Top 9 Shopping Places that You Must Visit in the Maldives

Shopping in the Maldives
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Maldives is one of the best destinations to make your experience even better with the help of several things. There are several great places where you can head and make your trip to Maldives even more blissful. While you are in Maldives, there are several places where you can go Shopping in the Maldives and make your vacations even more memorable for the lifetime.

Look at all the fabulous places for shopping and the things you can buy for a delightful experience of Maldives shopping. If you are a shopaholic who just cannot resist swiping his or her card, then you need not worry on your holiday. So, today, we are going to give you the best Markets in the Maldives where you can go and do some shopping.

9 Best Places for Shopping in Maldives

You must have visited the Maldives many a times but do you know that there are several Markets in the Maldives that you might have not known about? Yes, you heard that right! From the hand-made products to the jewelery, you will surely get everything you ever desired here for.


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There are many good Places to visit in Maldives but the male local market is one of the best if you are a shopping spree. The huge market is one of the most popular street markets in the place and if you have never visited there, so do pay a visit to this market and you will get a lot of handicrafts and gifts items.

  • Address: Male’ Higun, Mal-, Maldives
  • Things to-buy from Male Local Market: Packaged sweetmeat, bottled local pickles, souvenirs like a miniature of boats, palm sleepers, home decor made of seashells, and fresh coconut milk.


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Another place where to you can visit and considered the Shopping in the Maldives is Majedhee Magu. From the garments to the electronic goods, you will get everything here. But, you must bargain to the best before buying anything from here as they take a huge amount of money from the tourists. There are some dining options like Caf-Asiana where you can have delicious Maldivian cuisine.

  • Address: Majedhee Magu Road, Male, Maldives
  • Things to-buy from Majedhee Magu: Local cosmetics, local jewelry, dried fish chips, and canned smoked fish.


le cute maldives
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If you are fond of beauty products, especially perfumes, do visit Le Cute, which is one of the renowned retail beauty shop in Maldives. This is considered one of the best spot for the Shopping in the Maldives. A lot of people coming from the tourists take the cosmetics, toiletries and much more and enjoy the shopping in the destination.

  • Address: Majedhee Magu Road, Male, Maldives
  • Things to-buy from Le Cute: Perfumes are some of the best things to buy in the Maldives, especially in Le Cute.


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Another place from where you must do your Shopping in Maldives is the STO Trade Centre and will make your shopping experience better. The first floor is filled with the household things and different types of the souvenir counters. The shop is visited by the many tourists every time and even the locals turns up there to buy the everyday things. This is a kind of superstore where you will get most of the things.

  • Address: Orchid Magu, Male, Maldives
  • Things to buy from STO Trade Centre: Local mementos, handicrafts, and electronic gadgets


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The shopping experience at Island Bazaar will always be unique as this classy and beautiful boutique sells fabulous products but promotes the intricate handicrafts for the people who come here to know the culture. This is considered as one of the best Places to visit in the Maldives. You must visit here if you want to give something special to your loved ones to the core.

Address: M.Karishma. Level 1, Fareedhee Magu, Male’, Maldives
Things to-buy from Island Bazaar: Elhabe – handmade jewelry, scarves, macram- works and handmade dishes.


CENTRO MALL maldives
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If your honeymoon trip includes shopping and if you are looking for the perfect shopping time in the Maldives then you can surely visit Centro Mall. There are games zones for the kids and around 30 brand outlets and flagship stores from where you can opt for the spa, salons and witness the world-class sining experience.

  • Address: Hulhumale, Maldives
  • Things to-buy from Centro Mall: Garments and home appliances


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One of the popular Shopping places in Maldives is Chaandhanee Magu. From this place you can find some amazing collections of local handiworks as well as the foreign goods. People from all over the world come here and buy the products of the Maldives and go happily at their home taking these things as a memory of the destination.

Address: North Male Atoll, Maldives
Things to buy from Chaandhanee Magu: Thudu Kona – a mat with geometric designs, woven with local fiber and dhonis- wooden miniature boats.


nala boutique maldives
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The collection of elegant and expensive dresses and accessories will surely make you fascinate you at Nala Boutique. The boutique is inside the Kurumba Maldives resort and one of the best places to do Shopping in Maldives and also for the popular gifts.

  • Address: Kurumba Maldives, Vihamanafushi, North Male Atoll Maldives
  • Things to-buy from Nala Boutique: Coconut oil, stylish beachwear, and trinkets of Maldivian design.


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We know that there are several souvenir shops in the Maldives but one that is mostly opted by the people is Angolo Souvenir shop where you will get everything you need and the people of the store are really nice and very polite.

  • Address: Maafushi, South Male Atoll, Valu Magu, H 29548, Maldives
  • Things to buy: Keychains, bags, shirts, refrigerator magnets, tea

So, what are you waiting for? Make your trip to Maldives memorable and do the Shopping in the Maldives and mention some other places to visit in the destinations where you can do the shopping.

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