10 Best Places to Visit in March Outside India That Are Supremely Awesome

10 Best Places to Visit in March Outside India in 2022 That Are Supremely Awesome
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What if I tell you that March in India is the favourite weather condition only in the Himalayas where the temperature hovers around 20°C (approx.)? At the same time, the temperature started heating up in the East to West India with the maximum high up to 33°C (approx.). Hence, many tourists from India seek to find information on the best places to visit in March outside India where temperature is salubrious.

At the same time, the ratio of those people in India is more who thinks an international holiday is a bank-breaking affair. To be frank, it’s not when you book your international honeymoon package with Honeymoon Bug! Coming to the point, a handful of countries to visit in March outside India like Thailand, Maldives, Bali (the Indonesian Island beacons tourists to swim, surf, enjoy lush greenery, and unmatched experience to the core. While a few European countries to visit in March like Italy, Spain, Switzerland.

What Experiences I Must Expect at the Places to Visit in March Outside India?

For the balmy beach honeymoon holiday in March without breaking the banks, the island of Bali in Southeast Asia is the place to go for couples. For the overwater bungalow staycation, if budget is not the constraint, the swanky underwater and overwater villas of Maldives are best. Additionally, if someone is fond of snowfall outside India on the March holidays, Switzerland is the perfect place to be! Lastly, the culture’s vultures, foodies, and lush greenery lovers must consider Vietnam, Singapore on their bucket list. The list of best places to visit outside India during March can go on and on.

List of 10 Best Places to Visit in March Outside India 2025

Places to Visit in March Outside IndiaDays Required (approx.)Trip Budget (approx.) excluding Flights
Thailand3 days minimum₹27,499/
Bali5 days minimum₹22,000/-
Maldives6 days minimum₹87,300/-
Nepal3 days minimum₹16,500/-
Sri Lanka4 days minimum₹25,000/-
Singapore5 days minimum₹26,000/-
Switzerland7 days minimum₹88,349/-
Italy5 days minimum₹27,000/-
Spain3 days minimum₹26,000/-
Greece4 days minimum₹27,000/-

1. Thailand


Why Visit Thailand in March from India: It’s the last peak season of holiday in Thailand, and from April, the temperature shoots up high.

One of the best countries to visit outside India in March, Thailand is a Southeast Asian country in its salubrious climate till April. The period of March in Thailand is different in its different regions. For instance, Indians know how to brave the heat up to 30 degrees celsius, so Bangkok and Central Thailand are great to visit. Shop some quirky stuff at Bangkok shopping Malls. At the same time, the Northern Thailand regions like Chiang Mai (famous for temples) and Southern Thailand (Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui) are great for beach lovers.

Best Experiences to Have in Thailand in March for Indians

  • Quench your thirst for crystal clear waters at Surin and Similan Islands
  • Visit the ancient capital city of Ayutthaya on March 17 (national Muay Thai Day in Thailand)
  • Explore Phuket Island’s like James Bond Island

2. Bali (An Indonesian Island)


Why Visit Bali in March from India: Balinese people celebrate the annual Nyepi in March. In 2023, the Balinese New Year will be celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Bali is a travel paradise and has become one of the most sorted international destinations within the domestic budget (excluding flights). Often considered a separate country but in reality, an island of Indonesian province, Bali is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations outside to visit in March. One can enjoy the distinctive culture of Balinese people, sunbathing on a broad stretch of beaches in Bali. At the same time, the lush greenery of the cultural capital of Bali (Ubud) increases 10-fold in March as rainfall surprises a little for a few hours.

Best Experiences to Have in Bali in March for Indians

  • Soak up the sunshine and get your toes wet at Bali Beaches alongside watersports
  • Explore the cultural capital of Bali (Ubud) and immerse yourself in its lush greenery
  • Go for an island-hopping venture to satiate your quench for the cruise.

3. Maldives


Why Visit Maldives in March from India: Tourists get relief from the hot temperature when the short burst of rain spells. Additionally, March marks the onset of the surfing season in the Maldives. Also, the water visibility is best for snorkelling and diving excursions, particularly in March.

Celebrities stay in Maldives overwater resorts from November to April because they have whooping cash to splash. But the in-between month of March is when the tourism rushes down a little. As a result, the islands, beaches of Maldives are perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving and other marine adventure sports. You can score good deals on overwater bungalows if you book in advance. If you want to holiday in a luxury holiday destination outside India in March without going broke, bookmark Maldives.

Best Experiences to Have in the Maldives in March for Indians

  • Commute or do island hopping on ferries to save your bucks
  • Pamper yourself with the native virgin coconut oil on an overwater pavilion gazing at the Indian Ocean
  • Plan a date with your beloved one at the underwater restaurant

4. Nepal


Why Visit Nepal in March from India: Similar to India, Nepal culture is also vibrant. And hence, festivals like Maha Shivratri, Holi are celebrated with full fervour in Nepal during March.

Nepal is the cool cousin of India but with an international touch. March marks the spring month in Nepal, and nights are still cool. This month is considered best for trekking as days are longer. Apart from trekking, white water rafting, paragliding are a few adventure sports that could be enjoyed in March. I suggest you bookmark Nepal for March vacations outside India but do book your accommodations in advance as March is one of the two peak tourism seasons.

Best Experiences to Have in Nepal in March for Indians

  • Spot Bengal tiger and one-horned rhinoceros at Chitwan National Park
  • Enjoy boating in a series of tranquil lakes in Pokhara
  • Admire the Newari architecture at Patan

5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Why Visit Sri Lanka in March from India: The west coast, south coast, and the hilly regions of Sri Lanka cater to the taste of every type of traveller in March.

