Kerala in August: Comprehensive Guide to God’s Own Country Hassle-Free Exploration

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Do you know Kerala in August is the hotbed of the southwest monsoon and is considered one of the peak rainy months? But to your surprise, the rain-drenched scenery in God’s Own Country is a sight to behold in August if you are a couple, shutterbug, or natural vista lover.

Honestly, your plans to enjoy a houseboat ride in the backwaters might get hampered because of the heavy water flow. However, you can enjoy a rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage in Kerala during August.

From the temperature point of view, activities, and sightseeing lens, August month in Kerala is superb for leisure travelers, backpackers, and honeymooners.

If you plan a trip to Kerala in August, Honeymoon Bug has jotted down all the information about traveling to Kerala in August. Here is what you will learn in this August travel guide:

Table of Contents

  • Kerala overview of a destination
  • Ideal duration of Kerala holidays in August
  • Why should you plan a Kerala trip in August?
  • Kerala Weather & temperature in August
  • Best way to reach
  • Local transportation in Kerala: How to get around the town
  • Must visit places & Attractions in Kerala to Visit in August (WITH USPs)
  • Top things to do & activities in Kerala during the August holidays
  • Perks & benefits of Kerala trip in August
  • Faqs about a trip to Kerala in August

Let’s first ensure you understand how Kerala is a destination for holidays in August or other months.

Kerala overview as a destination

Kerala down in south India is famous for its pristine beaches, unique culture & traditions, and brilliant backwaters. Ofcrouse, you know Kerala is synonymous with the title “God’s Own Country” as this state in South India has Western Ghats Mountain ranges. As a result, you can witness India’s one of the best tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations in the Western Ghats regions of Kerala, including Munnar, Thekkady, and Wayanad.

At the same time, Kerala has 600 kilometers of Malabar Coastline, and Kochi is the Queen of the Arabian Sea, famous for Chinese fishing nets. In a nutshell, Kerala has epic wildlife, tantalizing tea plantations, spicy food, and India, one of the few Blue Flag Tag, coveted Kovalam Beach.

Ideal duration of Kerala holidays in August

It depends on your budget and holiday intent. However, a 4–6-day trip to Kerala in August is a good deal irrespective of the person you are visiting.

Why should you plan a Kerala trip in August?

August in Kerala is the second month of peak monsoon season, and the rain showers are heavy but gives an enriching experience. The whole scenery around the Western Ghats region turns into a canvas of green. You can capture the water drops on the tea plantations in Kumily and coffee estates in Wayanad.

Even in the coastal towns where beach lovers want to enjoy in August, unlock a pampering Ayurvedic spa session at the standing houseboat amidst the lush greenery and backwaters. August is among the best months to quench your penchant for landscape photography.

Kerala Weather & temperature in August

In terms of rain, one must expect an average of 8-15 days of rain, so pack and plan your activities in Kerala in August accordingly. The average daily weather and temperature in Kerala in August hover between 25°C – 30°C (approx.). Suppose you are in coastal regions like Alleppey and Kovalam. In that case, you must know that beach activities in Kerala are not encouraged in August because of heavy tides. Since the beach plans get hampered in Kerala during August, many tourists consider the Kerala tour in August an off-season experience.

Best way to reach Kerala in August

With 4 operational international airports in Kerala in Kannur, Kozhikode, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram, and 5 major railway stations – Calicut, Ernakulam Junction, Trichur, Trivandrum Central, Trivandrum Kochuveli. Kerala has an excellent network of road transportation as well. If you plan a way to reach Kerala from its neighboring states, you are in for a treat. Kerala has an excellent network of national highways. Let me give you a quick overview of each:

Kerala in August by air: The 4 international airports in Kerala are well connected with international flights and domestic airlines. You won’t have to worry about traveling to Kerala by air in August until and unless the weather department issues a warning of the weather concern. Plan your trip accordingly.

Kerala in August by train: Naming the famous train stations in Kerala, they include Kollam, Tirunevli, Kottayam, Alappuzha, and Thiruvananthapuram. Although you can reach Kerala by train from the north Indian destinations, it will be a tiresome experience. I suggest you plan a train trip to Kerala in August only if you are coming from the surrounding states of Kerala. Remember that you can’t reach a few hill towns in Kerala by trains like Wayanad and Idukki. You have to visit the nearby railway station for the same.

