25 Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians

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Few more months to go and the New Year will bring many events as possible ranging from fireworks display and attending the same usual New Year Parties! How about starting the New Year in an international destination which you can talk about all the year? That too without hitting the stress of visa planning? Yes! You heard it right! With the rising optimistic growth in the travel sector, the demand of touring to international destinations has been taken into consideration by many countries and thus, approx 50 countries permit visa on arrival to Indians. And guess what? You don’t have to face the hassle of someone interviewing you why you’re going to your favorite destination. This blog is written from the perspective of the traveler to behoove you to give serious consideration to visiting the 25 Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians in 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? This New Year skips the hassle of traveling to usual countries without shedding all the visa worries. Whether you’re looking to take a trip with your family or want to change your honeymoon choices from Manali and Goa to Jordan and Seychelles, get inspired to travel to a foreign destination in this New Year with our list of countries that boosts painless visa requirements.

Honeymoon Bug List of Visa on arrival countries for Indian passport holders

1 – Maldives                 

2 – Jordan           

3 – Thailand           

4 – Kenya      

5 – Tuvalu Island       

6 – Bhutan                 

 7 – Cambodia     

8 – Sri Lanka           

9 – Bali           

10 – Seychelles       

 11 – Saint Lucia         

12 – Uganda         

13 – Madagascar   

14 – Samoa    

15 – Dominica         

16 – Fiji                         

17 – Ecuador       

18 – Bolivia             

19 – Jamaica   

20 – Cook Islands    

21 – Bermuda           

22 – Myanmar     

23 – Georgia         

24 – Montserrat     

25 – Nepal  

  1. Maldives

Maldives Weather Guide
Maldives Weather Guide

Why Go: There is no need to explain why the Maldives is favorite amongst travelers. Imagine sipping on your favorite mocktail inside a lavish underwater bungalow, or having a leisurely time with its sun-soaked pristine beaches, world-class dining, a couple spa break? If this sounds’ amazing then just fly to the Maldives. Indian travelers can stay in this country for 90 days with only a passport documentation which means you are the BOSS of your own vacation because you’ll get to see many places of attraction in your 90 days stay. With our Maldives tour packages, you’ll discover that this top-rated romantic destination is a combination of crystal clear water, coral reef swirling with colorful fish and beaches here aren’t what you’ve seen over the internet, they’re typically the best beaches in the world where you can plan an epic family or honeymoon getaway!

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What To Do: On your family or romantic getaway to the Maldives, make a short trip down to the impressive powdery white sands and the extravagant beach clubs dotted with amazing eateries to traveling the coastal corners of the island and never-ending lineup of water sports activities, Maldives is no short of being a stunning travel destination. With our Maldives honeymoon packages, couples can ruminate in the luxury accommodations in diminished prices.

  1. Jordan


Why Go: Want to take the best advantage of your New Year holidays calendar? Jordan is another beautiful country to visit on the weekends of 2019 New Year. What makes this country favorite amongst the tourists is that Jordan is the safest Arab country to travel. Apparently, no visa documentation is required by the Indians on their journey to Jordan, but visa on arrival is mandatory for Indian tourists to stay in Jordan for almost 30 days! Why you have to visit this place because Jordan has got all sort of activities to make your New Year getaway a vacation to cherish for the lifetime. From taking a pleasant desert trek at Wadi Rum and learning some history buffs at Petra, you would be amazed by plenty of things to do in Jordan.

What To Do: On your enriching tour to Jordan, you’ll discover cosmopolitan city of Amman which is a modern city and gives you serious shopping goals with the amazing eateries for the duo couples on their honeymoon which always make it a romantic and yet affordable country to visit. If you’re the couples who want to shut out the rest of the world with a touch of luxury, adventure, pictorial places, Jordan can oblige that as well. To be fair, there is a trek to the remote hilltop village which you should not miss on your exciting tour to Jordan. Adventure here is no short than of adrenaline pumping activities where you can swim, surf, snorkel and soak up the sun living the island dream getaway!

  1. Thailand

Why Go: Consider yourself a lucky one if you’re planning to visit Thailand for the very first and take the road less traveled on your New Year and we guaranteed you’ll cherish the time you have to spend in the New Year weekend in Thailand. With a 15 days visa on arrival, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest in search of the frenetic temple filled cities and sun-kissed pristine beaches. Other points of interests are shopping hopping in the floating markets, embarking on spiritual tours in Thailand will be the right destination for you to relax in an extraordinarily unspoiled and pristine land.

