5 Best Treks in Sikkim: To Behold Nature at Its Best

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Sikkim is the most satisfying place for all of your traveling needs. This paradise for tourists is located in the heart of beautiful Himalayas and is bordering with China to the north, Bhutan into the south, and Nepal to the west. Sikkim is famous for its enchanting lofty mountains, pristine lakes, divine monasteries, gorgeously green valleys, and the majestic Kanchenjunga peaks. This gratifying place is home to over 4000 types of wildflowers, trees, and orchids too, which makes it the very best place to see in India for nature lovers.

Aside from the greenery, lakes, and mountains for which you all know Sikkim, a very few of you knows that Sikkim is also a place to go for your trekking fun. The place is merely heaven for trekkers, and is a must visit alternative of Himachal if you would like to enjoy the freshness in breeze and quiet in the wilderness because it is something that trekkers enjoy throughout their trekking. Isn’t that right?

Are you ready to soak some hair growing perspectives of this snow-clad surroundings? Because this gorgeous region in northeast India is filled with adrenaline-fueled treks. If you want to bring extra excitement to your Sikkim vacations, head directly to the below-mentioned treks in Sikkim to behold the nature at it’s finest! And, thanks later!

  1. Goecha La Trek

Laden and careening with a walking trail into the rhododendron, pine woods and oak trees, Goecha La Trek is among the best treks in Sikkim that’s notorious for providing tourists the 360 degrees views of their royal Kanchenjunga peaks with additional mountain vistas. Tourists who give an attempt to trek Goechala Trek encounter only the vibrant wildlife an infrequent flora and fauna during their trekking.

Goecha La  Trek

Why Go – This really is about 4,939 meters high in elevation and is a must visit if you would like to check your adrenaline. On the other hand, the tiny beautiful Samiti Lake is nevertheless, other components that induce average level trekkers to reach Goecha La Trek.

Trekkers during their travel can avail the advantage of camping beneath the zillions of stars with a bonfire pleasure with all the buddies. You’ll also find out a couple of waterfalls between your Goechala 11 day trekking.

Tip – You can go to Goechala Trek in 2 phases. One is from March to April, and another one is from September to January. The former length will amaze you with all the beautiful flowers sprinkled on your path, although the latter duration will reward you with all the snow blanketed throughout your trekking.

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2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Quite, enjoyable and intriguing. These are the components that explain how tourists enjoy their trekking experience on Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is your most restrict testing treks in Sikkim that demands serious fitness. From river crossing to swimming, from hiking to camping, this trek has everything to fuel your adrenaline hunger.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Why Go – This trek is located in 5,086 meters altitude, and is harder than the above-mentioned trek. So, if you are a professional trekker having extensive experience in trekking trails that are challenging, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is the kind of trekking place in Sikkim.

Chances are high you will visit Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek with 2 to 3 friends but develop a major gang of the like-minded wanderers. If you pass on the scale of testing your endurance, you will be rewarded by the myriad kinds of birds as the road passes by the Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve, lush green meadows and mystic pastures.

Suggestion – With two best time to visit, one is from March to May, and the alternative is from September to November, you can tick Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek in your Sikkim tour package.

3. Varsey Trek

Among the finest treks in Sikkim for amateurs, Varsey Trek is nestled close to the boundary of India and Nepal. Assessing the Varsey Trek in Sikkim itinerary would be the newest alternative frequent travellers or trekkers can stumble upon since it isn’t known from the mass tourism in Sikkim. The Varsey Trek is situated at an altitude of 10039 ft.

Varsey Trek in Sikkim

Why Go – Imagine walking onto a soft trek whose route is considered an abode of crimson and pink rhododendrons. Can you relate that feeling? If you would like to get yourself connect with nature along with bird watching and finding unique wildlife, you can’t overlook Varsey Trek.

While there are options to camp beneath the zillions of stars across the trekking route, making celestial prayers in the monasteries is much more mindful when performed with trekking. Isn’t that accurate?

4. Green Lake Trek

As its name suggests, Green Valley Trek is an amalgamation of stunning beauty and surreal perspectives of this fine towering snow blanketed peaks. This trek gives trekkers the amazing experience due to its positioning at 16,191 ft. Tourist expecting on Green Lake Trek never falls short of narrating the gorgeous views of the hills and vibrant meadows they experience during their trekking.

Green Lake Trek in Sikkim

Why Move – If you would like to see the crystal clear views of the Kanchenjunga peaks and other lofty mountains, give Green Lake Trek the space it deserves in your Sikkim tour.

Advice – Trekkers takes around 16 days of the expedition to embark on Green Lake Trek. Consequently, if you’re planning to go to this trek, it’s great to strike Green Lake Trek in it is an ideal time to explore, which will be from April and October.

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5. Sandakpu Trek

With a lot of astonishing trekking place in Sikkim, Sandakpu Trek is a trek in Sikkim for experience sweethearts and nature respecting individuals. The rise of this trek, which is 11,941 feet is the fundamental feature of Sandakpu Trek. Sankapku Trek is situated in the Darjeeling locale of West Bengal and can be 8 to 9 days in length walk which will leave you awestruck with beautiful trails.

 Sandakpu Trek Sikkim

Why Go – Locals called Sandakpu Trek the heaven for trekkers since this trek experiences the Singalila National Park, home to the first Red Panda. On the off chance that you want to do Sandakpu Trek, prepare to photobomb the background of Mt. Everest, Lhotse and Makalu mountains since you will discover the chance to catch every one of them in your camera outline.

Guidance – For the better perspectives on this Rhododendrons, jump to Sadakpu Trek in it’ crest time, which is from April to May, and October to December.

So, now you know what are the best treks in Sikkim, to behold the nature at its best! If you want to know more things to do in Sikkim, click here! Meanwhile, do not miss to check out our Sikkim tour packages to get to know the price of some seriously reasonable Sikkim honeymoon packages.

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