Top 10 Places to Visit This Diwali

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Would you like to set a new trend by means of celebrating Diwali with the most mindful feeling called travel? Wants to get rid away with singleness that goes along in your monotonous life even though having a romantic partner? Well, this Diwali, raise your imaginary collar and embark on a trip of your sweetheart’s choice and enlighten your Diwali in style. Get your gangs of wanderer the gift of travel and ask them also to have fun this Diwali with enriching stories making experiences.

So, all you peep out there, are you ready to get the scoop of travelling this Diwali? If you haven’t considered this idea earlier before, then your romantic heart will pound faster after reading this blog on Where to Visit This Diwali.

Honeymoon Bug is wishing you Happy Diwali in advance and giving you plenty of reasons and blueprint of places to visit in this festival of lights. We mapped out a few of life transformative places where you would feel sorted. So, pen down a promissory note picks any of these destinations to visit this Diwali.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Diwali

  1. Kerala

To begin with, we want you to rethink about God’s Own Country – Kerala for this Diwali if you have made a skip to this destination earlier before. Why? We want you to answer why not Kerala? Cushioned in the southern state, Kerala is a honeymooner’s paradise for all the right reasons. From oozing out the tranquil air and backwaters of Alleppey to walking hand in at Munnar tea gardens hills, Kerala is worth a visit this Diwali if you want to flaunt Diwali in style. And with wedding seasons have started, Kerala could be your go to the destination to ignite the flame of romance.

2. Varanasi

Locals have known Varanasi as The Spiritual Capital Of India for a reason. It’s a magical paradise that gets more magical in the festival of Diwali. Wondering why? With its glitzy lightning and image of celebrating the festival of lights at fortnight. When you’re on your trip to Varanasi, you’ll discover that in the Varanasi, the grand ritual of Diwali is celebrated with the full heart where priests and devotees gather at Ravidas Ghat and Raj Ghat. This 3800 old year city is fascinating to visit this Diwali. We suggest you not to miss Ganga Mahotsav, which is celebrated on the bank of river Ganga. Many tourists flock at this Mahotsav on every Diwali.

3. Golden Temple (Amritsar)

Hey Delhizens, take the full advantage of living in the heart of Delhi from where the shimmering Golden Temple is 500 km. Now you may be wondering the reasons to visit Golden Temple. Our dearly beloved Golden Temple glitter a little bit more than any other place. The reason is the Sikh celebrate the return of Guru Hargobind Singh from Mughal dynasty. This pilgrimage is highly suggested to visit this Diwali. With thousands of lightning and unique fireworks, Amritsar should be on your bucket list this Diwali.

4. Coorg – Karnataka

If you’re a frequent traveller and want to visit your favourite international destination, then we advise you to skip the place you’re planning to visit and this Diwali takes a break from your monotonous life and head to Coorg. Locals called Coorg ‘The Scotland Of India and are positioned in Karnataka. From the famous tea plantations to the pristine waterfalls and thrilling wildlife, your Coorg holidays would help you to relish the bounties of nature and also give you the opportunity to take up some nerve-wracking adventures to help you rejuvenate. So, make your bookings to Coorg with our vivid Coorg tour package and head on over!

5. Goa

Mainly has an image of being a party paradise, Goa is a lot more than you think. The perfect getaway in Diwali, Goa will blow your mind with its beach parties during Diwali. The hundreds of Portuguese buildings in Goa that are photogenic also to envy your Instagram followers are waiting to be discovered. Choose to celebrate Diwali with, carefree attitude with our Goa tour package. To add more charm to your Diwali getaway in Goa, we advise you to visit Dudsagar waterfalls also.

6. Sikkim

Take a quick trip to Sikkim and let the old memories waiting and cherish your Diwali getaway with your romantic partner in the land of mystique – Sikkim. A 5-day tour package is the best way to experience this natural wonder. Enveloped by the soaring Himalayas, Sikkim is the perfect amalgamation of peace and serenity. With its lush emerald valleys, glistening lakes and snow-capped mountains, Sikkim makes you fall in love with itself at first sight. One of the romantic retreats of Sikkim is – the destination is popular for its nature walks, pilgrimage sites, and adventure activities.

Recommendation: Walk the local streets of Sikkim in your journey to Sikkim and study the interesting tale why in Sikkim, Diwali is well known within the name of “Tihar”. Blow away your mind with the glittering lightning of lamps. Indulge inside the Diwali celebration with the locals and celebrate Diwali in a unique style.

7. Dharamshala – Himachal Pradesh

What could be better than celebrating the festival of lights in the palatial, beautiful town of Dharamshala – away from the pollution of the city? Absolutely nothing! And that’s why you need to head to Dharamshala for some luxe time as this place is surrounded by snowy peaks. On your Diwali getaway to Dharamshala, options are many to celebrate Diwali in style. From camping to trekking to visiting Tibetan market, you’ll love your visit to this pictorial town.

8. Ladakh

How about filling your dream to visit Ladakh this Diwali that too with your sweetheart? Raise your imaginary collars and head to Ladakh this Diwali for a blissful snowy affair. From mountain biking on the slopes to experience luxury at Saboo Resorts in Saboo village to go for shopping in Leh market and collect some souvenirs and try some delicious local cuisines, a bike trip to Ladakh will make your experience worthwhile.

9. Udaipur – Rajasthan

Not interested in bursting crackers? How about the idea of celebrating Diwali in the most romantic city of India? The grandeur of love – Udaipur shines like a bright star in the sky. This you’ll observe when you’ll take the very first step in Udaipur. The royal palaces, extraordinary gardens and delightful lakes of Udaipur is a deal with to the eyes in any month of the year. Diwali is certainly unique due to the fact the complete city is jewelled with lighting, fantastic decorations and greater. You could take an excursion to the vivacious Forts that talk of chivalry and bravado.

Advice: The town palace is a should go to at some point of the competition as it glistens and shines like a bride decorated with astonishing lights, stunning crafty decorations, and fancy colourful lamps. The Lake Palace also welcomes its site visitors with suitable views.

10.  Manali

On the pinnacle of our list is the honeymoon capital of India – Manali, the dream spot for all college gangs, the paradise for those with journey burning of their hearts and the only ideal stop to find serenity inside the stunning lap of Himalayas. The towering peaks of Rohtang pass protected within the blanket of snow is a coronary heart stealer any time of the year. All through Diwali, it’s simply greater unique due to the fact you get to get away the hustles and bustles of the town, the noise of the crackers and deafening chaos of the marketplace.

Advice: Discover the vintage Manali cafes, the frenzy of hiking and following the map to find new untouched points of the Himachal hills. Spending Diwali in Himachal could be a one in all a kind enjoy which you simply can not pass over.

So, guys, just let yourself on dream mode and get connected to any of these places to celebrate Diwali. Check out our honeymoon tour package section to avail special discounts. Believe us, this won’t take you more than a click. Happy Diwali folks!

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