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What to Do: If you’re visiting Thailand, then you have to gorge on the Poster Boy of Thailand – Phi Phi Island which is the top-rated choice of travelers touring to Thailand. Apart from the fact that you can check-off snorkeling and postcard-worthy beaches, the secret ingredient here is that ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ movie ‘The Beach’ shot at this island. Read more about Thailand tour Packages.

  1. Kenya


Who Go: Chances are you have seen the dream Kenyan landscapes in the National Geographic and The Lonely Planet magazine. But, now allow your inner travel bug to choose to visit this dreamy destination and go to Kenya on New Year 2019. Trust us! You’ll admire your every sightseeing hour later, just after your trip will finish. Thanks to its 90 days visa on arrival service that allows the Indians to experience Africa in the entire possible manner. From listening lions roar on your Kenya wildlife tour and tasting local food to touch an elephant and smell the rains of Africa, you can surely make your mind to visit Kenya which is equally gorgeous and romantic at the same time.

What to Do: The country of Kenya is all-around when it comes to touring the natural marvels! Take a romantic stroll at Great Rift Valley where you can picture the romantic sunset and sunrise along with your honey. And what could be better than to start a New Year 2019 in a country with the finest mountains and lakes as your pictures backdrop?

  1. Tuvalu Island

Tuvalu Island

Why Go: Touted between the Hawaii and Australia, this enchanting destination was once known as Ellice Islands and now is a hip destination for couples to embark, unwind, surf and relax! With astounding coral reefs, swimming adventure in the lagoons and a romantic staycation at luxurious hotels, Tuvalu will be your right honeymoon destination for 30 days. You can refuel your romance with couples SPA treatments, massages.

What To Do: Stroll alongside the Nui Island which is dotted with coral outcrops and postcard-perfect beaches. You can simply enjoy your New Year getaway by taking a boat ride to Funafuti Marine Conservation Area which boasts tranquility and nature.

  1. Bhutan – Visa on Arrival for Indians


Why Go: Ah, Bhutan! The home of Buddhism is nestled between swift rivers and deep valleys. We suggest you to first explore West Bengal and then head towards Bhutan. Yes! You heard it right. Bhutan can be easily reached via West Bengal. Throughout your trip to Bhutan. You’ll encounter fluttering prayer flags, valleys laden with the variety of flora & fauna and amazing sunset and sunrise at Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Start from Glacier Valley, where the rugged mountains make you sway with tranquility, and the tricky yet adventurous terrain lead from one beauty spot to another. On your visit to Bhutan, you’re allowed to get captivated in this beautiful country for 14 days.

Anything Else?

From romantic Dochu-La trek, spiritual vibes of monasteries to Prance Amidst Colourful Rhododendrons and Poppy, Bhutan is galore of activities. Allow us to give you more insider deep destination knowledge of Bhutan by our Bhutan holiday packages.

  1. Cambodia


Why Go: Cambodia is understood for its rich cultural historical sites, deltas, mountains and Gulf of Thailand shoreline. Indians get Visa on Arrival to enjoy their excursions in Cambodia for max 30 days stay at a nominal rate of US$20. Similarly, you ought to carry your passport snapshots, necessary funds to stay there and obligatory travel documents, like passport, showed flight tickets and a well filled out Visa on Arrival application form. Furthermore, your passport ought to bring validity for at least 6 months out of your date of arrival at Cambodia.

What To Do: Pack your honeymoon travel essentials because there are places like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, where the history, culture, and nightlife are so thick you can grab it with your hands. To highlight your vacation, don’t forget Angkor Wat at sunrise either! Put your camera down and immense in the shimmering purple bouncing clouds.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Visa on arrival countries for Indians

Why Go: What does it really take to make a vacation memorable: an international trip packed with indigenous culture, wildlife safaris, and pristine beaches? Well, while you’re in Sri Lanka, there is so much more to see and do in this jewel shaped country on your maximum stay of 30 days in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka train ride is nothing short of spectacular activity to see the world sweep by to the rhythm and clatter of the wheels. And that’s just one of Sri Lanka many highlights, according to the travel experts! What we like more about this place is that a few years back, The Pearl of the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka got famous as a diving destination when whales were taken into consideration at the coasts. Now, the destination is considered one of the best honeymoon places to go in Asia.

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What to Do: Need your prayers to get answered? Take a tour to Sri Lanka’s historic heartland – The Cultural Triangle which is sure to leave you all mesmerized by the rock fortress of Sigiriya, pilgrimage city of Kandy builds around the Temple Of Tooth. And if you’re traveling for a honeymoon with your partner and seeking romantic ideas to look on your Sri Lanka holidays, then check out our Sri Lanka tour packages.

