49 Best Honeymoon Places in India – A great way to enjoy honeymoon

romantic honeymoon destinations in india
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India is a country from which emanates spirituality, busy life and romanticism. It is a country full of legends, magic, luxury and adventures that offer newlyweds an idyllic setting and the opportunity to fall in love again.

India is the perfect place for couples in love looking for something different. There you can walk among legendary palaces, dream places and see one of the most exotic wild faunas.

Everyone knows the Taj Mahal, located in Agra, one of the wonders of the world that was built for love: a mausoleum created in honor of a deceased wife. Besides this typical and obligatory visit, there are many other restored monuments and palaces where you can dine as a couple and feel like maharajas. In short, India offers honeymoons suitable for all tastes. It will be difficult for you not to fall in love again

In this article you can read about most romantic places in India for honeymoon.

Best Honeymoon Places in India 

Udajpur: Udajpur is located in Rajasthan and is known as the “city where the sun rises”. In this city you can breathe romanticism everywhere and there are numerous royal palaces, gardens, a lake with two islands and an old city with narrow streets where you can get lost and discover the old buildings of the 16th century. Udaipur has a magical, luxurious and romantic atmosphere. Another option valid for the more adventurous is to take a safari through the Indian jungle and spend the night in the middle of nature to enjoy the flora and fauna of the area and be able to walk among elephants and Bengal tigers. And above all, to have the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular and intimate dinner with your better half.

Goa: Goa is the most famous place in India that young people like to visit and consider as one of most romantic honeymoon places in India. Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches. Goa is located on the western coast of India and is a destination known internationally for its white sand beaches, luxury hotels and idyllic places. There you can also see a bohemian and hippie style. Therefore, it is a recommended place for all those who want to make excursions and activities such as visiting the Anjuna market or the beaches of Ashwem.

Dalhousie: Dalhousie is hill station which is located in Himachal Pradesh and this city was developed during the time of British Empire. In this paradise you can enjoy, and let time pass while you relax in a hammock. It is one of most romantic places in Himachal for honeymoon. Scenic views and luxury hotel of Dalhousie make it perfect place for honeymoon

Kerala:  Country of God, famous for its charming backwaters. Kerala is also popular for its landscapes of exuberant vegetation, crystal clear waters and fauna. Munnar and Wayanad deserve deep love from honeymoon couples due to the existence of hills and pleasant weather. Alleppey is famous for being one of the favorite destinations for the honeymoon in India. Known for the beautifully carved monuments and temples, these spots tell the rich cultural history of the state.

Shimla: Shimla is considered as one of the best hill station in India. In Shimla couples can enjoy skiing, trekking, paragliding, river rafting and many more adventurous activities during their honeymoon trip. The calm and serene air with enchanting views of the peaks is what attracts the honeymoon couples here. Mixed with some of the best natural beauties and tourist places such as Amusement Park, Jakhu Temple, Viceregal Lodge, and Church of Christ. So visit this most romantic honeymoon destination in India.

Mussoorie: Known as the queen of the hill stations and one of best honeymoon spots in India. Mussoorie is located in the foothills of the Himalayan ranges. Mussoorie offers abundant opportunities to participate in adventure sports. Lal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie offers stunning views

Nainital: Nainital is the popular romantic hill station and ideal place for honeymooners in India. Naini Lake will host newly married couples to start the honeymoon episode by sitting on the boat. This hill station is a nice place for couples to immerse themselves in the views and splendid mountain scenery.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Andaman Islands and Nicobar Island is the best gateway to romance with exotic surroundings and it is best honeymoon places in India. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth. The water sports center, you can enjoy activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking etc in each resort. The islands have places reserved for the marine life of each island, especially Havelock. The islands offer you some of the best opportunities to make your honeymoon an unforgettable event.

Kashmir: Kashmir is known as “Heaven on Earth” and a perfect destination for newlyweds. This enchanted valley has panoramic charms and peaceful surroundings. Some of the most popular destinations in Kashmir include Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Sonamarg. Here you can also find many other romantic Indian honeymoon places.

Darjeeling: Darjeeling promises newlyweds couples to show off the third world’s highest mountains Mount Kanchenjunga on sunny days with clear skies. It is also famous for its surrounding hills and cloud mists along with other scenic beauty. Couples can enjoy chilling pleasure on Tiger Hill at the time of sunrise. It is also famous for its surrounding hills and cloud mists along with other scenic beauty. Darjeeling is also known as “The Five Treasures of Snow”.

Ooty: Ooty is located in the Nilgiri Hills and is one of the most prominent honeymoon places in India. Loving weather, greenish panoramic views and beautiful colonial house – these features are perfect to describe Ooty. Famous places to visit would be Lake Ooty, botanical gardens and wax world. As Ooty is famous for its many lakes do not forget to visit Lake Porthimund, Lake of Upper Bhavani, Lake Esmeralda and Lake Avalanche.

