Top 10 Cheap International Holiday Packages Including Flights

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As exciting as it sounds, planning an international holiday trip never goes out of trend. After all, an international honeymoon vacation is what every couple look out for in their life. But the biggest misconception about international honeymooning is that international destinations are expensive. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a travel blogger, I’ve been to many international destinations that are very affordable to visit.

I have people asking me every day, ‘How do you do it?’ The truth is, it takes no rocket science, and all you need is the right research on cheap international holiday packages including flights, accommodations, food and even leisure activities.

Giving you the bespoke assistance on affordable international honeymoon places to visit, my blog covers all the need to know info on what to see and do in each of the listed destinations. From the top things to do to high places to visit how to relax, my this list will give you the relieving glimpse of top 10 affordable international tour packages with flights and accommodations. Thanks, me later!

Top 10 Cheap International Holiday Packages with Flights

1. Blissful Bali


What can I say about Bali? Words will fall short of describing the charm that Bali holds under its belt. From sand-sational beaches to rejuvenating spa treatments; from picturesque rice terraces to island hopping adventure, Bali will bewitch you with its sheer beauty. Bali is the most popular island in the Indonesian archipelago and is the best international honeymoon destination to seize the opportunity of honeymooning in paradise.

How you can save on flight tickets: Unlock the nice deals on cheap 4 Night Bali honeymoon packages from India including flights, accommodations, and food only in 51,000 RS per person. Woohoo!

Accommodation: Being the most affordable or cheap international honeymoon destination to visit from India. Bali is renowned for its romantic resorts that are destination themselves, and we are providing comfortable accommodation options for the honeymooners on their 4 night Bali honeymoon package from India.

Places to visit: Explore the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud and take a romantic stroll with your sweetheart at Telalalang Rice Terraces. Soak spirituality in the best temples in Bali and be the party animal in the hippie town of Canggu and Kuta.

Things to do in Bali includes hiking the Mt Batur Trek and admire the surreal panoramic view from the top, opt for the rejuvenating spa treatments inside your resort.

The number of days for touring: 3 to 4 days will be enough to see the best places to visit in Bali.

2. Maldives


To be the truth, Maldives is not as much affordable like Bali, but it is for sure that the Maldives is more magical than Bali. Think about oh-so-romantic underwater bungalows, the sunny side at the white turquoise sand beaches, banana reef and snorkeling adventure. Trust me, you’ll truly love your honeymoon in Maldives that too in pocket-friendly expenses.

Where to get good deals: Grab the cheap 4 nights Maldives honeymoon package in 48,000 per person only inside 3-star resort. The 3-star resorts in the Maldives are much better than a 5-star hotel in India. So, you fret not about the accommodation options.

What to do: Things to do in the Maldives include taking a day tour to Maafushi Island and indulge in tons of water sports, cultural experiences. Explore the finest swimming beach in Malé Island and satiate your food cravings at the beach coast restaurants.

The number of days for touring: 4 to 5 nights will be ample to bask in the beauty of Maldives.

3. Thailand

thaland tour

If you don’t know that you can fancy yourself on the best foreign trip from India including flights with our Unlimited Thailand Tour Package in 5 Nights only in 31,999 per person, then where are you living? Get ready to spend your honeymoon vacations in the top international honeymoon destination from India – Thailand and soak the international vacations vibes at the pristine beaches of Koh Phi Phi Islands, motorbiking through northern Thailand and tour the biggest tourism destination Phuket.

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Things to do: From jungle trekking to shopping at the floating markets to relax in the backpackers’ town of Pai, options are many for both honeymooners and backpackers in Thailand.

Tip: Save upto 25% of on your Fantastic Bangkok Pattaya Tour package and add/extract as many as a destination on the number of days you have.

Days required: 5 to 6 days will be ample to tour the beauty of Thailand.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the less known honeymoon destination to visit which is just like India in terms of scenic beauty and cultural vibes. It has pristine beaches to laze around, snorkeling, scuba diving, and lush green tea plantations just like in Munnar Kerala, makes this destination the most beautiful place to visit in budget that are looking for a cheap foreign trip from India.

From camping and thrilling wildlife adventure in Yala National Park to watching white water rafting in Kitugala to enjoy the panoramic view from Hot Air Ballooning in Dambulla, live your Sri Lanka adventures in affordable expenses with our cheap international holiday packages including flights, accommodations, meals and much more.

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Best things to do in Sri Lanka: Ride the most scenic train journey of the universe from Kandy to Ella and get wooed by the view of pristine waterfalls, lush green landscape beauty, towering mountains, and cobalt blue clouds.

No of days: 5 to 6 days will give rejuvenate you in Sri Lanka.

