Top 21 Romantic Things To Do In Bali On Your Honeymoon

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Ok, first matters first. What do you want to do while you’re on your honeymoon getaway? Choosing what you need to do will greatly have an effect on which vacation spot you head because different destinations have different vibes and things to do. Suppose- would you like to go to a quiet castaway form of destination where there’s nobody else, however, you together with your lady love and some other off-the-overwhelmed-route guests? Would you like to party it up to your honeymoon with different backpackers? Try to be as particular as feasible without taking place the whole, “I simply want a pristine beach to sunbathe in”. Please do note that no matter what you select, more often than not, you may discover what you’re looking for as this stunning honeymoon destination Bali is a paradise for couples who’re making plans their honeymoon! Bali, no question, why it is known as the Island Of Gods. This island paradise is one of the trending vacation spot for the honeymoon getaway for its colorful tradition, scrumptious meals, unreal sunsets and of course its pristine beaches. You’ll love the vibes whilst you may head to this vacation spot. The flip side of that is not knowing how to best spend your honeymoon and which things to do in Bali on your honeymoon.

Let me take you on a virtual honeymoon with our list of  Top 21 Things To Do in Bali on your honeymoon. Trust me, this list will give you a good impression of Bali within a few minutes. You can thank us later.

Top 21 Things to Do in Bali for Honeymoon

  1. Go Island Hopping

Go Island Hopping1

Whether you’re travelling for your honeymoon or simply searching out a romantic getaway, island hopping offer a laugh and romantic methods to spend time collectively. Bali is surrounded by means of plenty of other amazing Islands. Whether or not you want to take a snorkeling or diving journey at the Gillis, explore much less touristy Islands along with your scooter or loosen up at top-notch seashores, Bali is close to many special and beautiful Islands. Our favorite Island Nusa Lembongan is most effective a half-hour boat journey away and gives white sand, blue water, and untouched locations.

  1. Pamper Yourself At Spa

Pamper Yourself At Spa

Why now not indulge and heighten your senses collectively by pampering yourselves with a couple’s spa, maybe overlooking the Indian Ocean as cool sea breezes whisk across your pores and skin or in tropical gauge within the mountainous area of traditional Ubud. If you’re inside the Seminyak region, maybe attempt the Amala Spa in which they offer a unique ‘couples’ spa treatment as a way to take you to Nirvana and returned once more. There are so many top-notch spa centers in Bali you’re spoilt for choice. However, the great factor is which you don’t just live at a resort to experience the facilities, most are open to the public.

  1. Take A Scenic Bali Helicopter Tour

Take A Scenic Bali Helicopter Tour

You could well have been to Bali on more than one event but possibilities are you haven’t seen Bali out of your own private helicopter. Do you? The exhilaration alone of going for a pleasure flight in a helicopter for the primary time would be a wonderful activity to cherish with the one that you love. Air Bali is a foreign owned and operated helicopter constitution employer placed at the highway as you head to Sanur from Kuta. visit an ancient temple, perhaps the stunning Lake Kintamani or what approximately a secluded seashore in which you’re the only ones as some distance as the eye can see. This romantic activity is positive to get the blood flowing and ignite the passion!

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  1. Romantic Evening Cruise

Romantic Evening Cruise in bali

Ruin yourself an evening for two with a cruise that consists of dinner and ideal romantic putting for newlyweds couples. A romantic way to surprise upon the finest Bali landscapes from a desk reserved for two near the panoramic home windows of the boat. There are some of each non-public and industrial boat operators supplying romantic nighttime sunset cruises, maybe on certainly one of the bigger boats operated by Bali Hai Cruises in which you’re serenaded by way of musicians whilst sipping on a pitcher of first-rate champagne or one of the smaller extra non-public operators. perhaps you have a special request for the numbers on board, catering or decor options can all be tailored to your liking. For honeymooners who need to revel in a genuinely memorable night with the detail of romance high at the timetable, this precise activity is sure to be a hit.