  1. Bali


Why Go: Ask anyone who has visited Bali, and they will tell you: why Bali is called ‘The Island Of Gods’. From rolling rice terraces of Ubud and a unique trek to Mount Batur at sunrise to the sand between your toes at rose gold beaches of Bali and the top-notch luxurious accommodations, you have to trust us that Bali is the most googled destination for romantic getaways. If you’re considering going to Bali to celebrate the start of New Year, just pull the trigger and go – you won’t regret. On your Bali honeymoon package, you’ll discover an impressive number of waterfalls, temples, romantic islands tucked away in the different part of Bali which is phenomenally beautiful.

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What To Do: With a tourist visa on arrival for 30 days, Gili Island should be on your bucket list! The island made up of 3 small islands – Gili Air, GiliMeno, and GiliTrawangan. What we like about this place is these islands are so small in radius to do a bike tour with your sweetheart. Pamper yourself and get a Balinese couple massage together. Don’t miss to check out the Kuta nightlife and be a night owl on your Bali tour package.

  1. Seychelles – Visa on Arrival for Indians


Why Go: If I could describe paradise, then I would start painting an image of Seychelles with sugar sandy beaches, Another easy country to travel in for 30 days, Seychelles is best known for its sugar sand beaches, local culture, hospitality, and most important – safety and security for tourists. For more comprehensive tour experience, get up close and personal with some of the biggest tortoises at Curieuse Island. You can introduce yourself to the mountainous terrain of Silhouette Island and see the remains of flora and fauna that coexisted with the dinosaurs.

Wow Factor: The sun sets at 6:30 PM in Seychelles and tourists enjoy chilling around dodgy places. It’s also a popular honeymoon spot to stay and one of the best things to do in Seychelles is to take a bath in the ocean and eat late as 10 PM as if you wish. Because you’ll have access to a private beach. Sounds interesting?

  1. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

From white sand, azure waters to beautiful views of majestic Piton Mountains, endless waterfall-dotted rainforest everywhere you turn, St Lucia will ignite the flames of romance on your 2019 weekends! This beautiful Caribbean country offers visa on arrival to Indians for the maximum 6 weeks. You can enjoy an array of activities on your Saint Lucia holidays ranging from stealing a romantic kiss under the Piton Falls and take a romantic sunset cruise together.

  1. Uganda


Engrossed with unlimited fun and excitement, Uganda is the African country where you can catch sight of the mystical, mountain gorillas living in the dense forests. This beautiful Carribean country offers visa on arrival to Indians for the maximum 90 days. Once you arrive at this destination, choose to explore Ssese Islands, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and enjoy a nature walk at Lake Mburo.

  1. Madagascar


With unique wildlife, vibrant villages, pristine beaches, and laid back traveling experience, you’ll love your visit to Madagascar. Indians citizens are granted 3 months visa here. If your idea of a vacation involves romantic accommodation, Madagascar will not disappoint you.

  1. Samoa


Home to 10 most beautiful islands, Samoa demands a visit and you should consider. Wondering why? You’ll be spoiled with laid-back peace of life at the rosy golden beaches and nightclubs where you can party and dance as well. For an ultra-romantic experience on your duration of 2 months, have a playful splash at Sopoaga Falls which is also a great spot for a dreamy picnic.

  1. Dominica


Slow down and enjoy your 2019 weekend where unspoiled natural beauty, vibrant culture, and pictorial waterfalls are enough to mesmerize you. When in Dominica, you’ll simply enjoy the skyscraping mountain peaks, deep green flora, hot springs, a boiling lake (the largest in the world) and hundreds of crystal blue rivers and streams.  You can easily get a visa on arrival of 90 days in Dominica.

  1. Fiji


From white sandy beaches, relax in lavish spas to gorgeous waterfalls and blood-pumping jet boat rides, this tropical paradise has plenty of attractions to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Whether you’re traveling on a romantic tour or family holidays, your tour to this secluded paradise will point you to the cultural highlights with the visa on arrival surprise for 4 months. When you’re in Fiji, be sure to discover the ocean surface with local marine life as Fiji is the most popular destination that provides unique scuba diving experience.

  1. Ecuador


Located in South America and bordered with Peru and Colombia, Ecuador encompasses everything from thrilling wildlife, swimming with the sea lions to cruising the Galápagos Islands and volcanic mountains that is sure to make your holidays a perfect treat. You’ll be blown away by the surreal beauty and postcard-perfect beaches. So plan a trip down to Ecuador and don’t forget to showcase your photos on your Instagram feed. Indians can stay up to the maximum time of 90 days.