5. Nepal

nepal tour

Another neighbouring county of India which can be visited in affordable expenses of under 35,000 per person, Nepal is the destination for backpackers and honeymooners. Laden with landscape beauty and towering snow mountains, Nepal can be best seen in 6 to 7 days including the tour to Pokhara, Nagarkot and Bindabasini Temple, which are the best places to visit in Nepal.

Things to do in Nepal: Bungee Jumping, Zip Lining, River Rafting, wildlife encounters, and temples tour are some of the best things to do in Nepal with a surprise of best Nepal tour package, accommodations, sightseeing of best tourist attractions in Nepal.

6. Bhutan


Bhutan is the beautiful country and is known for its peaceful vibes all over the world. Also called the Land of the Thunder Dragons, Bhutan is the best foreign trip from India to take if you’re tranquility lover. Your visit to Bhutan will give you the glimpse of some of the most picturesque monasteries like Tiger’s Nest, and trekkers can also hike scenic trekking places in Bhutan on their 6 Nights/ 7 Days Wonders of Bhutan tour package.

Best Things To Do in Bhutan: From rafting to monastery tours to archery and mindful meditation retreat, you will love your 4 to 5 days exploration in Bhutan.

7. Singapore


Singapore is the modern island paradise that perfectly fits for the backpackers or honeymooners who love abundance natural beauty, towering skyscrapers, romantic things to do, man-made attractions. From honeymoon hotels to romantic gardens to extravagant lifestyle and local Indian touch, Singapore will bewitch your mind.

Things to do in Singapore: Start your Singapore adventure from the magical Sentosa Island – the man-made island where you can take a romantic stroll with your sweetheart at Tanjong Beach and can dive into the fun of riding roller coaster rides, water rides.

Indulge yourself and don’t forget to ride the Singapore flyer which will take you to the height of 42 story building. You will feel adventure in your veins after enjoying the panoramic view of the whole of Singapore.

Tip: Best places to visit in Singapore can be best explored in 5 to 6 nights with our 5 nights Singapore tour with cruise, accommodations in 49,000 per person only!

8. Malaysia


Malaysia is the home to the best beaches in the world, and magical sunsets, sunrise, tropical climate are the few of the reasons to plan your vacations in Malaysia. Malaysia is the major tourist hub in South-East Asia and is an affordable destination to visit if you’re planning to book a cheap foreign trip from India.

From cruising to white water rafting to paragliding to Mangrove boat tours, you’ll fall short of time but not short of things to do in Malaysia on honeymoon.

Tip: The destination can best be experienced including the major sightseeing places like Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Pangkor, Redang Island in 3 to 4 days with our affordable Malaysia honeymoon package from India.

Things to do: Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, bask in the romantic charm of elevated hills and satiate your cravings for local Malaysian food. Dive into the underwater world and admire th flora and fauna, crystal blue water and coral reefs in Penang.

9. Dubai


The hotbed of extravagant luxury and ultra-romantic things to do, Dubai is a world-class international honeymoon destination to visit. Be it the best romantic hotels or a dinner cruise or lazing around the dunes of Dubai, it is the original destination that is best for all type of travellers.

From towering skyscrapers to luxury cars to grand shopping malls, Dubai is slightly expensive as compared to another cheap foreign trip from India, but I guess, luxury has a price. Don’t so think so?

Tip: However, Honeymoon Bug 4 nights / 5 days Dubai tour package will let you see the major tourist attractions of Dubai including best places to visit in Dubai only in around 45,000 per person only. How amazing is that? Grab the deals, now!

Highlights: Enjoy the splendid view of grand Dubai from the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, and you’ll be wowed by the experience. Explore the Palm shaped island – Palm Jumeraih and taste the luxury in the buffet dinner or lunch at the sand dunes of Dubai. Witness colour and light show at Dubai fountain while having a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. It is must visit experience on your Dubai tour package.

10. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the place to be to soak spectacular sights and romantic experiences in an international destination if you’re looking for a cheap foreign trip from India. Being the most densely populated place on earth, Hong Kong is the hotspot of traditional street markets, beautiful temples, fast-moving, skyscraper-dotted streets, flavorsome food, and drink options. This country is affordable to tour for 4 to 5 days with our Hong Kong honeymoon package starting in 29,999 Rs only.

Highlights: Visit the traditional temples, heritage sites, and monasteries and soak some spiritual vibes. Find everything for your new house in the Ladies Market, Stanley Market, and the Street Night Market.

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Deciding where to get the best & cheap international holiday packages with flight, accommodations to cheap foreign trip from India can make or break your international honeymoon vacations. So picking the right holiday packages including flight is more essential. And guess what?

Honeymoon Bug is offering the best of the best deals on international honeymoon package from India so can plan your honeymoon trip without any hassle.

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