When is the best time to visit Zanskar Valley?

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When we think of Ladakh we think of refined, unblemished, well preserved natural beauty. Zanskar Valley is also known as “Zahar “by locals, it is a tiny district in Kargil located in the east of Ladakh. The sparkling landscapes, the magnificent mountains, and the endless roads are just the starters as far as Zanskar and Ladakh tour package is considered.

Historically, its heritage and topography were a part of the whilom Tibetan kingdom and are still pristine.

The Zanskar valley in Ladakh is a very secluded destination and daily life in Zanskar is more about surviving in one of the world’s most unforgiving habitats. Although amidst all the hassle it is still worth all the efforts. Pre-hand planning of the Leh-Ladakh tour package is absolutely essential to set the seal on of an exciting tour.

Due to its grinding weather and non-existent roads, it is very important to visit Zanskar at an appropriate month of the year. Otherwise, the blessing of Zanskar will turn into your worst nightmare. It is so remote that you won’t even find a cell tower. So, your phone will be nothing but a paperweight.

Incorrect timing may lead you into immense trouble. You may not find proper lodging and fooding. Even a flat tire is enough to vandalize your trip as you won’t find any mechanic off-season.

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Things you must consider before visiting Zanskar-

  • There is only a single functional road that runs through Suru and Zanskar valleys, which is from Kargil to Padum. Yet the valley is still explored for its marvelous trekking and mountaineering routes.
  • Functional petrol pumps are only in Kargil. It is only affable through Kargil and takes approximately 11 hours to reach by a vehicle.
  • The only road opens from late May or early June till October. Rest of the year for visiting Zanskar you need to walk alongside the frozen Zanskar river.
  • Road conditions become bad to worse. Pandum is the central shaft and the point where trekkers can resupply and prolong to divergent points in the valley by foot.

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Supreme time to visit Zanskar valley

SUMMER– During summers weather in Zanskar valley is most decent. So, the best time to visit Zanskar valley would be from July to early October.

Before June the weather is very harsh and it is characterized by bad roads, which makes a cocktail of disaster.

October might pose dainty strain but is still traversable.

WINTER– If you are curious to visit in the months of December to February, in that case, you must be ready to face any kind of harsh situation.

As the roads during these months are non-operational the only way left for you to reach the valley would be to walk over the Chadar trek.

This season is suggested only if you are willing to take that level of labor.   


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What should not be missed at Zanskar

Astonishingly Zanskar being a remote location has a lot to offer –

  • Suru valley
  • Shafat glacier
  • Doda river
  • Sani monastery etc

Plan your Honeymoon trip accordingly and you will be left with an amazing experience.

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