Pangong Tso Lake Travel Information – Essential Things to Know in 2022

Pangong Tso Lake
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Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake in Ladakh is the epitome of heavenly beauty and exceptional tranquility. Nestled among rugged terrains and picturesque valleys, this lake has crystal clear blue water surrounded by magical views. According to the information by tour agents offering Ladakh holiday packages, its salty water does not allow aquatic life to live. This lake stands at the height of 13,862 feet (approx.). above sea level, making it the highest on Indian borders.

In fact, 60 percent of the lake’s area falls in the neighboring country of China. This beautiful lake has been attracting migratory birds in the winter season. Indeed, the temperature of Ladakh drops down from -10 to -30 degrees in cold winters. Pangong Tso freezes with a thick sheet of ice visible over the waters due to the extreme cold weather. With so many exotic things about the lake, it has attracted producers from Bollywood and shooting.

What is the Altitude of Pangong Tso Lake?

Pangong Tso holds extensive beauty and has been famous for being the highest natural lake in India. Indeed, it lies at an altitude of 4,225 meters (approx.) above sea level. The lake is about 134 km (approx.) long and divided into sub-lakes like Tso Nayak, Pangong Tso, Nyak Tso, and Rum Tso. It is stretching to the Tibet region that China is one aspect that attracts tourists; besides the heavenly surroundings.

Best Time to Visit Pangong Tso Lake

Certainly, the best time to visit Pangong Lake in Ladakh is summers that extend from May to September as it will be frozen in the winter season. This is when Pangong Tso is in its full swing of beauty with blue waters and rugged terrains to enhance the overall visiting experience.

How Far is Pangong Lake from Leh Town?

The road distance between Leh town and Pangong Tso is 223 kms (approx.). When it comes to accessing the lake from Leh town, it can be reached either by road transport buses or private taxis. It should be noted that the distance can be covered in about 5 hours (approx.). Your bus or private taxi will pass through Changla Pass and Tangtse regions to reach the Pangong Tso lake area.

Do Tourists Need Permit to Visit Pangong Tso Lake in 2022?

you are required to take an inner-line permit from the DC office or online their official website as well. This permit has to be shown to the authorities before entering the Pangong Tso Lake area. Apart from this, you should carry medications for people who have high altitude sickness because of the lesser oxygen at the lake.

How About Accommodation at Pangong Tso Lake?

It is quite certain that travelers would like to spend a night amidst Pangong Tso Lake’s ethereal views. In this matter, they can opt for a few hotels situated close-by or opt to enjoy an excellent stay at campsites around the lake itself. The camps have been one of the most popular accommodations at Pangong Lake.

  • Whispering Camp
Pangong Tso Lake Whispering Camps

It has been regarded as one of the best campsites to enjoy a night stay at Pangong Lake. Lying on Pangong Tso’s banks in Spangmik, Whispering Camps is a heavenly delight for nature lovers. Located at the height of 14,200 feet above sea level, this site has 15 tents with excellent facilities like a hotel room. The price range starts from 5500 Indian Rupees (approx.) per person.

  • Pangong Retreat
pangong retreat camp ladakh

Enjoying the serenity of Pangong Lake does require you to stay overnight at Pangong Retreat Camps. Opted as an ideal stay in Pangong Lake, it has a set of 25 tents with exclusive facilities like an excellent hotel. The price to stay at Pangong Retreat starts from 4000 Indian Rupees (approx.) per person.

  • Camp Martsemik La
camp martsemik la

This campsite at Pangong Lake offers unparalleled views of the mountain ranges, panoramic lakes, and other surrounding places. The Camp Martsemik La has 34 tents with joint bathrooms and many other facilities as well. Its tariff starts from 4500 Indian Rupees (approx.) per person. The best part of this campsite is that every tent has a private verandah as well.

What Happens to Pangong Lake in Winters?

The Pangong Lake tends to freeze in the winter season, and you get to see a thin sheet of ice on the lake. However, it gets frozen because of the temperature that ranges between -10 to -30 degrees. Of course, the weather in the region is extremely cold, with snow scattered everywhere. Definitely, traveling to Ladakh in winter gets difficult as the roads are blocked for commutation. Though, the serenity of the surrounding areas is quite beautiful.

What are the Nearby Areas Around Pangong Lake?

Besides Pangong Lake, many regions around Pangong Tso act as the finest places to visit in Ladakh.

1. Hemis Monastery
Hemis Monastery

It is a peaceful retreat with fine and exotic examples of Buddhism. With gompas, praying areas, and picturesque idols of Lord Buddha, Hemis Monastery is the best place to experience tranquility.

2. Chang-Chenmo Mountain Range

Chang-Chenmo Mountain Range ladakh

It is a beautiful brown-colored mountain range with excellent rugged terrains that make it worthy to enjoy. Definitely, you can access the place for clicking spectacular pictures.

3. Spangmik Village

Spangmik Village la

It is a picturesque and strikingly beautiful place around Pangong Lake that gives a deeper insight into the traditional Buddhist culture.

4. Khardung La Pass

khardung la pass ladakh

As the highest motorable road, Khardungla Pass is surrounded by excellent views of the valleys. However, traveling on this road is a biker’s dream. Indeed, a bike trip to Ladakh is one of the most recommended touring options to explore the beauty of Ladakh in every sense.

5. Thiksey Monastery

thiksey monastery ladakh

Dedicated to the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism, Thiksey Monastery or Gompa was built in 1432 AD. It houses a famous temple named Goddess Dorje Chenmo, which is considered very significant for cultural activities.

Indeed, the majestic views of the surrounding areas have managed to gain the attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Another thing to notice about Pangong Lake is that it can change colors like a chameleon from blue to grey or green.

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