  1. Bolivia


Positioned with the border of Argentina, Peru, and Chile, this South America country is the beautiful amalgamation of volcanic peaks, picturesque landscapes, and tropical rainforests. You can obtain the visa on arrival in Bolivia for 90 days. Bolivia has everything from the specific vibe at LA Paz, island hopping to Isla Del Sol via boat ride as well as climbing the Cerro Calvario in Copacabana which is a perfect backpackers spot for the tourists. There is a magnificent place in the heart of Bolivia which no tourist leaves without having to tour are Laguna Colorada where the water of the lake turns pink to reddish. Whether you’re on your first date or traveling with your family, the surreal beauty of Bolivia will not disappoint you.

  1. Jamaica


Why not take a break from your monotonous life in the first weekend of 2019 and fly to the birthplace of the legendary singer Bob Marley? This Carribean Island has plenty to offer for couples with its sandy golden beaches, lush rainforests, waterfalls, and not to mention – great music scenes in its cozy nooks and corners. This Carribean Island is visa-free for 14 days to Indians. For an exotic holiday that never seems to an end on your Carribean getaway, watch people jump off the 35 foot into the turquoise crystal blue water at Rick’s Cafe which is a popular cliffside bar and enjoy a romantic meal and drink while listening to the waves.

  1. Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Scattered over an area of 2 million square kilometers in the Pacific Ocean and a collection of 15 alluring islands, Cook Island is best known for its largest coral lagoons, excellent hiking trails, traditional island stories, and the best diving paradise for watersports lovers. The most rated thing of this island is you can brush up your marine biology in the dreamy crystal beaches and hike the pristine Papua Waterfall where you can swim in the natural pool. So make your tour to Cook Island and come on over for 31 days in this island paradise.

  1. Bermuda


Being the part of British Overseas Territories, Bermuda is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is favorite amongst the backpackers for its postcard-perfect beaches, rich history, world-class water sports activities. This country allows you to come in from India without having to get a visa hassle for 6 months. Other places of attractions are Elbow beach, Warwick Long Bay Beach, and John Smith’s Bay which is an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling.

  1. Myanmar


Thinking about the plan a bombastic 2019 weekend that too in a foreign country? Fret not! Myanmar has everything to satisfy your wanderer soul. Bordered with its neighboring countries – India, China, and Laos, it would be right to say that Myanmar has reemerged on travel radar where you get 28 days to stay in the country of without the hassle of visa. Honeymooners who’re into spot should definitely stop and climb up Mandalay Hill to see all of Mandalay from on top. If you personally love chasing waterfalls, hike to Dee Doke Waterfall to soak up the travel vibes in the welcoming country of Myanmar.

  1. Georgia


Once you step into the heartwarming country Georgia, the place sets it perfect traveler vibe on your visa duration of 90 days! You’ll find everything in Georgia due to its perfect white sandy beaches, friendly locals, world’s largest aquarium, and a relaxed tropical vibe. Enjoy your tour to Chattahoochee National Forest admiring the untouched pristine lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. This quaint and stunning country takes the pride of hosting an electronic music festival including international artists. Now that sounds like the perfect destination for your 2019 weekend getaway!

  1. Montserrat


Montserrat – The Emerald Isle of Carribean will hold a lot of fond memories once you arrive here. Plus, the island is laced with the mountain ranges and white sandy beaches. You can start your nature discovery from the Garibaldi Hills where you’ll be rewarded with the sweeping view of the Soufrière Hills Volcano. And if you want to add more fun and leisure on your Montserrat holidays, what about considering in the warm and visible pristine beaches of Montserrat where you can swim, surf, snorkel. For those visiting Montserrat, 30 days visa on arrival will be provided to you.

  1. Nepal

Nepal - on arrival visa country for indians

Want to witness how fairy tail can turn real? Plan to visit this beautiful neighboring country of India, Nepal demands a visit! With mountains, lush green forests, medieval cities, spiritual sites and the friendliest people on earth. Yep, there is a reason why we love Nepal and you will too. Holidaying in Nepal is for all type of travelers, Whether you want to do some hardcore trekking with your travel buddies or enjoy few pumping activities with your romantic partner, Nepal offer all this in diminished possible expenses. To get the best of Nepal honeymoon places to visit, read more about Nepal Holiday Packages.

So which destination are you picking out in coming 2020 weekend?

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