Stunning Places You can Head for a Dreamy Vacations in India Post COVID-19

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The year 2020 has been a nightmare for everyone and the people had to quarantine themselves for a long time due to national lockdown in many countries including India. But after several months of complete lockdown, the countries are reopening and the normal life is getting on track. But the pandemic is not yet over and there is a long way to go. We all are bored at home and want to head for a trip with friends or with family. But due to the corona virus spread, the people are scared and aren’t going somewhere far or using any public transport. 

But post COVID-19, we are sure that everyone should leave for some of the other places to visit in India to relax the minds and to quench their thirst for wanderlust. India offers you some most exciting and surreal places that you might have never seen before. Every place is filled by the exotic and picturesque views that will make your heart skip a beat. Whether mountain, deserts, beaches, lakes, or anything, India will never fail to amaze you with the surprises. Traveling after COVID-19 will be a much-needed vacation in order to refresh the mind, body, and soul and it will be very therapeutic. 

If you are thinking where to head for the vacations in India then hold on as we have some amazing places for you to head and you can always reboot yourself for the better once this pandemic is over. We have run down some beautiful places for you and unlock the adventure within you. So, let’s unveil the Places to visit in India after COVID-19

9 Best Places to Visit in India after COVID-19

1. GOA 

Without a shadow of a doubt, Goa is one of the sought-after destinations in India to visit post-COVID. Goa is well-known for its nightlife and late-night party culture. You will find most of the people heading there would be youngsters especially bachelors. One of the reasons that the youngsters are attracted to this place is also because of the life and atmosphere that it offers to them. The place is still open for the tourists’ but fewer are showing up due to the spread of the corona virus. Goa has been a great paradise for the beach lovers as it has various beaches where you can take a stroll and soak into the beauty of the sunset views. 

Total Distance from Delhi – 1,983 km 

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Shimla is one of the often-visited places in Himachal Pradesh and it keeps welcoming the visitors every year. Today, there might not be the crowd right now but post COVID-19, people will be heading to this destination. Also known as the Queen of the Hills, Shimla was established by the British and had declared the summer capital of India. Perched at an altitude of around 2,205 meters, the location is offering the great relief from the sizzling plains. With the notion of colonial past, the destination also boasts a lush green environment surrounded by pine and oak forests. This is one of the major Places to visit post-pandemic. 

Total Distance from Delhi – 355 km


manali tour
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Manali is well-known for the snowy paradise is one of the most popular hill stations in India. Manali is surrounded by the majestic mountains and people will surely explore this place post-COVID- 19. Offering the mesmerizing views of the mountain slopes, Manali sets the benchmark for the most happening places in the country. From picturesque views to attractive streams, the destination will keep the visitor hooked throughout the vacations with their loved ones. You will surely feel rejuvenated and by witnessing the snow-clad mountains and green meadows, you will be able to make your loved ones happy. This is one of the important places to visit in India post-COVID-19 as it is blessed with some scintillating views to make your vacations more blissful. 

Total Distance from Delhi – 550 km


Kerala Trip
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Another Destination to visit in India post-COVID-19 is Kerala. The place was earlier unexplored by many globetrotters but with time, it has become one of the most explored ones. Kerala is in south India and might take a lot of time to travel there from Delhi but for the views and serenity, people love going there. To take a break from the monotonous life and get rid of work from home after the pandemic, head to this beautiful state where you will be offered enchanting views with a tinge of flaunting culture. We know that you will love to explore Kerala to the core after everything going is present is over. You will surely delight your senses.

Total Distance from Delhi – 2,688 km


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If you have always explored South and North India and since we all are caged at home with office work, you should plan a great trip post all of this. And if you are looking for the same then you can always count on North East India. We are sure that you must have always thought of exploring this part but couldn’t. So, this place is just too perfect for the people who are looking for solace and peace. If you are a nature lover then you can visit this place and we assure you that you will not regret going there. Since it offers so many panoramic views to the tourists’, it will always keep the people engrossed with its beauty.

Total Distance from Delhi – 2000 km


Rajasthan Trip
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If your vacations include dessert, forts, and palaces then Rajasthan would be the perfect place to unveil your wanderlust and it is one of the Best Places to visit in India post-COVID-19. The people will make a move at this destination as it is filled by the rich culture and heritage. If you are a history fanatic then you must head to Rajasthan and know more about the place.

Total Distance from Delhi – 345 km


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Mountains are love and most of the people get attracted to this. In India, once the pandemic is over, we bet that many of you would run to the mountains. For such kind of people, mountains are therapeutic and give them the happiness that they are looking for. A place filled by nature and magnificent mountains is all you are searching then Uttarakhand is one such destination to explore. The state offers a lot of places that you can head to and enjoy with your loved ones without wearing a mask. You will get your freedom that day when you will not be scared of getting out without a mask.

Total Distance from Delhi – 241.5 km


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Kashmir is amongst the Places to visit after COVID-19 is over. Usually, people do not prefer going there from Delhi as it is quite far from the capital but after getting caged at home for several months, we are sure that you will plan to head there. If mountains soothe your mind and rejuvenate you to the fullest then take a long break from work after COVID and head to this place and relax with your family or friends. You might have to face hurdles getting there but the destination is worth the pain.

Total Distance from Delhi – 859 km


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Last but not least comes to Andaman & Nicobar which is yet another Place to visit in India post-COVID-19. If you are an island lover and want to know how the destination looks like then after all this is over, you should visit there. The place is secluded far away from the urban chaos and most of the resorts are build over-the-water. The moment you will step into the rooms, you will find crystal clear water that will rejuvenate you to the fullest.  Andaman Tour Packages

Total Distance from Delhi – 3518 km

So, these are some of the Best Places to visit in India post Pandemic that you must head to if you want to travel to India

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