Kerala in August by road: The neighboring states of Kerala include Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. All of them are developed states, and so is Kerala. As a result, a road trip to Kerala is only suggested if you are planning to come from these states. However, roads will still be slippery, and the routes of Western Ghats might be blocked due to heavy rain. Check the weather before traveling to Kerala by road in August.

Local transportation in Kerala: How to get around the town

Compared to metro towns, the local transportation in Kerala has one added advantage. It includes ferries, ships, and boats. Apart from these, expect to explore the town by foot or by taxis, hiring two/four wheelers, local buses, rail, and auto-rickshaw. If you want to cover a short distance in Kerala in August, plan a taxi hopping and click the lush green landscape outside the window. On the flip side, bus travel within Kerala is pocket-friendly.

Best Places to Visit in Kerala in August 2023

  1. Kasargod

Kasargod is a famous Kerala district with 293 kilometers (approx.) of the Malabar coastline and handloom industry. You can explore the well-preserved Betal Fort in Kasargod for a history dose. Also, the beaches are excellent for romantic walks on the shoreline in August, followed by Ayurvedic spa sessions at the beachside resort or hotel. Kasargod has many ancient temples with strong roots in the ancient world for family travel.

  1. Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram
Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram

Famous for its cliffside beach setting, this town in Kerala is a must-visit place during August with your romantic partner. Almost 50% of activities are open in Varkala, including beach activities. So, bookmark Varkala in your itinerary if you want to enjoy the maximum beach fun in Kerala in August. One side is the blue Arabian Sea, and on the flip side is the cliffside setting, watching the sunset or sunrise from such epic viewpoints. Even the beach cafes and restaurants in Varkala are of international standard.

  1. Munnar in Idukki District
Munnar in Idukki District

You know Munnar as the tea capital of Kerala, but its introduction is more than that. Munnar stood at an elevation of 1,600 meters (5,200 ft) and was once the former resort for the British Raj elite. During the August trip to Munnar. You can still stay at the British-style tea garden resorts with your spouse in August. Plus, keep your camera gears handy with you and click hills punctured in green color. You can even explore the Eravikulam National Park in Munnar, a rare sight during monsoon. The same national park houses the famous endangered mountain goat Nilgiri tahr. Apart from tea plantations, don’t miss to explore Lakkam waterfalls, Pothamedu View Point, Tea Museum, and Top Station.

  1. Wayanad

Wayanad is positioned on the edge of the Tamil Nadu and Kerala border at 2,240 m (7,350 ft) elevation. Since Wayanad is a part of a forest reserve, you will have a good time in Wayanad during August travel if you are into waterfall sightseeing, wildlife hopping, and even trekking. When you are in Wayanad in August, explore the ancient Edakkal Cave, enjoy boating at Banasura Sagar Dam, hike at Soochipara Waterfall, and do recreational activities for kids around Pookode Lake. Did we mention the heart shape Chembra Peak Lake is a must-visit place in Wayanad in August for couples?

  1. Athirapally Falls in Thrissur district
Athirapally Falls in Thrissur district

Visit the Niagara Falls of South India – Athirapally Falls, also called Bahubali famed waterfall, because the movie Bahubali scene was shot here. Athirapally Falls is the pride of Kerala tourism all year round, and hence, you must visit Athirapally Falls in your Kerala tour in August. The water cascades from the height of 25 m. But be prepared to walk down 15-20 min downhill to witness the alluring Athirapally Fall. But you can’t swim even in the pool areas of the falls in August because of the heavy water flow. All you must do is enjoy the prismatic beauty of the Athirapally Falls and capture the rainbow in your frame produced by water.

