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Planning for a dream honeymoon destination? Looking out for a great destination that fits into your budget? Well! if you are high on love and low on budget, don’t fret, we have got a picturesque destination where all your honeymoon dreams can actually come true. How? With Maldives Tour Packages you can unleash a world of whole new opportunities where the fun never ends. So, let’s get started and kick off a great holiday in Maldives.

Let’s get into it:



Depending on your budget, there are two ways you can enjoy a great holiday in Maldives; either hit the traditional resort route or the backpacker style. But, if you are visiting Maldives for the very first time, it is best to book your holiday through a trusted travel agent. This will spare you from the hassles of planning itineraries, searching for a food accommodation, and finding the true value for your money. However, before finalizing your trip, make sure to have a check on travel agent’s client reviews, service quality and obviously price.

Best time to visit Maldives

Maldives experiences temperature ranging between 29-31 Degrees Celsius throughout the year.The months in between November to April experiences more tourist inflow. May to Octoberis the wet season and the most expensive months are between December and March.



The largest local island, MAAFUSHI is the best destination for travelers ready to get immersed into a more cultural environment. While the south of the island is home to Maldives’s only prison, the central part of the MAAFUSHI features achurch, stadium, mosque, school, and acommunity center. To the north of the island you can find guesthouses with close proximity to water sports beach, coral beach, public beach, and the 2 designated ‘bikini’ beaches of Maldives. There is also a floating bar, which can be accessed by a free small boat that takes you out onto the water. Also, it is also the only place near MAAFUSHI where you can get alcohol butat a high price.


FULIDHOO is the smallest island in Maldives with each part of the island pretty much accessible with a 5 minutes’ walk. Here you can find a handful of guesthouses, café, and restaurants.The island with a population of only 450 residents, most of whom work far away from the island, features an administrative office, school, church and a health &community center.Moreover,you can find an array of souvenir shops dotted along the roadside and many other small shops. There are also a wide range dolphin safaritours and snorkeling tours, offered by local agents, which will elevate your holiday experience.


The capital of Maldives, you will find Male to be highly populated- so much so that the island of HULHUMALE was actually built to accommodate the overflowing population. Though you won’t find any beach in Male, HULHUMALE features some beach areas, where you can enjoy a laid-back day out in the sun. Most of the visitors either choose to stay in Male during the starting or at the end of their tour, owing to the island’s proximity (less than 5 km) to the airport.


Before setting off for a great holiday in Maldives, here are the few tips and hints that can actually help you bask a great holiday on the island. Take a note:

  • Maldives offers a 30-day free visa; however, you will need to present valid passport and other travel documents on your arrival at the airport. So, keep all the documents handy.
  • Being a Muslim country, women must wear clothes that cover their shoulders and knees.
  • Women can only wear swimwear on a designated ‘bikini’ beach – on other beaches, t-shirts and shorts are required (even while swimming).
  • No all of the beaches in Maldives are pristine, so don’t be disheartened and choose the wisely which one to visit.
  • Most of the shops are closed on Fridays, also you may find that most of the ferries don’t run.
  • Expect a lot of sea food varieties, you might even have to struggle for veg. varieties.
  • Most of the local islands do not have ATMs so it is necessary to stock up on cash at the Airport or in Male.
  • The Maldives Maldivian Rufiyaa, the local currency, is a non-convertible currency and cannot be purchased beforehand. Also, while exchanging for a local currency, keep the exchange receipts safely, as you would be asked to present the same if you are left with any local currency you to wish to exchange back before your departure.

Which Are the Best Things to Do in Maldives?

Though, Maldives is filled to the brim with exciting activities and things to do, here are the must try-outs, you simply can’t afford to miss on your Maldivian escape.

  • Dive into the azure waters at the world’s best diving destination-Banana Reef
  • Spectate the aquatic life via snorkeling with your partner
  • Sail on the pristine lagoons of Maldives and add some romance to your holiday
  • Wash off the blues with a rejuvenating and relaxing spa session
  • Peep into the historical past of Maldives at the National Museum

So, now that you have a your very own Maldives travel guide, stop dreaming and hop on a flight to your dream destination for a magical vacation. For more details on Maldives holiday packages and customized Maldives honeymoon packages, visit us at

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