12 Best Places to Visit in Himachal in December

Top 12 Incredible Places to Visit in Himachal in December
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Fondly known as the ‘Land of the Gods’, the bewitching Himachal Pradesh is a delightful vision for your eyes and also for the nature lovers. With the lush greenery and panoramic views, Himachal Pradesh is said to be the best places where you can visit if you want to see the mountains. There are a lot of Places to visit in Himachal in December as the states offers the most scenic views.

From the natural parks to the architectural gems, Himachal Pradesh is perfect for winters when you can see the snow-clad mountains and also the rich sanctuaries filled with the endangered and rare animals or birds. The colorful open meadows and the pristine clear river of Himachal Pradesh is something unparalleled.

Boasting the vibrant culture and heritage, Himachal Pradesh has several monuments that highlights the past of the ancient times. These are also one of the Best places in Himachal Pradesh in December where you can see the traditional shrines, gompas, and monasteries among others. With their unique design and interiors, the temples of Himachal Pradesh offer a lot interesting places to see here.

Himachal Pradesh is quite famous for large numbers of adventure sports and is said to be the perfect paradise for all the adventure fanatics. Trekking, Hiking and Climbing are some of the activities that you can also try your hands with apart from sports activities and you will surely enjoy in winters.

List Of 12 Best Places to Visit in Himachal in December 2022

  1. Manali
  2. Shimla
  3. Dharamshala
  4. Spiti Valley
  5. Mcleodganj
  6. Chail
  7. Dalhousie
  8. Khajjiar
  9. Kufri
  10. Kullu
  11. Kasol
  12. Manikaran



Nestled in the mighty Himalayas, Manali is one of the best places where you can visit and it also offers the spectacular views. The place has abundance of mesmerizing views and forest is a full package of spending your vacations in the lap of nature. Manali also shares a piece of history giving it ancient heritages through its museums and architecture that will tell you about the past of the place. Apart from the youngsters, the religious devotees also come here to pay their tribute to the temples like Hadimba, Manu and Shiv Temple.

  • Places to see in Manali – Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley, Nehru Kund, Rohtang Pass.
  • Distance from Delhi – 532.7 kms



Among the most popular hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla has a lot of distinct place owning to its unique charm. Nestled at a distance of 342 km away from Delhi, Shimla is an ideal weekend getaway place for all the tourists’. In the past, Shimla was also the summer capital of British era and they used to spend the summer time in the capital. It also offers some breath-taking views for all the people who love nature. It is also known for the adventure activities and natural wonders. Shimla houses several temples in the apt locations, offering spectacular views of the mountainous region.

  • Places to see in Shimla – The Ridge Road, Kalka-Shimla Railway, Scandal Point, Gauri Shankar temple.
  • Distance from Delhi – 347.0 Km



Experience a serene location with Dharamshala and explore it to the fullest. You will spend the beautiful time in the lap of nature. Settled at an average altitude of around 1,475 meters above the sea level, Dharamshala lies on the scenic stretch of land of Kangra Valley. It is considered as one of the Best Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in December. Often cited as the ‘Little Lhasa of India, Dharamshala is popularly known as the holy residence of the exiled Tibetan monk Dalai Lama. With the tranquility around, the destination is one of the most captivating that you will find in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Places to visit – Kalachakra Temple, Mansoor Rock Cut Temple, Tea Garden.
  • Distance from Delhi – 471.0 Km

Spiti Valley

spiti valley winter

Tucked away from the urban chaos, Spiti Valley is yet another highly recommended place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. You must visit here during winters as you will see a lot of snowfall and it will be a pure bliss of nature. Lahaul Spiti tourism attracts thousands of people every year as it keeps on enticing them the blissful views. With the unadulterated environment, Spiti Valley is also known for its cold desert valley. The local people, greenery and majestic mountains will totally keep you awe-stuck. The best thing about this destination is that since it is situated at an altitude of around 12,500 ft above the sea level, the barren mountains here change their hues every second which is a perfect sight to behold.

