Top 21 Things to Do In Malaysia on Your Honeymoon

Romantic Sunset malaysia
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If you are planning your honeymoon soon, you should definitely consider making Malaysia your top travel option! With 13 states of vastly differing landscapes, absolutely delectable food and an all-around tropical weather, don’t discount what this country can offer you and your significant other as you embark on your first step into marital bliss. Whether you are seeking an idyllic beach getaway or crave a romantic and culturally-rich experience, Malaysia has it all. Malaysia honeymoon tour is a memorable gateway to enjoy the romantic holidays at a perfect location where natural beauty, attractive rides and amazing views that give a glimpse of the different culture and tradition.

It takes you to indulge in a pleasant and memorable experience on a relaxing journey.  We’re going to tell you why! You’ll get a chance to see the man-made wonders, attractions, panoramic views of the valley and markets with many photographic opportunities. An opportunity to buy souvenirs for your loved one that remains in your lifetime remembrance. Believe us, Malaysia is a calming journey to explore the beauty of the most exciting places in a romantic manner. I’m going deep on details with our Top 21 Things to Do in Malaysia on your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Bug List of Top Honeymoon Things to do in Malaysia


  1. Cruise Around The Romantic Putrajaya Lake

Cruise Around The Romantic Putrajaya Lake Malaysia - best things to do in malaysia

Enjoy a memorable trip down the serene man-made marvel called Putrajaya Lake with your beloved. You can even choose a romantic boat-adventure for two on board the Malay styled canoe, with your personal non-public boat guy and enjoy the scenic beauty that the lake has to offer. Get in touch together with your personal guide earlier than hand and they’ll make certain that everything is ready and equipped for the each of you. To make matters even extra interesting, move in advance and set up a marvel for your lover it’ll honestly be an experience that each of you will always cherish.


  1. Watch the Sunset from the Peak Of Broga Hill

Watch the Sunset from the Peak Of Broga Hill Malaysia

Are you seeking out a romantic idea to your honeymoon? What about an adorable spot to witness the sunset? Don’t tell all, but right here at Broga Hill, you can witness the beautiful sunset with your partner. Catching the sunset in serenity with your partner need to pinnacle the desire-list. It’s each hopeless romantic’s kryptonite. Even as maximum couples seek such moments from the roof of high rise homes, Broga Hill gives a view more precise. From the pinnacle of the hill at sundown you’ll get to understand each the lush greenery and the metropolis lighting.


  1.  Dreaming Of a Romantic Stroll on the Beach? Malaysia Has Some Of The Best Beaches!

malaysia beach

Okay, we understand. No honeymoon is complete without a romantic stroll on the beach while watching the sunrise or sunset. And if you’re looking for a seashore honeymoon vacation spot in Malaysia, Tioman Island has clearly gorgeous seashores with blissful surrounding which might be best for the romantic getaway. Rest and loosen up in the mantra at Tioman Islands – set away from buzzing civilization, this clustered island paradise is drenched in tropical a ambiance which is an ideal romantic retreat for honeymoon couples. Add a gist of adventure to your idyllic day out and task into the enchanting oceanic global with a snorkeling and scuba diving experience.


  1. Travel to the Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands malaysia - malasiya best things to do

Making it to the Highlands is a must, even if you aren’t a natural person because the views are just spectacular. Take a trail deep into the gorgeous forests and fields to get a taste for why the British officers vacationed here in the 19th century. If you’d rather not get your feet dirty check out the extensive flower nurseries, the butterfly gardens or the honeybee farms. They’ve got open markets boasting some of the local flora and fauna, and you won’t want to miss a trip there either so figure out how to get there, and then enjoy!


  1. Check Out Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands malaysia

All you need to book a one-way flight (or boat) to the Perhentian Islands is to take a look at the pictures on Google images; you can’t get whiter sands, clearer water, or more of a tropical paradise anywhere in the world, guaranteed. Head out for a hike in their untamed jungles or spread out on the beach with a blanket; you can literally take this vacation in any direction. Just remember, they light bonfires on the beach at night that is a must-see for anyone who loves a beach walk or stargazing late at night.


  1. Go Pangkor Island Hopping

Go Pangkor Island Hopping malaysia - things to do in malaysia

Pangkor Island is all about barefoot laid returned entertainment and underwater adventures. Set some distance away from contemporary civilization, nature, and coastal living at its great welcomes you warmly. Unarguably, abounded with a number of the best beach places in Malaysia, Pangkor Islands are much less crowded and extra subdued in comparison to other islands. When you aren’t taking part in the sun, sea, and sand, gets into the waters for some splashing amusing activities inclusive of jet skiing and kayaking. In case you love adventure, you and the one you love can take a tour of the colorful ocean mattress on scuba diving and snorkeling sessions. That’s no longer all, you can additionally go jungle trekking and mountain trekking, and discover the barren region of the island as well.