  1. Alleppey in Alappuzha district
Alleppey in Alappuzha district

Alleppey is a coastal town on the Laccadive Sea and is famous for its houseboat rides, ayurvedic spa treatments, 19th-century lighthouse, and the Alleppey Beach for romantic strolling. Whatever your purpose for visiting Alleppey is, August will be a good time to expand your plans. Mullakkal Temple has its roots in ancient India. If you want to witness the white sand beach in Alappuzha, head to Marari Beach. And it will be a sin if you don’t indulge yourself in rejuvenating bliss of Ayurveda around the Vembanad Lake, also home to the migratory birds in August.

Top things to do & activities in Kerala during the August holidays

  1. Go on a traditional village tour
traditional village tour

There’s no shortage of traditional villages in Kerala that are jotted down around the brilliant backwaters of Kerala. So if you want to indulge in the best thing to do in Kerala in August other than backwaters, enjoy a meal with the local family at the traditional villages and unlock supreme Kerala hospitality like never before. Unknown to many, Kumbalanghi on the outskirts of Kochi is surrounded by paddy fields and is an excellent place to visit in Kerala in August.

  1. Pamper yourself with authentic Ayurveda
authentic Ayurveda

Recharge your mind, body, and soul with authentic Ayurvedic treatment because Kerala is called the birthplace of Ayurveda. Here you can unlock India’s 5,000 years old healing tradition in full throttle, and August is the best time to indulge in such an experience when the rain drenched the surrounding in greenery. Experience Shirodhara – an oil massage that requires the application of lukewarm oil on the forehead.

  1. Sip India’s finest tea
Sip India’s finest tea

Tea is loved in India, and Kerala is one of the best places to satiate your penchant for the tantalizing tea culture. Explore the tea plantations of Munnar, Kumily, and Wayanad and stay amidst the middle of the plantations and wake up to the birds chirping sounds. If possible, book a treehouse stay in the tea plantations, followed by learning the tea History at Tea Museum Munnar.

  1. Explore the getaway of Kerala
Explore the getaway of Kerala

Kochi is synonymous with the gateway of Kerala and is infused with eclectic influence. In this town, the cafe’s theme is drenched in Arab, Dutch, British, Portuguese, and Chinese. Explore the history of Kochi on a guided tour, followed by a day trip to Fort Kochi. If you want to enjoy the best of Kochi, embark on the morning or evening cycling tour. Plus, homestays in Kochi are extra popular in terms of experience over the swanky hotels. Plan your trip according to your budget and liking.

  1. Calm your adrenaline with quad biking
quad biking

Almost at any beach in Kerala during August, you can indulge in quad biking activity over swimming and other watersports. Unknown to many, quad biking in Kerala is one of the best activities to do with your kids, family, and spouse in August. One such famous beach for quad biking in Kerala is Kannur Beach.

Do’s and Don’ts of Kerala trip in August.

Do’s of Kerala trip in August

  • You won’t have to break your banks
  • Lush greenery is in full throttle
  • Backpack your umbrella and raincoat along with hiking boots

Don’ts of Kerala trip in August

  • Never indulge in watersports activities on beaches without expert supervision if the tide is high
  • If possible, avoid houseboat tours at all costs because of the heavy water flow
  • Avoid road travel if you are coming from long distance location outside Kerala

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FAQs About Kerala Trip in August

Is August monsoon in Kerala?

Yes, August is from the southwest monsoon bracket. There are two monsoons in Kerala (southwest and northeast monsoon).

Can I plan a trip to Munnar in August?

Yes, Munnar is one of the best places to visit in Kerala in August without any stress of reaching.

Which are the best places to visit in Kerala in August?

Some of the best places to visit in Kerala in August include Munnar, Wayanad, and Thekkady. While on a houseboat tour, visit Kumarakom. Apart from this, there are many other places like Vagamon, Trivandrum, etc.

What are the best things to do in Kerala in August?

The best activities to do in Kerala in August include Stay in a Houseboat, Spice Tour, exploring a coffee plantation, Bird Watching, Athirapally Falls, Watch the Sunset in Kovalam Beach etc.

Is accommodation budget friendly in Kerala during August?

Yes, you will find budget-friendly accommodation in Kerala during August as rain showers tend to get high. However, you will still experience the hovering in the rates when you browse online and visit on-site. So, plan your Kerala tour package with Honeymoon Bug today with an all-inclusive approach.

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