  • Places to visit – Key Monastery, Kunzum Pass, Pin Valley National Park, Suraj Tal.
  • Distance from Delhi – 747 Km



Housed in the Kangra district and at the suburbs of the town of Dharamshala, Mcleodganj is one of the best Himachal places to visit in December with your loved ones. Because of being occupied by a lot many of Tibetans who came here after China’s invasion of their homeland, Mcleodganj is also sometimes known as the Little Lhasa. To your surprise, the exiled government of Tibet is also based in Mcleodganj. The destination is only around 3 km away from Dharamshala and is flocked by many tourists’ every year.

  • Places to visit – Bhagsu Falls, Trihund, Dal Lake, Minkiani Pass
  • Distance from Delhi – 475.7 Km



Erstwhile summer capital of Princely state of Patiala, Chail is an enchanting place where you will surely seek into the serenity and the hill station lies about 63 km away from Shimla. The destination is not explored by many of the tourists’ at present and it is not so far from Shimla also. Chail is covering around 72 acres of the land and it is spread across three hillocks – Sadh Tiba, Pandewa and Rajgarh. Chail is year-around destination and one can visit here in the entire time expect in the rainy season as there are chances of landslides. You will be hooked throughout your vacations if you visit here in winters as you will get to see a lot of mesmerizing views of the enclosing country side.

  • Places to visit – Chail Palace Hotel, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali Temple.
  • Distance from Delhi – 340.9 Km


dalhousie winter

The next one of the Best places to visit in Himachal in December is Dalhousie. The destination is explored by many of the globetrotters. Also known well as ‘Peaceful Abode’, Dalhousie is said to be offering the stunning views. It is the perfect location to escape from all the hustle-bustle of urban chaos. For those seeking serenity and peace, Dalhousie is the best place to visit. The location houses several monasteries and considered the holiest places in the country worshipped by Buddhist.

  • Places to visit – Panchpula, Khajjiar, Kalatop Wild Sanctuary.
  • Distance from Delhi – 565.6 Km



You might have heard a lot about Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh as this place is yet another explored destination in the region. Perched at an altitude of around 14,500 feet above the sea level, the destination offers a lot to the tourists and keeps them hooked throughout their vacations. It is flanked by the natural views and in winters, the location will give you some of the great breath-taking views and you could also try your hands in adventure activities.

  • Places to visit – Golden Devi Temple, Nag Temple, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Distance from Delhi – 590 Km



The most awaited destination of Himachal Pradesh that you must visit in winters and that is Kufri. A lot of tourists’ and adventure junkies come here to make sure that they indulge in the activities offered by the place especially in winters. The location is quite popular for its unparalleled natural beauty and is one of the most amazing places to be. One of the top places to see in Himachal Pradesh, Kufri is also an ideal place for honeymooners. If you are done with Shimla then you should surely visit here as it is in proximity to Shimla. Kufri is famous for the panoramic views and the serene temples among others. The route from Shimla to Kufri will take you through the scenic side and you would want to capture everything.

  • Places to visit – Mahasu Peak, Fagu, Rupin Pass.
  • Distance from Delhi – 361.6 Km



Nestled in one corner of the beautiful Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Kullu is the sought-after destinations where you must pay a visit. Filled with majestic snow-clad mountains and lush greenery, the location attracts a lot of globetrotters every year. This dreamy place is not less than a paradise for many people. The presence magical views add a sense of delightfulness in your vacations. The town presents a perfect picture of ancient cultures and modernity that will totally leave you awe-struck.

  • Places to visit – Naggar Castle, Raison, Bijli Mahadev Temple
  • Distance from Delhi – 439.0 Km



Known for the Trekkers Paradise, Kasol is one of the best places where you can make the most of your adventure. A lot of people who love doing trekking come up here and experience what doing trekking feels like in serenity and amid the mountains. Based in the Parvati Valley, Kasol is a beautiful hill station that will make your time and vacations mesmerizing. The trek to Kheerganga is the trek where you can feel the hot springs.

