Don’t Miss This Maldives Visa Guide for Indians

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Introduction to Maldives

If there is one such destination that has been on the bucket lists of the normal people like you and me, along with your favorite B-Town Stars, that is the Maldives. Delightfully located between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, Maldives is a bunch of over 1192 islands and 26 atolls and is one of those places to visit in the world which boasts of having more sea than the land. From sand-sational white powdery beaches to the extravagant overwater bungalows, you’ll find out the best things to do in the Maldives by tapping here.

But today, we are going to tell you everything right from the visa on arrival in the Maldives to where to and how to extend your Maldives Visa with all the crucial documents. So guys, lend us your ears because this Maldives Visa Guide brought to you by Honeymoon Bug will allow you to understand better about the documentation required for Maldives tour package.

Visa On Arrival To Indians | Many countries offer visa on arrival to the Indians, and the Maldives ranks too amongst those international destinations where Indians can visit for 30 days with a free visa on arrival at the airport. But, you have to show some essential documentation to get the free visa. Wondering what those documentations are? Well, keep scrolling!

On Arrival Tourist Visa for Indians

With tourist, business, and family or friend visits, the concerned Maldives authorities offer three types of visa to international tourists. Since most of the tourists out there visit the Maldives for the vacations affair, we will discuss the tourist visa only!

Things To Know About Maldives Tourist Visa

  • Just when you land your wanderings shoes on the Maldives international airport, you will be issued with the tourist visa by the immigration officials team.
  • The procedure starts from the Maldives tourist form that will be offered to the tourists. Fill out all the vital information that would be asked on the Maldives tourist form.
  • Don’t worry! The whole process of obtaining the Maldives tourist visa is hassle-free and is as simple as ordering a pizza, seriously!
  • Just when you will fill out the tourist form provided by the concerned authorities at the airport, you will be asked to submit out your significant documentation. This process is carried out to cross-check the authenticity of your passport and your documentation.
  • After that, you will be rounded up for the small and easy interview, in which the airport authorities would ask you a few of the questions concerning your idea of vacationing in the paradise Maldives.
  • Just when you successfully satisfy the immigrants’ officials with your personal interview, you will be rewarded with thw 30 days tourist visa of Maldives.

What Are Those Documents That Would Be Submitted By Me To The Immigration Officials?

Read on, because you won’t have to go to some other platform to know about the documents you need to require to submit to the immigration officials. We have listed out all the vital documents that should be carried with you when visiting the Maldives.

  • An official passport valid for more than 6 months posts the date of your journey.
  • Carry two passport colored size photos with 35mm in width and 44mm in length.
  • Make sure the passport size photo you submit would be clearly visible with clear face focusing.
  • Do carry with you the booking confirmation copies if you have made an online accommodation booking throughout your trip.
  • You would definitely be asked to show off your return ticket or onward ticket from the Maldives.

What Else?

The immigration officials or airport authorities will cross check your legal documents whether they are authentic or not. To do that, you will be asked to submit your financial budget. This is done to keep an eye on each and every international tourist who come to the Maldives to verify whether or not, you will finance your Maldives tour package or not.

Advice – As per the estimated expenditure by the government of Maldives, you’ll be asked to show up around INR 3450, which is MVR 770 per day by the Maldivian currency.

What Are The Ways To Expand My Tourist Visa Dates?

If this question is popping up inside your head, then fret not! Because you can extend your Maldives vacations and do as much as the romantic things to do in the Maldives by applying for the extension of your Tourist Visa. When and where? This is our job to tell, you read on!

Where To Obtain The Extended Tourist Visa Of Maldives?

Allow yourself to visit the Head Office, where you will be asked to fill out the Visa Extension Application Form. A competitive amount of fees would be charged by the concerned officials after examine your funds. Later on, you will be given the maximum extension of 60 more days.

Pro Advice – Go for the request of visa extension at least two to three days before your visa expires. Going on the same date of your 30 days visa expiation would ruin your idea of extended vacations in the Maldives.

How Much Amount Do I Need To Pay For The Extended Visa Costs?

For the first 30 days, Maldives offers visa on arrival to the Indians in a free of costs. But if you want to extend your visa for the total duration of 90 days, expect to pay around INR 3350, which is MVR 750 as per the Maldives currency.

In What Instance My Visa Would Be Cancelled?

Glad, you ask this. Well, it’s hard to imagine that your visa on arrival would get canceled by the airport authorities at the Maldives. Because such type of cases hasn’t come under the limelight. But, as per the guidelines made by the concerned government officials, below we have listed down the actions which will surely make your visa got canceled at the last minutes.

  • Only when the authorities would locate that the information you provided and communication during the interview doesn’t matches with your original one.
  • If the person with false intentions like promoting violence and political riots would found.
  • If you’re are the sick person with anti-semitic religious views.
  • If the concerned officials found your purpose of traveling is not matching with your actual intention. Like you have applied for the tourist visa, but would get engaged in the business activity. Then chances are much heavy that your visa would get canceled.

Anything Else?

Yes, last but not least, carry your passport and visa wherever you explore. Just to be safe side in a new country. And yes, do the maximum number of best things to do in the Maldives along with giving yourself the treat to swim, surf, snorkel and relax, in the turquoise blue waters of Maldives.

So, guys, what are you waiting for? This is the time to visit the Maldives with your special someone because we are giving hunting deals and discounts on Maldives honeymoon package. Tap here to know more!

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