15 Trending Pre Wedding Photoshoot Destinations In India You Need To Know

pre wedding photoshoot in Ladakh
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Nothing spells love stronger than exploring a number of the most romantic and beautifully wonderful places together with your existence partner as you move on a journey and discover the hidden charms of a foreign land. Make that enjoy even greater unique by using documenting your adventure and sweet moments in a pre-wedding ceremony photo shoot for lifetime memories on the way to not handiest make your wedding album a unique one but create keepsakes of your journey that you may constantly appearance returned onto. However, what if I inform you that you don’t ought to simplest remember places overseas to get a few splendid photographs, there are so many fabulous places proper here in India which are beautiful for pre-wedding ceremony photoshoots. The fine location for a pre wedding ceremony photo shoot in India is typically decided through where to find the great light fending off tourists and inclusive of iconic landmarks into your photographs.

However, selecting exactly where and what number of locations you want to travel to in your pre wedding ceremony photo shoot is a tough challenge because each photoshoot spot has a unique beauty to discover. And with most of your finances going into the actual wedding ceremony, you may not have plenty price range to go a long way, but fret no longer. Whether or not you are searching out greater price range-friendly places which include Udaipur or Delhi or chasing after panorama splendor in Himachal or Kerala you’re bound to find an appropriate vicinity on your desires and price range from our list of 15 trending Indian pre-wedding photoshoot destinations.

  • Udaipur, Rajasthan
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With only a short flight away or some hours far from Delhi, it isn’t always tough to peer why Udaipur is one of the growing wedding photoshoot destinations of preference with the aid of Indian couples. The entirety of this area spells magic. The City Of Lakes, Udaipur is blessed with beautiful palaces and minarets that provide a really perfect setting for a conventional themed pre-wedding ceremony photo shoot. For a couple, that knows that magnificence is everlasting and can not be compromised on; Udaipur is simply the suitable pre-wedding ceremony photo shoot destination in India.

Advice: Try to make the most of your pre-wedding by posing from different angles to get the best memory of your lifetime.

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  1. Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
pre wedding photoshoot in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
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There’s nowhere more majestic than the Alps for a beautiful pre-wedding photo session. Explore the picturesque lakes and magnificent snow-capped mountains with your love and discover medieval mountaintop villages in Spiti. Perfect for couples seeking an adventure and a beautiful surprise at every turn, Spiti is the perfect contrast to bring out the warmth of your relationship as your photographer documents your epic pre-wedding adventure.

Advice: If you’re an adventure junkiee, eat at the local homestays and try to make your stay over there.

  1. Auli, Uttarakhand – India’s very own Alaska
pre wedding photoshoot in Auli, Uttarakhand
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Need I say anything in favor of Auli, and why a photographer should go there? No. It’s called ‘heaven on earth’ for a reason, and just being there will tell you why. The slopes of Auli in Uttarakhand are no lesser than Switzerland in photos! The mountain ranges, bathed in the snow sheets makes Auli an awe-inspiring pre-wedding photoshoot location.

  1. Amber Fort, Jaipur
pre wedding photoshoot in Amber Fort, Jaipur1
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Remember the majestic fort which you saw in movies like BajiraoMastani and Jodha Akbar? Didn’t you dream of having your pre-wedding photo shoot there? Well, that is pretty feasible now! Yes, you read that right! The Pink Town of Jaipur provides you with all of the calm brilliant and cool colorations to get the fine photo shoot carried out. The vicinity is less expensive. Therefore, a single piece of a photograph can store many happy memories. Couples marrying soon will continually cherish this attempt of theirs for each other during the lifetime.

Tip: If luck is in your favor, you can get flying pigeons in the background of your photo shoot.

  1. Taj Mahal, Agra
pre wedding photoshoot in Taj Mahal, Agra1
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Who wouldn’t want to pose with the love of their lives in the front of the symbol of love and affection? Imagine the shoots on the history of the white marbles and the shots from the river Yamuna gives a traditional but lovable appearance to the pics being clicked by the photographer. Called the monument of love, this world marvel is exceptional for the tacky, romantic couples. With such a lot of views and incredible structure, The Taj is the precise vacation spot to capture two souls in sheer love beginning a new life together.

Advice: Choose a professional photographer to rekindle your romance as great photography skills are needed at this destination place.

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  1. Goa
pre wedding photoshoot in Goa
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Goa destination pre-wedding photoshoot at the sweeping bays, rocky headlands, Portuguese and Maratha forts and an unparalleled variety of spectacular beaches, beautiful, fun and romantic photos in the most incredible scenery of blue water and sunshine, is that the kind of pre-wedding you are looking for? It’s no surprise that loved-up couples end up gravitating towards this state whose beauty strikes you at every corner. Goa is one of the most astonishing destinations for pre-weddings; the tropical sunshine, crystal clear water, golden sunset and astonishing essence that Goa has to offer are ethereal.

Tip: Use the whites, splash hues of golden sand in the frame, add tinges of the sunny blue and put depth in your backdrops with the help of the never-ending sea.