  • Places to visit – Parvati River, Malana, Rasol
  • Distance from Delhi – 531 Km



Nestled near Kasol, Manikaran is also one of the destinations where people head to. It is also known as the pilgrimage centers for both Hindus and for Sikhs. The thing that attracts the most to the visitors’ is the temples and the hot springs.

  • Places to visit – Manikaran Hot Springs, Malana, Kulant Pinth
  • Distance from Delhi – 517.7 Km

So, to make your Himachal vacations blissful, these Places in Himachal to visit in December must be on your to-do list. Make sure that you visit all of these destinations in Himachal on your next trip in winters.

Faqs About Himachal in December

Which are the best places to visit in Himachal in December?

A few of the places you can visit in Himachal in December include Manali, Malana, Kheerganga Trek, Bir Billing, Lahaul-Spiti, Shimla, Dalhousie, Patalsu Peak Trek, and Khajjiar Lake, among many others. You can enjoy viewing the scenic valleys and lofty mountains all covered with thick white snow.

Is December a good time to visit Himachal Pradesh?

For all those, who can tolerate bone-chilling winters and are fond of snow, December is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. The winter season in Himachal Pradesh starts in October and ends in February. Since December is the coldest month of the year, so make sure you carry sufficient woolens while going there in winter.

Where does it snow in Himachal in December?

The list of the places in Himachal where you can enjoy snow or snowfall in Himachal in December includes:

·                  Manali

·                  Shimla

·                  Khajjiar

·                  Narkanda

·                  Mcleodganj

·                  Kufri

·                  Prashar Lake

·                  Rohtang La

During winter, you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery, frozen lakes, snow-covered mountains, and some adventure zones.

Which are the best shopping places to visit in Himachal in December?

If you plan to visit Himachal Pradesh in December any time in the future, then check out the list of all the markets here:

In Shimla

·                  The Mall Road

·                  Himachal Emporium

·                  Tibetan Market

·                  Minchy

·                  Lower Bazaar

·                  Lakkar Bazaar

In Kullu

·                  Akhara Bazaar

·                  Himalayan Craft

·                  Tibetan Market

·                  Sultanpur Market

·                  Mohal

In Manali

·                  Old Manali Market

·                  Manu Market

·                  Mall Road

·                  Bhuttico

In Dalhousie

·                  Tibetan Market

·                  Tibetan Handicraft Centre

In Dharamshala

·                  Kotwali Bazaar

·                  Jogibara Road Bazaar

What are the best things to do in Himachal in December?

Some of the best things to do in Himachal Pradesh in December

·                  Kangra Valley Trek

·                  Skiing In Manali

·                  Himalayan Winter Trekking Expedition

·                  Rafting Expedition in Beas River

·                  Left Bank Trek in Spiti

·                  Horse Riding in Solang Valley

·                  Paragliding in Manali

·                  Snowboarding in Solang Valley

·                  Adventure Trek to Patalsu Peak near Manali

·                  Rock Climbing in Vashisht near Manali

How is the weather in Himachal in December?

December is a dry month in Himachal Pradesh with an average of 22mm (0.9in) of rain. The average maximum daytime temperature is almost 12.0°C (53.6°F). ). If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and love the warm rays of the sun, then it is a great time to go to Himachal Pradesh in December. Also, the climate is relatively fresh in the city the month of December.

What should I pack for my Himachal trip in December?

Things you must pack for your Himachal trip in December include:

·                  Warm Clothes such as a good winter jacket, Thermal Wear, light woolen Jacket, Woolen socks, Woolen Cap and gloves, etc.

·                  Government ID card

·                  Cash

·                  Mobile phone

·                  Camera

·                  Water bottle

·                  Sandals/ Flip Flops; Normal Shoes; Hiking or Trekking shoes (In case you are into trekking)

·                  Hand sanitizer, Moisturizer, Sunscreen

·                  First Aid Kit, essential medicines, Pain relief Sprays, etc.

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