  1. Get Lost In Virginal Charm of Taman Negara

Taman Negara malaysia

Fall in love all once more with the one you love and with nature. If peace, romance, and tranquillity are what you wish for, Taman Negara grants your want many folds. The dazzling tropical rainforests of Taman Negara exudes nature’s virginal appeal at the side of a touch of the journey. Aside from taking part in the completely satisfied nature vistas and quietness, there are a lot of studies anticipating you. You can explore the wilderness on jungle treks, walk across the longest suspension bridge in the global, enjoy bird watching, mingle with locals at tribal villages, and attempt rowing upstream on a boating journey in Sungai Tembeling’s fast currents.


  1. Create Huge Splashes at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park malaysia

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is the first-rate vicinity for the couple who love interesting sports. Here, you can revel in the suspension adventure rope path. Then after taking part in the exhilaration in Adventure Park, you may spend your day with the aid of experiencing the characteristic of traditional subject matter parks. You may play as long as you could, or strive to do all of your preferred sports from your childhood! Nobody will forestall you in expressing your inner-infant whilst you experience colorful decorations and kind of jaw-dropping water slides which are perfect for a honeymoon splash.

Website: –


  1. Marvel at the Beautiful View from Langkawi SkyLab

Langkawi SkyLab malaysia

Langkawi would surely provide you with the best sky cab experience that you will ever have. Imagine getting a bird’s eye view of the Andaman Sea with your partner that will give both of you an adrenaline boost and a story to remember for the rest of your lives. Take a trip with Langkawi’s famous cable car and enjoy the scenic view over the island. However, be conscious: the trip isn’t for the faint hearted this is one in all steepest cable car ropes within the global. Once you attain the pinnacle of Machincang Mountain you can experience a 360 diploma view of the islands and the plant life round its truly lovely activity to try for your honeymoon.


  1. Plan a Romantic Historical Tour

batu caves temple malaysia

Did you already know that Kuala Lumpur’s vintage city center is packed with historical stories and beautiful places? For that reason, you have to enjoy them as much as you may! Your host will take you to some of the maximum popular locations like the Sultan Abdul Samad building, countrywide Museum and the Batu Caves Temple and ensure you don’t miss any secret insights about those terrific places. Also get to stroll alongside Merdeka rectangular and relive the kingdom’s moments of independence.

After seeing those widely known ancient jewels, revel in a number of the hidden gemstones of the metropolis that most effective a true local could recognize. a panoramic view of the metropolis, and journeying hidden Hindu temples and vintage Christian church buildings will make it here in your listing of things to do in Kuala Lumpur as a couple.


  1. Indulge In Delicious Food

delicious malaysian food

Super eating places with delicious specialties can be located everywhere in Malaysia and in case you are if you love seafood don’t forget about to try the nearby recipes in some restaurants. You can even pick a fish from the aquarium in the front of you– it doesn’t get fresher than that. A lot of the food and components you will strive there is a form of aphrodisiac. You can locate grilled chook or seafood, fresh juices, homemade ice tea, the sparkling end result, salads, satay, samosas and many one-of-a-kind goodies including cookies, pancakes. The listing is countless. Move there and consume, I promise you may love it! So what extra do you need for a super honeymoon?


  1. Explore Redang Island for a Paradisiacal Honeymoon

redang island malaysia

Imagine yourself within the lap of verdant nature on an island whose splendor surpasses any description! That is Redang Island for you. One of the quality locations for Honeymoon in Malaysia, Redang Island appeals to the couples due to the isolation and picturesque nature that it gives. Redang Island is also well-known for supplying snorkeling and diving possibilities. This island is best for seaside vacations, getaway journey, romantic experience, honeymoon, diving and for couples who simply love the mixture of water, sun & beach.


  1. Witness Romantic Sunset Together

Romantic Sunset malaysia

Despite the fact that all people have watched sunset frequently and in many locations, it is constantly brilliant and extraordinary, mainly if you are with your special one. Take a bottle of wine and take your partner to remote seashore, far from the group of people and experience the right sunset on the Malaysian sky. since the country is one of the preferred honeymoon vacation spots, it would appear to you which you are in a fairytale; couples all around, romance inside the air, people in love with every different, playing like there’s no the next day.


  1. Explore Beautiful Beaches of Langkawi

Beaches of Langkawi

Famed as one of Asia’s most lovely tropical islands, Langkawi is fringed with idyllic white-sand beaches, swaying palm bushes and crystal clear waters that teem with colorful marine lifestyles – honestly perfect for a romantic getaway or honeymoon in Malaysia. Experience Langkawi’s herbal beauty by hiring a car, motorbike, and bicycle or follow scenic forest trails taking walks to discover picturesque waterfalls and landscapes of lakes and mountain peaks. The famous beaches in Langkawi are PantaiCenang (busy and watersports hub), Tenagh (now not so crowded but still a city seashore) and TanjungRhu (white sand secluded beach surrounded by means of small islands and suitable sea).

