Everything to Know About Paragliding in Darjeeling

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Darjeeling is called as the “Queens of the Hill Stations in India,” and is one of the trendiest travel destinations for the honeymooners who are adventure lovers and snow lovers. Located in the lap of the Kanchenjunga Mountains, the romantic hill station is also crowned by the majestic Himalayas and is a source of tranquillity for some travellers. From the bright red hue of blooming rhododendrons to emerald rolling green tea bushes with some thrilling adventure sports activities like Paragliding, Darjeeling is a must destination for the paragliding too!

In this article, we are going to tell you about the paragliding places in Darjeeling, with a glimpse of what it likes to do paragliding in Darjeeling. So, keep reading this till the end, because you will get the inspiration to plan a trip to this beautiful place that offers the peaceful landscapes, and intriguing experience of holidaying in the Queen of Hills.

The Best Time to Go To Paragliding in Darjeeling

With the constant revolution in climate as well and with the constant increase in the global warming, thanks to the Darjeeling weather that still manages to lure tourists throughout the year with its moderate climate even in the scorching summer months. The temperature in summer is bearable to wander the Darjeeling tourist attractions, but when it comes to doing paragliding in Darjeeling in winters, Darjeeling experiences snow line drop around the whole Darjeeling, which makes it hectic to do paragliding.

So, What Is The Precise Time For Paragliding In Darjeeling?

The April to June months in summer and October are a great time to do paragliding in Darjeeling.

Paragliding Places in Darjeeling

  1. St Pauls To Lebong Route

This route starts from Jalpahar region while giving avid wandering travellers the chance to observe the panoramic aerial view of the whole city, including architectural masterpieces of the Darjeeling town. If you intend to do paragliding in Darjeeling, get ready to enjoy the gorgeous nature escape before you land on the mainland ground.

  1. Tukvar Tea Garden to Jaumney
Tukvar Tea Garden to Jaumney

Imagine gliding above the ground while enjoying the aerial view of the breathtaking tea gardens, pristine rivers flowing alongside and lush green forests beneath you! Such is the charm of doing paragliding at Tukvar Tea Gardens to Jaumney. This beautiful gliding route begins from the hills of the Tukvar Tea Gardens and gives tourists the chance to watch out the best lush green tea garden hills. The initial point is Tukvar Tea Garden, and the landing point is Jaumney.

Love to hear where to do paragliding in Darjeeling? If yes, then keep reading on! Because we are going to update you thrill and excitement with the pro advice.

Well, keen to know what is the type of paragliding in Darjeeling offers to the tourists?

With only Tandem Paragliding, Darjeeling offers tourists the chance to taste the heavenly adrenaline kick inside tourist’s spine. In Tandem paragliding, tourists are under the supervision of a certified professional who well keeps you update and train with the right knowledge throughout your thrilling gliding experience.

All you have to do is to listen to your instructor very carefully so that you can enjoy your gliding experience with full thrill, excitement, and fun. Although you don’t need a certification to do that, still you have to be very careful with things to know like; hold on the glider and keep your eyes set upon the raw natural aerial beauty.

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Great! But Are There Any Mandatory Requirements To Do Paragliding

Glad, you ask this! Well, there are certain types of requirements to be fulfilled or match, and the requirements are as follows:

● Your weight should be more than 45 kg to 85 kg, and you should be physically and mentally fit to attempt paragliding fun.

● If you are caught up by the diseases, then my friend, paragliding is not your cup of tea. Don’t do that!

● If Asthma and heart diseases have occupied inside your body, then skip doing paragliding and indulge in other best things to do in Darjeeling.

● Attempt paragliding only if you are brave enough and don’t fear of the heights. As you will be gliding above hundreds of meters from the ground.

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Thrilled To Know About The Mandatory Requirements For Paragliding In Darjeeling? You Would Love To Know the Cost and Duration Involved In That

If you intend to do paragliding in Darjeeling, then we would like to tell you with a frank attitude that it would cost you around 3500 INR per person for a gliding fun of over 15 minutes, that too depending on the route you will select. But if you ask us, paragliding in Darjeeling is an adventure that should be high on your Darjeeling honeymoon package, and if we are not wrong, some adventures on the honeymoon are worth taking, and an adventure like this will bring a different type of romantic kick in you, which we think demands a little heavy cost. Isn’t that true?

9 am to 4 pm is the time to go for paragliding in Darjeeling. It is not done and performed in the winter season because of the fog and safety factors.


Last, But Not the Least, Learn About the Paragliding Safety Tips

❖ Keep yourself aware and motivated with the reality that you are gliding above a hundred meters of height, and keep your mind calm and don’t put yourself in hurry or stress. All we mean to say is; be mentally strong!

❖ Before bookmarking paragliding in Darjeeling, get to know about the weather conditions and the type of region as well also.

❖ Before gliding, you can miss out to crosscheck your equipment with a dedicated inspection to ensure the equipment are upto the working standard or not. If you have any question about the integrity of any of the equipment, do not take off!

❖ Listen to your certified instructors because they are into the same industry from ages and know the paragliding tricks from inside out. Keep yourself mentally and emotionally available when they will guide you with the launching and landing procedure or technique.

❖ Skip carrying any of your valuable belongings like wallet, mobile phone, jewelry with you while you are gliding and kissing the sky. Keep your personal possessions on the mainland under the supervision of your friends, family, or your sweetheart.

If you think you have still some questions that are unanswered in this piece of article, you are free to drop down your questions in the comments section. You can raise more, and our travel experts would love to answer them all. To know more about our Darjeeling tour packages, click here.

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