Lakshadweep: Lakshadweep consists of unique and lonely beaches and consider as best honeymoon spots of India. White and bluish green sands are the uniqueness of the beaches of Lakshadweep. Honeymoon couple can enjoy marine life underwater, sunbathe in the sun and swim. Lakshadweep is becoming a global beach destination in India.

Leh and Ladakh: The name of the cold desert, Ladakh is located in the rain shadow area of ​​the majestic Himalayas. Beautiful snow-capped peaks and the panoramic view of the place attract visitors from all over the world every year. Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is the heart of the district of Leh and capital of Ladakh.

Mount Abu: The only station on the hill of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a pleasure in the state of Rajasthan for dessert. Hills station Mount Abu is a delight for all who wish to spend time in the lap of Mother Nature. There are a lot of water related activities near this lake such as boating. The famous Jain Temple is another attraction of Mount Abu.

Gangtok: The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is one of the best honeymoon destinations in north east India.  Gangtok is a Buddhist city that offers beautiful views of the deep valleys along with the world’s third highest peak, Kanchenzanga with a great variety of flora, fauna.

Agra: Famous Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world that is a favorite place for couples. Agra one of the best honeymoon destinations that features cultural shows, and exhibitions that add dynamism to the lives of newlyweds couples. Agra, the city that is home to Taj Mahal, is one of the most visited and famous honeymoon places in India.

Jodhpur: Live a real life on your honeymoon in the Sun City of Jodhpur. It is the second largest city of Rajasthan, it is beautiful with powerful palaces and forts and at the same time, it is not full of tourists; providing a perfect environment for honeymoon couples. Surprise your partner with staying in a palace, enjoying luxury and hospitality just like a member of the Rajput royal family. Take a look at the rustic life of the deserts in the villages; Mount on camels or dress local clothes, enjoy the exquisite handicrafts of local markets.

Manali: Now, who can ignore the fascination beauty of Kullu Manali? Open your eyes as the sun peeks behind the snow-capped mountains or get close to nature, with your hiking through the dense forests of oak, pine, rhododendrons. The cold climate of this mountain station creates a perfect environment for your honeymoon. Your stay in Manali is incomplete without a visit to Naggar Castle and the hot springs of Vashisht Baths. Turn the prayer wheel in the Tibetan monastery or enjoy the view of the cascades of joy in Rahalla.

Pushkar: Honeymoon in India, Well, it may not be the best romantic hideout you’re looking for, but the holy land of Pushkar with all its rustic charm and sacredness can unite two hearts in a pious promise.

Kumarakom: Honeymoon in India, For those looking to escape from the crowd to enjoy seclusion with their love, Kumarakom is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala for the honeymoon. If you want to experience the real beauty of the backwaters and lagoons in Kerala, you should visit Kumarakom. While sailing in a relaxed and exquisite houseboat, your honeymoon will be filled with moments of love and tenderness.

Khajuraho: Honeymoon in India, Come to Khajuraho to admire the World Heritage temples carved into some of the best and most erotic arts of the world’s temple. If you and your spouse really enjoy the history and culture, there cannot be a better place for your honeymoon.

Delhi: Delhi is the beating heart of the country. It will welcome you with a warm welcome. Some newly married couples dream of arriving at their wonderful suite in a luxurious hotel and being entertained with a bottle of the best champagne.

Port Blair: One of you wants to make your honeymoon special and memorable with Port Blair is being considered the best destination. It is located on the island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The beach with white sand and a romantic date on the beach side with your loved ones will take time to take your breath away.

Kodaikanal: Kodakanal, the Western Ghats of India, is the finest hill station with unbelievable lakes and waterfalls. Kodaiknal has been placed at sea level two hundred feet seventy thousand. The beauty of nature and the sound of the waterfall with the blurred hills is an ideal place to spend time with your loved ones

Tawang: The beauty of a small place in Arunachal Pradesh is such, after seeing that you will not mind coming back from this place. The tranquil atmosphere of Tawang is very perfect for couples visiting honeymoon.

Imphal: It is said that once you see the beauty of North-East, then you will not enjoy the beauty of elsewhere. Imphal is similar in the lap of North-East. A perfect place for honeymoon in India that you will always want to remember.

Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh: One of the most beautiful places in the state, provides a good break from the mountainous city and its summer, with having much time and time with nature, Horsley Hills is a paradise. The route for the hills is also panoramic, with Mahogany on the banks of the road, along with the jackarand, sandalwood, Gulmohar and Eucalyptus trees. When you begin to realize life, it has become very slow since, when you came here, adorn yourself for less known things about this place – adventure sports, in which zeroing, roping, rock climbing and Includes trekking

Sikkim: Family, Adventure and Honeymoon: One of the most unexplored and mysterious places in India are the North East region. On the banks of the magnificent Himalayas, along with the Teesta River, the whole section of the ground is flattened, in the north, Sikkim is one of the best honeymoon places in India, which is to expose. The fact is that it is relatively unexplored; it makes it more attractive for the smart travelers and one of the top destinations for summer vacations in India. For all types of travelers to come to Sikkim and go to other places. There are innumerable opportunities. Adventure travel and honeymoon tours in India. Makes it

Mahabaleshwar: This hill station in Maharashtra will remind you of its glorious past with its colonial buildings, bright houses. As the basis of the five beautiful rivers, Mahabaleshwar’s natural beauty presents a terrible euphoria, which attracts tourists

Almora in India: Uttarakhand is famous for many summer destinations in India due to Himalayan biodiversity. One of them is Almora, sticking to a horse’s shoe-shaped ridge in the Kumaon hills of the state, it is one of the few places which is still largely untouched by tourism and this is one of the most special Makes the destination of summer.