If those beaches aren’t romantic sufficient for you, I have an answer: hire a non-public boat and explore the opposite ninety-nine island around Langkawi. Trust me, you won’t regret!


  1. Explore the Nightlife of Kuala Lumpur like a Local

Nightlife of Kuala Lumpur

Your list of things to do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur as a couple isn’t always complete without a bar crawl via the locals’ preferred spots. Kuala Lumpur has one of the most colorfulnighttime lives in Southeast Asia, and your nearby host is the excellent person to show you across the high-quality nightlife hotspots from Bukit Bintang to JalanTunRazak.

Let your personal guide take you to the quality places for a drink and a laugh, and advise you on the best locations for a romantic evening together with your accomplice. Whether or not you’re searching out a non-violent drink collectively at a quiet bar or to bounce all night time lengthy at a loud nightclub, there’s truly an excellent spot for you right here.


  1. Experience a Stay in World’s Only Oil Rig Hotel With A 360 Degree Celebs Sea View

Oil Rig Hotel With A 360 Degree Celebes Sea View malaysia

Well, this will in reality turn out to be the maximum memorable thing which you will have accomplished in your lifetime, you may get yourself and your companion get Indulged on this interesting marine journey, it’s far just one within the complete world and staying there might come up with a 360 diploma view of the Celebs sea that might come up with and your partner the great deal wished thrill and seclusion that will make you and your associate sense as in case you are by myself inside the sea.


  1. Sunsets Are a Perfect for Drinks & Kisses

After a long day exploring Langkawi or sunbathing on the beach, the twilight is the moment everybody is waiting for. From the boat, from the beach or from the balcony of your hotel, doesn’t matter, sit beside your love and enjoy the beautiful nature! One more day is finishing and tomorrow a new opportunity to life and love, which is an excuse enough to be happy and celebrate! I know that not everybody is as romantic as me (actually I don’t consider myself a super romantic boy), but for sure Langkawi will melt your heart. The island is so relaxed, friendly and full of couples that seem the love is floating on the air. It’s something contagious I think!


  1. Make Your Stay in Luxurious Resorts

romantic dinners at the beach malaysia

Given that Malaysia is very popular as a honeymoon destination, many resorts and hotels have custom made packages for the newlyweds; breakfast in the mattress, romantic dinners at the beach, plants, baths and massages with crucial oils and lots greater. You mustn’t even leave the resort if you aren’t inside the mood. Simply lay down, enjoy and spend all your unfastened time relaxing with your partner. I mean nothing could be better than that on your honeymoon? You can relate.


  1.  Try Ziplining Over the Ocean Of Borneo

Try Ziplining Over the Ocean Of Borneo malaysia - thing to do in malaysia

You can attempt ziplining instead of island hopping on a ship, additionally, this will come to be a memorable experience in order to experience together with your companion and maybe an enjoy that you may cherish for all time for the rest of your life. Consider discovering yourself in the middle of the ocean that too with a velocity of 65 km/h, additionally, you may revel in a rejuvenating dip inside the waters of Borneo. And the great part of it is even cheaper than you booking a boat for yourself.


  1. For a Dazzling City Honeymoon Enjoy a Pleasant and Lavish Stay at Villa Samadhi in Kuala Lumpur

Villa Samadhi in Kuala Lumpur malaysia

That is a surely close escapade which is merely ten minutes of drive from the famous Jl town middle. Its miles a villa with twenty-one rooms in which there’s contemporary Asian design which meets and joins up with the nature to form an exciting blend you may have a lavish stay here pampering your partner and taking part in a lavish excursion. There are six distinct varieties of rooms which have all the comforts consisting of contemporary kitchen swimming pool romantic balconies and extravagant bathtubs.

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  1. Have a Picnic Together While Enjoying a Beautiful View

Kuala Lumpur is a city surrounded by hills with breathtaking perspectives. This makes it the best vicinity for a picnic. Your local host will display you the nice viewpoints, in addition to the standard grocery stalls and shops wherein you may purchase food and wine for your picnic. Revel in a relaxed meal with your loved one, even as taking inside the fantastic city skyline surrounded with the aid of village and suburban surroundings. Take top-notch photographs to commemorate your experience collectively and permit your personal guide to personalize your revel in for an ideal romantic picnic. Sincerely, a quite encouraged component to do in Kuala Lumpur as a couple!

I hope that our Malaysia Honeymoon Guide has helped you with your planning for perfect honeymoon. If you enjoyed it, please share it on Facebook! And if you need any help with where to stay, things to do, places to visit, feel free to connect with us. Till now, visit our website and browse Malaysia Tour Packages that best fits in your budget.

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