13 Local Food of Himachal Pradesh That Are Staples of the Local Diet

Local Food of Himachal Pradesh
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Plan a honeymoon trip to Himachal Pradesh because the best local food in this north India hill station is worth ditching the fancy dinners. Savor the local food of Himachal Pradesh all year round. Scroll on!

Himachal Pradesh, also known as the Devbhoomi, is India’s most beautiful state. Everything is required for an adventurous trip, from the spectacular snow-clad mountains to the splendid lush green valleys!

For those tourists who question – ‘is there anything over and above the natural beauty in Himachal Pradesh?‘ Well, the answer is YES. Tourists exploring the adventures of skiing and paragliding here cannot miss out on the local food of Himachal Pradesh. The delicious dishes the state has to offer are complimentary.

Delicious and Traditional Food of Himachal Pradesh

After you are done exploring the breathtaking landscapes in Himachal, the desire to taste something scrumptious is obvious. The state boasts authentic cafes and restaurants serving the best Himachal Pradesh cuisine.

From vegetarian food items that include lentils, pulses, and rice to non-veg things with red meat, the dishes of Himachal are flavourful and enticing. So, whenever you are on a relaxing trip to this beautiful Indian state, be sure to taste some of the mouth-watering dishes they offer.

Top 13 Local Dishes of Himachal Pradesh

1.  Dhaam

dhaam food of himachal pradesh

Dham is one of the traditional dishes of Himachal Pradesh. It is healthy and full of nutrients besides being of refined taste. The dish is made from dal, rice, rajma, curd, and boor ki Kadi. Dhaam is served with gur, also known as jaggery, further enhancing flavour.

Being traditional cuisine, the dish is high in nutrient value. The dish is prominent among the tourists who come to Himachal because it’s cooked by an exclusive group of cooks, i.e., botis. Dhaam is full of flavorsome foods which are served for special events and festivals that take place in Himachal Pradesh.

2.   Madra

madra food

Madra is an intricacy that fits well in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Soaked chickpeas, chana, and vegetables go into the dish. Oil and Indian finest spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, turmeric powder, and coriander powder built up the dish’s taste.

Cooked well in the oil, Madra demonstrates the region’s cooking tradition. Madra is among the primary platters representing the food culture of India’s largest state. Whenever you are in Himachal for the tour, make sure to visit the restaurant that serves Madra to you with enormous love.

3.   Babru

Babru food

Babru is among the luscious local food of Himachal Pradesh that is best enjoyed with tea in Shimla. This delicious snack is a must-try with family and friends on a tour of Devbhoomi. Babru is exquisite like the famous Indian snack – kachoris.

The dish uniquely blends the Kachoris served well in Northern India. Babru is bread made out of kneaded dough. Black gram paste is added to the dough to enhance its taste. The crispiness and the rich flavor that these dish offers are mind-blowing. You can munch on Babru with Tamarind chutney.

4.   Kullu Trout Fish

Kullu Trout Fish dish

For non-veg lovers, Himachal Pradesh has many options, with Kullu Trout Fish being one of the finest. The dish is prepared with trout fish and ranks as the most popular non-vegetarian delicacy. After having cooked the marinated fish, the spices balance the taste and the nutrient value.

You can have the dish with boiled vegetables. Also, the smashing lime over the fish makes it taste yummier. Since this dish goes best with boiled vegetables, it remains one of the healthiest delicacies of Himachal Pradesh.

5.   Siddu

siddu dish

Sidu is a local Himachal Pradesh cuisine made out of wheat flour. The cook prepares Siddu in a different style. It’s stem-coked to preserve flavours and nutrients. This dish tastes best with meat and vegetables. The unique flavor of Siddu will make you have a bite more!

6.   Aktori

aktori food

This is one of the pleasant-tasting festive dishes that are very popular in Himachal Pradesh during their festive time. Tourists in Himachal can get the dish in Lahaul and Spiti. Despite the dish’s incredible taste and flavor, Spiti is straightforward to prepare. The savor of Aktori is enhanced when it’s served with toppings like honey or ghee.

7.   Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

bhey or spicy lotus stems

All over Himachal Pradesh, Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems are eaten with great love. It’s one of the tastiest cuisines in Himachal Pradesh. This dish is prepared with lotus stems. The lotus stems are cut into thin slices and cooked in ginger-garlic, onions, and gram flour. The blend of onions and garlic gives the food a great taste.

8.   Chha Gosht

chha gosht himachal pradesh

Chh Gosht is Himachal’s traditional dish and is loved by non-vegetarians. Those tourists who enjoy munching on the meat can’t miss an opportunity to try this dish. This delectable dish is prepared from Lamb.

The marinated piece of lamb meat is cooked well in gram flour. Spices like coriander powder, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, cloves, asafoetida, and red chilli powder are also tossed in. The yoghurt gravy used to bind the dish adds a deep and rich flavor.

9.   Tudkiya Bhath

Tudkiya Bhath  himachal pradesh

Chamba region of Himachal Pradesh enjoys eating Tudkiya Bhaat. Tudkiya Bhath is an authentic pulao cooked uniquely—a blend of Indian spices and lentils, potatoes, and yoghurt. A mixture of onion, tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, and cardamom amplifies the dish’s pinch. You must have the Tudkiya Bhath in Himachal Pradesh with mashed dal and a few drops of lime juice.

10. Thenthuk

Thenthuk food himachal

Who doesn’t love noodles? Everyone is right! Thenthuk is a staple food of Himachal Pradesh. The dish is served in a bowl that contains noodles called Thenthuk. It’s cooked in hot broth and is a famous dish in Himachali cuisine. The hand-pulled soft elastic dough is used to make the noodles. Once the noodles are cooked, it’s served hot with the soup comprising meat and vegetables.

11. Thukpa

Thukpa food himachal

Thukpa is a hot noodle soup cooked with vegetables and chicken. The veggies to prepare the dish include mushrooms, cabbage, and onion. Thupka tastes best in the cold weather of northeastern India, i.e., Himachal Pradesh. You will find this dish in almost every restaurant of Himachal Pradesh.

12. Anardana Chicken

Anardana Chicken food himachal

Anardana Chicken is a special beef dish famous in Himachal with Persian-dish reflection. The dish is cooked with pomegranate or anardana seeds. What adds to the flavor here is the garam masala spice blend used for marinating the chicken. The rich sauce gravy is made with yogurt and pomegranate seed paste. A dish bite will release sour and spicy flavor into your mouth.

13. Mittha

Mittha  food himachal

A cuisine is complete with a sweet treat to the taste buds. Mittha is a magical treat for those who love dessert after dinner. This dish is a complementary dessert popular in Himachal Pradesh made of rice, lentils, and dried fruits. When served with the toppings of raisins, it tastes best!

Wrapping Up

Now, you know all about the best 12 local foods of Himachal Pradesh. Make sure to plan a cozy vacation in Himachal Pradesh with Honeymoon Bug. And when you are in the Indian state, taste the notable Himachal cuisine items. Nothing is as particular as planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh and enjoying the state’s beautiful opulence while indulging in appetizing cuisine!

Every dish served in Himachal Pradesh for tourists reflects the state’s rich food culture. Such backpackers who love food and would like to bless their taste buds can only have ample time to visit restaurants that serve the cuisine.

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