Sri Lanka is the teardrop island nation tucked in the Indian Ocean and is famous for its incredible natural beauty. Fringed with coastlines, hilly terrains, the peal of the Indian Ocean is a perfect place to visit in March outside for couples. If you are a water baby, go for the whale watching excursion on the south coast. Also, March is an excellent time to visit Sri Lanka if you want to paint yourself in the local festive fervour. Attend the Medin Poya festival. Shake your legs and relish good food at the Galle/Jaffna Music Festival.

Best Experiences to Have in Sri Lanka in March for Indians

  • Watch the biggest concentration of leopards at the Yala National Park
  • Wander the Dambulla Buddhist Cave followed by a hot air balloon ride over the Dambulla skyline
  • Ride the impossibly scenic Kandy to Ella Train

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6. Singapore


Why Visit Singapore in March from India: The sunny weather and occasional rainfall during March are prime reasons to visit Singapore in March. As a result, Singapore flight tickets get super cheap from India. Book in advance.

Similar to any other South Asian country, Singapore’s climate is also a little moderate (not too hot, not too cool). This megha metropolis is often compared to Dazzling Dubai regarding a futuristic tourism approach. Amidst the little humidity, breathe the fresh air in the Singapore Botanical Garden. Witness the vibrant plant life, world’s tallest indoor waterfalls at Marina Gardens Drive. And if you are a couple, gaze at the skyline of Singapore from the Singapore Flyer for 30 minutes.

Best Experiences to Have in Singapore in March for Indians

  • Visit the 7 amazing themed zones at Universal Studios
  • Watch Hammerhead sharks, rays along with bottlenose dolphins at S.E.A. Aquarium
  • Pamper, your indeed kid at the Sentosa Island

7. Switzerland


Why Visit Switzerland in March from India: Simple! Because you hardly find snowfall in India during March. Travelling to Switzerland in the 3rd month of the year is a nostalgic experience for couples. Snowfall is guaranteed in March in Singapore at high mountain resorts like Zermatt.

Switzerland is a mountain country in Europe, and hence, the temperature is always cool here. But March is awesome for couples because it’s the peak honeymoon period in Switzerland. Imagine enjoying snowfall, and your beloved one is wrapped in your arms. This is how a trip to Switzerland during March looks like. Even more, the train ride to the Grindelwald-First peak is a big hit. Wandering the lush woodlands and hearing the cascades of the Swiss National Park is an activity for every type of traveller. As a result, Switzerland is the top honeymoon destination outside India in March.

Best Experiences to Have in Switzerland in March for Indians

  • Enjoy ski in the alpine mountains
  • Ride Davos to Tirano train through St. Moritz to marvel at the lush green environs painted in snowflake
  • Check your thrill quotient at Hell Grottoes during cave hopping.

8. Italy


Why Visit Italy in March from India: Those who like to hop the destination when it’s least crowded bookmark Italy in March. This is also when the temperature is still cold and a little wet, like February.

It is said that the boom of western culture and cuisine across the world was inspired by Italy. Why don’t you go and self-discover yourself if it is so! Whether you want to lie on a beach, hike famous spots like the Cinque Terre trail, or hop some museums, March is the perfect time to plan a trip to Italy from India. Romantic Rome allows flowers to bloom during the same month, and one can easily explore the outdoor attractions like Forum, Piazzas, Colosseum. At the same time, the rolling green hills of Turkey, the magic of Venice.

Best Experiences to Have in Italy in March for Indians

  • Explore the Rupestrian churches and cave dwellings at Matera
  • Experience cultural tourism in Sicily
  • Cherish the ski season at Italian Dolomites slopes
  • Enjoy the chilly sea and coastal breeze in the rugged hills of the Amalfi Coast

9. Spain


Why Visit Spain in March from India: Low-cost accommodation, fewer crowds, and salubrious climate for hills, beaches, Spain is a lit place for Indians to visit outside India when the heat starts getting up in North India. Flamenco, Fallas is the top cultural event to attend in Spain during March.

A pleasant afternoon and chilly nights are a few adjectives describing why Spain is the best country to visit in March outside India. As the temperature is great, Indians will definitely bowl over with the easy-going culture, stunning scenery, and the charm of Madrid, Barcelona. It goes without saying that Spain brings a rejuvenated sense of passion and fun. From stunning beaches to wine tours along with food excursions, no experience in Spain during March is short in appeal – they all are marvellous!

Best Experiences to Have in Spain in March for Indians

  • Live an islander life away from the mainland
  • Attend the traditional or cultural galore
  • Enjoy magical rooftop bar experience in Barcelona, Madrid

10. Greece


Why Visit Greece in March from India: Similar to India, Greece during March is also springtime, and you can revitalise yourself at the islands.

Accommodating several invigorating cities within its belts, Greece is a southeast European country and brims with rich cultural history. Explore the Crete islands in March dotted with immaculate beaches that remain less crowded. The most popular places to visit in Greece with unique charisma include Preveli Beach or the mysterious Triopetra cave. At the same time, Athens and mainland Greece are wonderful places to immerse yourself in the culture, history, and nature’s beauty.

Best Experiences to Have in Greece in March for Indians

  • Climb the famed Mount Olympus mountain
  • Enjoy canoeing, rafting, horse riding at Lake Plastira
  • Couples must witness the sunset at Santorini

Final Thoughts and Your Views About Our List of Best Places to Visit in March Outside India (2024)

I would like to thank you for your precious time over my list of 10 best places to visit in March outside India in 2024. As I have mentioned in the first paragraph, there are plenty of other destinations to visit outside India during March. Tag down your loved one; you’d enjoy an international travel experience in March outside India.

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