5 Reasons That Will Convince You To Visit Bangkok Right Now!

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If you are planning to go on an international honeymoon trip, the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok could be your best selection for a blissful romantic affair. Wondering why? It is because this town has its own charm.

With endless man-made attractions, scenic landscape beauty, Buddhist Temples, thrilling nightlife, Bangkok is getting highly popular amongst the honeymoon couples, and here are a few reasons that will raise your interests to opt Bangkok honeymoon packages.

1. Savour Romantic Dinner Cruise At Chao Phraya River

The best way to indulge in the Bangkok’s life is to take a road less traveled a savor a romantic dinner cruise at the Chao Phraya River, instead of opting for a usual dinner experience at the restaurants. Chao Phraya River is a fringe man-made marvel which you will definitely like visiting.

Best For: Couples who want an intimidating experience should fix their romantic evenings by performing a dinner cruise at Chao Phraya River.

Timings & Price: The best time for dinner cruise is between 7 pm to 9 pm, and you will have to drop around 780 Baht per head for a romantic cruise.

2. Revitalize Your Mind and Body With Pampering Spa Treatments


It is no doubt that the whole of Bangkok is pretty famous for its spa treatments. Whether bachelors or couples, this thrilling town of Thailand is sure a place to get your mind and body revitalized. Many of the hotels in Bangkok have exotic spa treatments facilities for couples inside the hotel itself.

Best Aspects Of Couple Massage: For the internal deeper connection with you and your spouse, a relaxing couple massage together on your Bangkok honeymoon is unique things to do in Bangkok.

Costs: Expect to pay a minimum of 400 Baht for the spa seasons.

3. Watch out The Marine Creatures At Siam Ocean World


If you visit Siam Ocean World on your Bangkok honeymoon trip, which is located in Siam Paragon, you will locate Siam Ocean World is a place to watch the huge variety of marine creatures in a total volume of around 5000,000 liters of waters.

Best For – This place rewards couples with a close encounter of the underwater sea life, since glass bottom boat ride, dive with sharks, long glass tunnel walking witnessing the sharks, are a few adventures Siam Ocean World offers to tourists.

Timing & Price – You can marvel the underwater marine world between 10 am to 9 pm, that too, with only paying over 490 Baht per head. Don’t miss this activity!

4. Scale The Marvellous Temples Together


The temples in Thailand has a wonderful history, and each of the temples here has its own significance in the promotion of Thailand tourism. Scale down the marvelous temples holding hands in hands with your spouse.

Why Temples Tour On Honeymoon Trip – Because you can’t neglect the natural powers of Ayutthaya Temples, which is tucked approx 2.5 hours away from Bangkok mainland. Ayutthaya is an ancient capital of Thailand and is a place to make divine marriage prayers.

Tip – Ayutthaya is a series of temples like Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit,  Wat Mahathat, and each of the shrines has a specific entrance fee. Make sure to ask your honeymoon vacation planner to give you the clear idea of how many Ayutthaya temples you are going to visit.

5. Go Local In Bangkok By Riding A Tuk Tuk Ride

Bangkok By Riding A Tuk Tuk Ride
Bangkok By Riding A Tuk Tuk Ride

If you and your romantic partner want to scale the streets, traditional markets, temples, local food stalls, then Tuk Tuk Ride is an activity that will thrill you on your Bangkok vacations. From admiring the architectural brilliance to late night shopping, this ride will whizz your soul, and you will love the whole experience.

Advice – Before taking a Thailand honeymoon package, make sure to confirm whether your honeymoon vacation planner company has included the 4 hours evening Tuk Tuk Ride in your Bangkok itinerary or not.

Cost – Ride this exotic experience at a starting price of 1300 Baht.

Romantic & Important Tips For Bangkok Honeymoon

  • Give Bangkok atleast one week for your charismatic honeymoon, since there are myriad of leisure activities to perform in Thailand.
  • A few of which are a visit to Madame Tussauds Museum, romantic strolling at Lumpini Park, and a tour of the floating market in Bangkok.

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