9 Best Places for Scuba Diving in Goa

scuba diving in goa
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Goa is fast becoming a popular scuba diving hub among underwater adventure enthusiasts in India. You might be fascinated by the beaches of Goa, but there’s a huge marine world that’s waiting to get explored by you. Goa offers numerous places to get indulged in Scuba diving, which is among the most exotic adventure. Scuba diving in Goa will not only captivate you but also will create a lot of cherished memories.  The shallow waters around the islands in Goa are ideal for scuba diving.

So, in case, if you plan a trip to Goa, make sure you get indulged in Scuba diving and have an amazing underwater experience. Beneath we have mentioned the best places for scuba diving in Goa:

List of 9 Top Places in Goa for Scuba Diving

  • Grande Island
  • Sao Gorge Island
  • Sail Rock
  • Uma Guva Reef
  • Malvan Island
  • Nagoa
  • Calangute Beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Lobster Avenue

Grande Island

Grande Island

Grande Island is one of the most famous places in Goa for underwater Scuba adventures. The island is located in South Goa, and people from different parts of the world come to this place to observe the stunning underwater marine life, corals, and reefs. The divers and their instructors reach Grande Island via a boat from the nearest beach – Bogmalo Beach to start with scuba diving. Here one can enjoy scuba diving as the island has enough shallow waters for newbies and first-time divers.

Sao Gorge Island

Sao Gorge Island goa

Situated almost 25 km from Goa, this beautiful Island can be reached in just one and a half hours by boat. Gorge Island is the ideal place due to shallow dives, varying from 4 meters – 15 meters. This ultimate diving destination is majestic and you can see an abundant underwater world of hard corals and numerous fishes here. The visibility around the Island varies from 10 meters to just a few feet.

Sail Rock

Sail Rock goa

Situated just 1 km from Grande Island, Sail Rock is a rock pinnacle jutting out of the surface of the sea. Diving off the rock pinnacle and exploring the underwater world of aquatic life is so much thriving. Here one can see bigger fishes like Giant Barracuda, Tuna, Sharks, Eagle Rays, and Red Snapper. The sloping walls are home to smaller fish such as Moorish Idols, Bannerfish, Blue Ringed Angelfish, and Yellowtail Snappers. The depth at the site varies from 8 to 24 meters. Due to strong undercurrents in the depths, diving in this site is recommended to expert scuba divers.

Uma Guva Reef

Uma Guva Reef

Uma Guva Reef has diving sites varying from 6 meters to 12 meters. Here one can explore a wide variety of colorful tunas, sharks, turtles, and even snappers while enjoying this adventure. The place is surrounded by clean waters, and a variety of ocean fauna, making it the best place for scuba diving in Goa.

Here the divers get a chance to swim with barracuda, tuna, big groupers, parrotfish, anglerfish, surgeonfish, triggerfish, angelfish, porcupine fish, etc.

Malvan Island

Malvan Island goa

Mavlan Island is another popular place for scuba diving which is becoming an extremely popular destination among divers near Goa. The island is located two hours’ drive from Goa airport and presents an opportunity to explore the calm seasides with lush-green backwoods. Though away from the hustle-bustle of city’s life, it provides the serenity and calmness a traveler look at. The crystal clear waters and peaceful waves at Malvan make it an ideal place to explore panfish, colorful corals, clams, lobster, and many other exotic marine animals. The best time to do scuba diving here is from October to April.

The underwater world is fascinating and experiencing it on one of the most preferred beaches for scuba diving in Goa.


nagoa beach

Nagoa is a fascinating place for amateur and expert scuba divers in Goa. The main reason for the popularity of this for scuba diving is its visibility in the depths, which let divers catch the extraneous varieties of exotic fish. Nagoa is almost 17 kilometers away from the famous Vasco Da Gama and the best time to do scuba dive is from October to May. On average, the cost per person for diving here is almost INR 5000.

In Nagoa, the divers can embark on an underwater dive of up to 25 feet. In addition, the coral reefs and gorgeous marine presence offer an amazing scuba diving experience. Nagoa is an enthralling destination for both fresher’s and experienced scuba divers in Goa.

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa mainly due to hosting so many water activities here. The beach is also famous for scuba diving and the coral and other underwater animals here will give you a truly mesmerizing experience. You can also catch a glimpse of dolphins at this location. The dive is assisted by professional divers and adequate safety equipment. Students are provided proper training in diving along with certification. Other water sports activities to get engaged here include kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, etc.

Since there are numerous diving schools here, so the prices slightly differ from each other, but the appropriate price is almost INR 3000/-.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach

Indeed Baga Beach is one of the most happening beaches of Goa, which host many adventure sports activities for all sorts of travelers. For scuba diving, there are a few spots around this beach that are really preferable for scuba diving. If you are a first-time diver, you can try scuba diving here as it is the safest place in Goa to explore the never seen underwater world.

Here the divers will be equipped with proper scuba diving gear and trained experts, who will make your dive a safe experience.

Lobster Avenue

Lobster Avenue goa

Lobster Avenue is a rocky underwater place popular for its white sand stretches. Here you can see a lot of lobsters living under the calm waters. Also, the water is are calm with very less undercurrents, due to which is liked by many divers. If you see some rocky bottom, you need to look around the rocks to find the hidden colorful exotic marine creatures. The depth is low, almost 10 meters, which is ideal for new divers. Some of the popular fish and lobsters one can see while diving here includes Sergeant Majors, Flounders Groupers Turtles, Reef Rays, and many more.

Some useful Scuba Diving Tips

  • Do scuba diving in the right season only. Scuba diving is not done in the monsoon season.
  • Make sure you had a proper health checkup done before starting this adventure. Also, make sure you are not allergic as it might make your scuba diving difficult.
  • Do not immediately go into the water even if there’s the slightest chance of a weather anomaly.
  • Book a scuba diving tour through a certified and verified operator only and listen to all the instructions carefully.
  • Use the latest and quality equipment while going for diving.
  • When you are underwater, do not touch anything or drift anywhere and listen to your instructor’s instructions.


Scuba diving in Goa itself is a memorable experience for all divers. Besides being a thrilling water sport, scuba diving gives you peace of mind. So, explore the underwater world by escaping towards the best places for scuba diving in Goa during your Goa vacation.

FAQs About Best Scuba Diving Spots in Goa

Is Scuba diving considered safe in Goa?

Yes, Scuba diving is completely safe in Goa and is assisted by PADI-certified diving instructors. Scuba diving is safer in Goa is safer as compared to other locations as Goa beaches and islands are shallow and with low undercurrents.

What is the cost of scuba diving in Goa?

The scuba diving cost varies from location to location in Goa. But on average, the cost of scuba diving starts from INR 1500/- and might go up to INR 5000/- at famous places.

What is the best time to do Scuba Diving in Goa?

The most preferred months for scuba diving in Goa are from October to April. Since undercurrent and waves could be high during monsoons, so scuba diving is not carried out during the monsoon season.

I don’t know about swimming, can I do scuba diving in Goa?

Yes the places with shallow depths and low undercurrents, are ideal even for non-swimmers.

Which place is best for scuba diving in south Goa?

Grand Island in South Goa is the best place for indulging in scuba diving because of its shallow and clear waters. This beautiful beach is an ideal destination for scuba dive and exploring aquatic creatures.

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