  1. Trek For The Surreal Sunrise

Trek For The Surreal Sunrise - best things to do in bali

For the ones more adventurous couples, hike one in all Bali’s mountains. Whether or not it’s miles the Mount Batur, a bit smaller for beginners, or the biggest mountain in Bali “GunungAgung” (this means that, large Mountain), none will regret this activity. The adventure starts a few hours after middle of the night, and you finish your hike at the pinnacle with the sun simply waking up. Remember, even Bali receives cool at the pinnacle of a mountain. The mountain is surrounded by the pixie dirt of clouds and the temperature takes a drop while the sun rises from in the back of the peaks leaving the hues of colours in the sky.

  1.  Learn the Culture at GWK &Uluwatu Temple

GWK-Uluwatu Temple

For the one’s couples seeking to immerse themselves in the Balinese culture, why not take a journey South of Kuta? Go to Bali Cultural Park, domestically known as Garuda WisnuKencana or GWK. once inner, you could examine a number of Balinese Traditions and take a look at the schedule for whilst the next dance is on within the arena. Then sit lower back and revel in the spectacles of lovely Balinese ladies and masks-clad men, performing their conventional dances.

Maintain your experience south and head to Uluwatu Monkey Temple alongside the southern cliffs of Bali. once there, you may analyze greater approximately the tradition, watch the traditional Kecak display and pass a bit in addition to find a restaurant to revel in the view of sunset over the southern ocean at the same time as you experience a few nearby cuisines.

  1. Rekindle Your Romance In Gili Islands

Rekindle Your Romance In Gili Islands - things to in bali

Gili Islands certainly ought to be precisely what the first honeymooners ever had in thoughts. Nestled at the Northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia, it’s for the group of three small islets GiliTrawangan, GiliMeno and Gili Air, each one in all them extremely beautiful and provides the romantic ambiance for couples. And to keep the romance intact, the islands provide the appropriate mixture of vintage charm along with the modern-day amenities. The Gili Island offers a really perfect romantic set-up for the lovebirds in which you could walk across the island witnessing the shimmering white sand beaches and the clear blue waters of the sea. The exclusive function of this island is that there aren’t any motor automobiles at the island. The simplest way of delivery is horse carts which are restricted in quantity. You could make your live on the beach resorts on the Gili meant for romantic couples and enjoy the nightlife as properly.

  1. Plan An Ideal Romantic Date – Best Things to do in Bali in Night

Plan An Ideal Romantic Date - t

If you have ever puzzled what a perfect date might be like, you can enjoy that proper here in Bali. You can book for yourself a desk at your resort for a candlelight dinner overlooking the sea. However, do you fancy a dinner date at the beach itself? If yes, JambuluwukOceano hotel could be an appropriate place for you where you can get yourself a romantic setup at the seashore amidst the water of the ocean on the shore. A bottle of wine and a few delicious seafood and you’re all finished to woo your accomplice with an appropriate romantic date.

  1. Pamper Yourself At The Beaches Of Bali

Pamper Yourself At The Beaches Of Bali

In case you assume Bali is handiest calm, serene and tranquil, you’re in for a kickass marvel! Events here are the wildest they could ever get. There may be no combination like that of the beach and the light. It is usually wise to hit a cool, beachy destination within the summer season and absorb the sun. Bali offers this delight to couples and is an ideal honeymoon getaway spot. It gives a variety of accommodation alternatives depending in your budget, so there may be something for every person. Dreamland seaside, Canggu beach, Padang beach, PasirPutah(white sand seashore), Jimbaran bay are a number of the maximum pristine beaches of Bali.

