religious attraction, the best time to visit the mosque is between 9am and 5pm (avoid prayer times). Also, it is mandatory to maintain a proper dress code for both men & women during a visit to the mosque. Inside the Grand Friday Mosque, you can see the main prayer hall (spacious enough to accommodate 5000 worshippers) as well as an Islamic Centre that includes a library, classroom, and conference hall.

Tsunami Monument

The Tsunami Movement was constructed in honor of people who their lives in the devastating Tsunami that took place in the year 2004. Located on Male’s coast line, on the Boduthakurufaanu Magu, the beautiful Tsunami Monument is a famous attraction of the city of Maléand a must visit. The architectural design of the monument features spheres encircled with ring like structure. Visitors can enjoy amazing sunset views from here. Also, the nearby beach is also a popular attraction among tourists and one of the best spot for surfing.

Best Things to do in Maldives during your holiday

One of the popular honeymoon destination, Maldives is the land of exotic beaches, breathtaking island destinations, and a laid-back aura. The destination is here to please visitors like no other destination of the world. There are ample of opportunities to enjoy during your Maldivian getaway. The top things to do on your holiday in Maldives includes:

  • Visit the greatest dive sites – Manta point
  • Go for diving or snorkel
  • Try a relaxing couples massage
  • Dine at the Ithaa Underwater Aquarium restaurant
  • Pat a call to the glow-in-the-dark-beach
  • Visit the National Museum and the Friday Mosque
  • Book a luxurious private boat
  • Go fishing and enjoy a sunset cruising

Best time to visit Maldives

The best time to Maldives for a vacation is from November to April. The peak tourist season falls between December to March. From May to October, Maldives experiences monsoons. It is best to visit during the dry season, as the rainy-day limits visitors to a drink, work out or scuba dive.

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How to Reach Maldives by Air/Road/ Ship?

By Air: The Malé International Airport is the major airport that connects Maldives to major South-East Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, and China. Moreover, there are also direct flight services from Dubai, along with chartered flight services from Singapore, China, and Europe for Maldives.

Owing to its lenient visa policy, Maldives offers a 30-day visa on arrival facility to everyone, which can be extended for 90 days after providing valid proof of sufficient funds and travel documents.

By Road: With well-built and maintained roads,travelling within Maldives is quite a happy experience for travelers. Some of the ports like Hithadhoo Port, Kuludhufushi Port, Thilafushi Port, and Malé Port also provides boarding and de-boarding facilities to various destinations with in Maldives. Maldives Travel Guide

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