Spiti Valley: Spiti Valley is a cool desert mountainous valley situated in the Himalayan Mountains in the north-eastern part of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” means “middle land”, that means land between Tibet and India.

Cholang valley: Cholang valley is a hill station located at an altitude of 2050 meters (6,398 feet) in the Himalayas, in Manali on the north side of the Kullu valley in Himachal Pradesh. Located on the Beas river (Vyas in Hindi) and near its source, it is a popular tourist destination for summer Indians.

Bora caves: Bora caves are located at a distance of 92 km north from Bora caves entrance Bora caves Vishakhapatnam. Caves open with 100 meters on horizontal plane and about 75 meters on vertical plane. These caves are spread in the area of ​​M of one class and the origin of the Gauthani River which flows through the district. You have to see whether you are in the Araku valley or in Visakhapatnam. This location is at an elevation of 800 to 1300 meters from MSL

Pahalgam: Pahalgam is beautiful in the aristocracy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Every corner is made up of the big forts everywhere. It is said that after walking around Pahalgam in this state your mind and your mind will change. Energy and ideas will get firm in the body. Pahalgam is located at an altitude of 2923 meters above sea level. Pahalgam is the first stop for the main pilgrimage site of Hinduism

Coorg: This is a beautiful hill station which is 100 km from Mysore. Is located at a distance. Given its beauty, it is also called Scotland of India. The cool atmosphere of Coorg is the best place for the honeymoon couple to roam around.

Alibag: Restraint in the bondage of marriage between the pleasant weather and lovely location of Mumbai will be different. Only 2 hours away from Mumbai, Alibag offers very beautiful views. For the sake of marriage on the beach, this can not be the best place for another. There is also a whole bungalow arrangement for guests to stay.

‘Venice of the East’: This place of Kerala, famously known as ‘Venice of the East’, is very beautiful. This place with water lagoones and canals is also beautiful for getting married and being aproposal. The Krishnapuram Palace, Alappuzha Beach, R Block are very beautiful places here.

Panchamari: There is another place in Madhya Pradesh, Panchamari. It is known for its very beautiful waterfalls and wildlife. Wedding planning here is a great option for friends and relatives to all. Binding between the hills of Satpura will be very memorable.

Kutch of Gujarat: There are many things in Kutch of Gujarat. Where couples can make their honeymoon memorable. Being India’s largest district, Kutch is known for its white sand, sea shores and sanctuaries.

Khajuraho: There are 20 different temples in this area spread over 6 sq km. Here you will find the glimpse of Indian culture as a figure made here.

Gulmarg: One of the most beautiful places on earth has been stained by the black sheet of terrorism at this place. But still its beauty is not reduced. Your visit here can be a pleasant experience.

Pondicherry: If you want to visit France then go to Pondicherry. Kutch is the France of India. It was settled by the Portuguese. And even today the city has not changed much.

Almora: There is a magnificent hill station just a short distance from Nainital, where fewer people go. What is the reason for this, hardly anyone knows, but if you forget it every time then come back here by remembering this time. You will know what the beauty of the mountains is.

Matheran: The most popular hill station in Maharashtra is a city among the Matheran Mountains where you are forbidden to take the car. You will have to park your car outside the city. But this is enough to give you a pleasant experience on your own.

Daya: This place will give you the fun of Goa and the beauty of Pondicherry. Plan here and lose it in its beauty.

Munnar: Due to the beauty of this place, it is also called the South Gems. The tea garden and garden made in Munnar, located in Kerala, make this perfect honeymoon destination. Cool-clear air and fog weather are very popular here. Due to their weather, this place becomes a favorite destination of couples in winter.

Alappa: This houseboat, which runs throughout the day in Kerala, offers similar facilities like a hotel room. Here couples can spend the day on the boat between water. These boats pass through the forest canals made between the forests. From which couples feel closer to Nature. Along with this, the Hermitage Mansion and Warehouse made it a perfect destination.

Kasuni: Kasuni is one of the most known honeymoon destinations near Delhi. Here’s a picture-perfect look and quiet atmosphere that makes this Uttarakhand’s Favorite Honeymoon Destination. Once you reach the Nainital and Almora, the couples will definitely go to the casino.

The landscape of Sikkim is very beautiful and here is the highest mountain Kanchenjunga. Together there are glaciers and thousands of beautiful wildflowers. To get here for honeymoon couple, there are adventure activities in addition to brilliant shows.

So for your honeymoon you can choose any of above romantic honeymoon destinations in India and make your honeymoon extraordinary.

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