  1. Watch Dolphins At The Lovina Beach

Watch Dolphins At The Lovina Beach - best things to do in bali

What might be more romantic than looking dolphins with your companion? Take a bit romance and geographical region living along with your partner at Lovina beach. It is a totally famous beach located in the north a part of Bali. You could experience early morning dolphin display here and believe us, there may be nothing that can be as compared to the feeling of looking many of dolphins collectively complimented by means of the maximum splendid dawn. Simply make it there at the break of the sunrise. Other than looking this enthralling view, you could additionally enjoy your breakfast at the beach even as taking note of stay track. this could be your ideal honeymoon retreat we bet!

  1. Make Your Trail To The Mesmerizing Waterfalls

Make Your Trail To The Mesmerizing Waterfalls

If you can’t feel the romance in Lovina Beach, you should make your trail to the mesmerizing waterfalls of Bali. Waterfalls in Bali is an everything a romantic getaway location could be. We’re saying this because you have to walk through dense jungles, climb over rocks and cross rivers to finally find the stunning spectacles. The falls are decorated with rainbows on the top and intense green trees on the sides. Plunge in and feel the water bubble and ripple near your skin. Git Git waterfalls is one which is easily accessible by roads. Sekumpul waterfall is the most beautiful of the waterfalls in Bali, with actually seven falls each spilling different amount of water. So, if you want to feel like you’re in a scene out of a romantic movie, head over to amazing waterfalls of Bali and feel incredible in tune with both nature as well as your loved one.

  1. Explore The Heartland Of Bali – Ubud

Explore The Heartland Of Bali - Ubud

If you’re a couple who would not mind getting engaged to the Balinese culture and lifestyle than a bike tour through Ubud countryside during sunset or sunrise is a famous thing to do on your Bali honeymoon. From vivid green rice terraces, rustic villages to the scenic hills, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud are one of the many beautiful spots to pose romantically with a stunning sunset as the backdrop.

13.Experience World Class Diving – Best Things to Do in Bali 

Experience World Class Diving - fun things to do in bali

Don’t miss to take out your swimming dress and go for a diving hour on your honeymoon getaway in Bali. Nowhere else inside the global will you discover diving just like the one done in Bali. Accomplished within the coral triangle, an area of the Pacific Ocean, you may stumble upon seventy six percentage of all of the global’s recognised coral species and up to 2000 species of reef fish. Bali is the go-to vicinity in case you stay for adventure and the adrenaline rush that it offers you. Bali has a number of activities to offer to the couples like cycling, free diving, snorkeling, kayaking and off-road adventures like ATV. Sounds quite thrilling, right?

  1. Indulge In Shopping Therapy In Bali

Indulge In Shopping Therapy In Bali

If happiness is a goal – and it should be, then shopping should be a priority. Wouldn’t you agree? Give your sweetheart the surprise of his/her life when you visit Bali. Bali is a shopaholic’s wonderland with trendy stores, massage parlors, money changers 24*7 and multi-cuisine food joints. Yes, this ‘foreign’ land compels you to explore much of its local street culture. A narrow road comprising of vendors with stall-cum-shops selling all kinds of things from sunglasses and bikinis to the DVDs of your favorite movies, high end designer boutiques from leather bags and boots to paintings, and a lot more. Bali shopping street knows the best to spend some serious cash! Wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Visit Ubud Monkey Forest

visit Ubud Monkey forest

Home to the cheekiest monkeys in the world (and no, I’m not referring to the crazy Aussie tourists), the Ubud Monkey Forest is a favourite for those wanting to get up close and personal with these apes. Be warned though- secure all your loose items before coming here. These monkeys like to steal cameras, earrings, water bottles, basically anything they can get their cute little hands on!

If you both are an animal lover like me, then this activity will be at the top of your honeymoon bucket list!  This protected forest is home to tons of monkeys that are just waiting for you to feed them bananas.  You’ll get to see these banana-lovers up close and even interact with them.  If you’re looking for your fill of ‘monkeying around’ (terrible pun, totally intended) then this is the place you need to be! In addition to your access to almost 700 monkeys, your entrance fee allows you to explore three temples and the lush forest.

