13 Awesome Things to Do in Rajasthan During Summer to Spring

Things to Do in Rajasthan
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Replace a holiday in Venice with the shimmering lake networks of Udaipur. Forget about the blue city of Chefchaouen in Morocco with Jodhpur blue colour lanes. Find the golden camels roaming in the golden dunes of Thar Desert. Replace the wildlife of the Sahara Desert with Ranthambore National Park Safari. And who can resist the royalty of staying in the heritage Havelis that are now turned into luxe properties for leisure travellers?

Such is the charm of things to do in Rajasthan that Elizabeth Hurley, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, and our very own desi girl – Priyanka Chopra tied a knot. And yes, ditch the most Instagrammable cities over the pink vibrancy of Jaipur, which is a UNESCO World Heritage city.

Take less than 10 minutes of your time to broaden your knowledge about the top things to do in Rajasthan and within its tourists’ attractions. Let’s dive in!

13 Best Things to do in Rajasthan for Your Romantic Trip

1. Admire the Murals at Beautiful Havelis in Shekhawati

Havelis in Shekhawati Rajasthan

Explore the charming town of Mandawa that sits at the heart of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Here you can tour the impressive Havelis and marvel at the historical architecture. The Havelis are decorated with frescoes and have large courtyards to wander. The best part of Havelis here is they are unspoiled and still in the best condition. If you have an appetite for the Haveli trips near Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner, plan a road trip to Mandawa and Shekhawati. Spring (March-April) to summer (May-June), you can embark on the haveli day trips without the concern of scorching sun.

2. Attend Music Festival in Rajasthan

Music Festival in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is all about royalty, culture, camel, sand dunes, local folk music. Since it has Aravails hills and the Thar Desert setting, you can find the different tastes of Rajasthan in Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jaisalmer. Attend the music festivals in Rajasthan to paint yourself in the cultural blanket of India’s largest state. There are different music festivals held in Rajasthan annually. For instance, Mewar Festival highlights Udaipur travel during spring, Kite Festival in Pink City during January, Pushkar Camel Fair during August are some of the must-attend festivals in Rajasthan. All the festivals of Rajasthan are centred around providing the cultural highlight of the royal state in full throttle.

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3. Witness Sunset from Heights at Udaipur

Sunset  at Udaipur

Udaipur in Rajasthan is known for royal heritage properties, and some of them have a rooftop setting for tourists. Choose from holidaying at Oberoi Udaivilas, Fateh Sagar Resort, Taj Lake Palace to witness sunsets like heydays queens and kings of Udaipur. End your evening sipping the local Rajasthani drink and watch the city life of Rajasthan beneath you! You can indulge in this activity in Rajasthan all year round. If you have someone with whom you want to enjoy happy moments, take them to Udaipur during any festive season to witness Udaipur in full glory.

4. Search for Royal Bengal Tiger in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur district was once the hunting playground of royal members of the Jaipur kingdom. In today’s time, Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places to witness the Royal Bengal Tiger in their natural habitat. This tiger reserve in Rajasthan is a fantastic place for wildlife photographers. You can explore the national park on a jeep, canter, safaris during winter, summer, and post-monsoon. The hill forts inside the Ranthambore National Park constitute UNESCO Heritage Forts of Rajasthan.

5. Walk A Few Steps from Mehrangarh Fort for Zip Lining

Mehrangarh Fort for Zip Lining

Glide over the gigantic Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur when you zip line and behold stunning vistas of Blue City like an eagle soaring above the blue clouds. Also called Flying Fox, zip-lining at the back of Mehrangarh Fort allows tourists to come across the sweeping views of the two desert lakes and the Rao Jodha Eco Park. Thrill-seekers can choose a zip line from 6 types, each with a distinct height. For instance, the minimum and maximum height of zipping lining at Mehrangarh Fort are approximately 70 m – 300 m. It is advised to book your slot in advance, which starts at INR 1,500 onwards per person.

6. Taste and Learn to Make Authentic Rajasthani Food

Rajasthani Food

One must savour the lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine like Daal Baati Churma, Pitod ki Sabzi, etc. But you must also visit the local villages of Rajasthan to learn how to make the same Rajasthani food at your home. Gain some hands-on experience at Mandawa, Khuri, Khimsar Village about the same activity. Also, the heritage hotels in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur offer first-class cooking excursions within their traditionally themed settings.

7. Explore the Fortified Desert City of Jaisalmer

jaisalmer desert

Located at the heart of the golden Thar Desert, Jaisalmer has its mention. It is one of the most stunning cities of Rajasthan dating back to the 12 century and was once the silk trading route. There is one UNESCO Heritage Site, Jaisalmer Fort – India’s only living fort protected by 30 metres walls. For tourists, there are intricate to explore, temples to visit, camel safari in sand dunes followed by a night camping in winters.

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8. Star Gazing in the Sand Dunes

Star Gazing in the Sand Dunes

The whole winter from November to February is a great time for stargazing in Rajasthan. It will come as a surprise to you, but Rajasthan is one of the best places in India for stargazing. If you are looking for dozens of romantic activities to do in Rajasthan in February, book your stay at the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Bikaner. Imagine the cluster of stars racing above your head, and you are with your valentines witnessing the sky full of stars after Rajasthani folk music and bonfire.

9. Pedal through the Cobbled Streets of Udaipur

Cobbled Streets of Udaipur

Join the cycling trip to Udaipur that takes you through the temples, ghats, spice markets, and vegetable markets. Find the Instagrammable corner and click those pictures featuring the cobbled streets of Udaipur on a cycling excursion. Udaipur town has excellent pedal routes, and one can enjoy cycling in Udaipur with kids early in the morning.

10. Unearth the Craft Heritage History from Jaipur’s Bazaars

Jaipurs Bazaars

Buy some antique arts and crafts from local markets in Jaipur. In the heydays, Jaipur was the prime space for the craftsmen and artisans, and one can find the traditions till now at the various parts of Jaipur. If you want to witness the artistic heritage of Jaipur, apart from its pink hues, visit the Old City of Jaipur and attend the bangle-making workshop. You will find gemstone traders, foil makers, and camel dress weavers from a distinct region of Rajasthan under one roof!

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11. Meet Ancient Tribal Communities of Rajasthan

Tribal Communities of Rajasthan

If you are amongst those people who like to breathe the taste of the place you visit, then this activity to do in Rajasthan is for you! Meet the ancient tribes of Rajasthan that reside in villages and follow the centuries-old tradition within their communities. The distinguishable feature of tribal communities of Rajasthan is their rules manifestations. Some of the tribes are very protective about animal hunting, while the others are after protecting the environment and the culture of Rajasthan, which is vastly affected by commercialization.

12. Wish for Something You Really Want at Ajmer Dargah

Ajmer Dargah

Rajasthan is home to India’s most praised pilgrimage site, Ajmer Sharif Dargah. If someone wishes something from all their heart, the wish turns out to be true at Ajmer Dargah. It is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Rajasthan, which is often visited by Bollywood celebs too! Irrespective of the religion, Ajmer Sharif Dargah is throng by millions of tourists annually.

12. Get Close to Nature at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary


Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is an ornithologist paradise and is an excellent place to spot migratory birds during winters, post-monsoon, early summer. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is an excellent place for nature walks and safari excursions with parents and kids. One can see the best experiences in quest of things to do in Rajasthan at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary all the year-round. You can explore the park on a bicycle, safari, and walking excursion too!

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