  1. Ladakh
pre wedding photoshoot in Ladakh
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Ladakh needs no introduction and is absolutely a sight for sore eyes. Breathtakingly beautiful, the extensive blue expanse captivates both the eyes and the coronary heart in a single pass. Rated as the ‘Best-In-Travel Regions 2018’ list by Lonely Planet magazine, Ladakh is a picturesque land with the stark and lovely landscape clean blue skies rosy-cheeked locals and quaint villages make it one for the fine pre wedding ceremony shoots places India. Book Leh Ladakh Tour Packages with Us.

Advice: Pay a visit to one of the mesmerizing Pangong Lake to get the best of Ladakh photoshoot.

  1. Kerala
pre wedding photoshoot in Kerala
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Visiting Kerala and having pre-wedding photo shoot is a highly coveted experience. Discover mother nature masterpieces, imagine capturing the romance between you and your partner when in the background lush tea gardens and the undulating hills, the beauty of backwaters are establishing a union with the high skies. That is the thing about Kerala, it is literally God’s own country where you’ll have the love of your partner and the blessing of God at the same time.

Tip: Revel in the magnificence of the MunnarTea Gardens or bask in the romance of Alleppey Backwaters, you won’t be disappointed with Kerala.

  1. Pondicherry
pre wedding photoshoot in Pondicherry
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Pondicherry is yet another vibrant option for pre-wedding ceremony pictures. Ask your candid pre-wedding ceremony photographer to capture particular shots on Pondicherry’s seaside with the sun putting inside the backdrop! The stunning beaches and lovable French colonies make Pondicherry any other place that each couple would like to go to. And there’s no higher way to explore and revel in the staggering Pondicherry than to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding picture shoot to this land of wonders.

  1. Lodhi Garden, New Delhi
pre wedding photoshoot in Lodhi Garden, New Delhi
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For the couple who have already invested a large amount of money on their wedding, and would like to save up on a photo shoot, Lodhi Garden would be a great option. Not only is the entry free, but this park’s lush greenery will give a natural and breezy look to your photos. Nearby HauzKhas, Humayun’s Tomb is equally beautiful and sought after for pre-wedding shoots.

Advice: The best time to do your photo shoot here will be either during morning hours or late in the evening.

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  1. Andaman Island, The Ko Phi Phi of India
pre wedding photoshoot in Andaman
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There’s no better way to explore and experience the magnificent Andaman Island than to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime pre wedding photoshoot to this land of wonders. From the white sand beach at Havelock Island to the lush green forest lined beaches of Neil Island, Andaman is renowned for the jewel waters wrap that around the sandy shores of its pristine beaches, and the jaw-dropping sunsets that hang over the island. This pristine island have such amazing views to offer you and your loved one, and your photographer will have a ball with all the amazing sights.

Tip:  If the view fits we say dig your feet into the gentle sand and pose against the scenic expanse of the blue waters that extend into the horizon.

  1. Mumbai, The City Of Dreams
pre wedding photoshoot in Mumbai
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An energetic metropolis that never sleeps, Mumbai boasts some breathtaking sights like the Marine Drive and the BandraWorli Sea face. MalshejGhat will charm you with its serenity. The city that gave birth to Bollywood has some really exotic and breathtaking places where you can relive your favorite film scenes or rather get your own love story filmed in Bollywood style. The City of Dreams offers endless venue choices for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Advice: Don’t forget to pose at the Majestic Taj Hotel to get the best of your Pre-wedding photoshoot.

  1. Athirapally Falls, Kerala
pre wedding photoshoot in Athirapally Falls, Kerala
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Want to make your own Bahubali trail on your Kerala vacation? Why not make the paradise of the movie your Pre-wedding photoshoot reality? Athirapally is the place where Baahubali was shot! Yes, the falls are lovely around the monsoons, and look stunning in photographs! If you’re planning a pre-wedding shoot in Kerala and around the monsoons, this is one gorgeous spot!

Advice: To get the best pictures, plan your pre-wedding shoot in and around Monsoon

  1. The Rafting Capital Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

 rafting in rishikesh uttarakhand india

Craving a flavor of adventure to your pre-wedding ceremony picture shoot? Rishikesh is a famous location among couples for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Famous for its whitewater rafting, and home to the holy river Ganga, Rishikesh surely is one of the most visited destinations for weddings and celebrations and can be a great pick for your pre-wedding album.

  1.   Sun Kissed Romance At Neemrana Fort, Jaipur
pre wedding photoshoot in Neemrana Fort, Jaipur
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Nestled amidst the hills of aravali ranges neemrana fort is a restored place located on a few hours away from delhi this place is a home to innumerable courtyards watchtowers and corridors that provides impressive backdrops for your pre-wedding photos at here.

Take your love to any of these gorgeous settings for a truly one-of-a-kind wedding album and experience by picking our best pre wedding shoot locations in India that best suits you. And tell us in the comment section below if you want to add more locations to this list.

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