  1. Calm Your Mind With Some Yoga

Calm Your Mind With Some Yoga

Bali is a yoga enthusiast in heaven. you experience the spirituality the minute you land in Bali. Locating an area with top yoga or brilliant meditation classes is simple in Bali and there are such a lot of versions that you’ll want to live even longer. This beautiful island has no lack of calm green spots for you to be one with nature making it one of the worlds favorite yoga spots. Must visit places for tourists are Ubud and Canggu. Make sure you’ll fully recharge before you board the plane back home from your honeymoon.

  1. Rent A Scooter Or Bike And Explore The Local Area

Rent A Scooter Or Bike And Explore The Local Area - best things to do in bali

Getting around in Bali is especially smooth with your soulmate and come across something unexpected at some point of your go-to with all of the stunning sceneries. To make it even simpler, hire a scooter for around $5 a day. The big streets and the roads outside of the villages and towns are really good to drive. There it is really much fun to drive around in the nice weather feeling the breeze and experience the landscape really close. We advise you to explore in an around Bali with your partner to see what the island of gods has to offer.

  1. Eye-Catching Villas & Resorts Make A Splash In Bali

Eye-Catching Villas & Resorts Make A Splash In Bali

30-minute welcome massage, breakfast and afternoon tea served in your own villa? Who wouldn’t want that right away? Water villas and honeymoon go perfectly together, and many couple dream of staying in one during their unforgettable trip of their lifetime. The Bali Island surely offers a deliciously large number of luxurious paradise resorts with panoramic view. The Bali has over 50 different private-island resorts that feature villas hotels with the private pool. These places also have stylish sunbeds and infinity pools which stretch out to one or the other beach. Bali hotels are the perfect place to come if you value your privacy. Words can’t do it justice, but a picture might.

  1. Preserve Your Favorite Moments Of Honeymoon With A Professional Couple Photoshoot

Professional Couple Photoshoot

Certain you’re going to make loads of memories along with your partner, but won’t it’s higher if you could show off to your family and buddies? You’ll see a number of the maximum lovely and romantic locations in Bali. Do tacky couple poses right here or get a few candid pictures completed through hiring a professional photographer. Select any day at some stage in your journey and the photographer will travel along with you. the sector is certain to go inexperienced!

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  1.  Cave Dinner At Samabe Resorts

Cave Dinner At Samabe Resorts - best

For those with a extra subtle flavor, opt for this particular quality eating experience instead. By using combining the exquisiteness of Haute delicacies with natural out of doors beauty, Samabe Resort gives an unusual revel in of a romantic dinner interior an evidently formed cave. Tucked away so blissfully from the outside global with no interference, the cave is a great setting for a dinner for 2. The pathway that ends in the cave is so beautifully adorned it’ll nearly make you sense sorry for stepping on it. distinct torch stands are guiding you via the route, with plenty of decorations and plant life peppered along the manner. those vegetation can be fashioned into shapes or words of your request.

  1. Make Your Getaway Romantic In Kuta

Make Your Getaway Romantic In Kuta - best bali

The party capital of Bali, Kuta is positioned within the southern a part of the island. Few years ago, a small fishing village, Kuta nowadays is bustling with nightlife, pubs and bars along the beautiful sandy beaches. Kuta is likewise one of the pleasant shopping districts in Bali, and you can get handicrafts, souvenirs, add-ons and garments from the local shops. It is the right region for you and your partner to allow your hair down and indulge in an unforgettable night time. It’s miles a additionally amazing region if you would really like to indulge in water sports activities sports with your partner.

How many of these bucket list ideas do you want to compete with your significant other? Let us know in comment section below. And if you feel want to find a place where you can share beautiful memories with your lover, book a flight to Bali and start your dreamy journey with our list of things to do in Bali on your honeymoon. For the best deals, visit our website and browse Bali Honeymoon Tour Packages.

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