List Of Top 13 Romantic Honeymoon Places In Sikkim

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To your surprise, wonders come even in small packages. If you like to witness it, you need to visit the charming Sikkim state by choosing Sikkim honeymoon packages. This picturesque state is placed at the knee of magical Himalayas and it is the second smallest state will make you wonder for its captivating charm and prismatic beauty. Being the gateway for North-Eastern corridor, Sikkim not only encompasses captivating beauty but also provides interesting things to carry out & charming places to visit as well. Here is the list of top 13 romantic honeymoon places in Sikkim during your blissful holiday.

13. Gangtok:

Best Honeymoon Destination of Sikkim – Gangtok

Whether you search for lush forests, gurgling rivers, serene beauty or mental peace, Gantok is the only place to fulfill the desires of nature lovers. Whether you believe or not, limiting the appeal and alluring charm of Gangtok is almost hard for anyone who plans to visit Sikkim state. Gangtok is the capital city of charismatic Sikkim state which is situated in the location of Eastern Himalayas. The adventure lovers can get benefit from river rafting, car rides, mountain biking and other blissful activities.

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12. Yuksom


Yuksom is renowned as “Meeting place of 3 Lamas” and it is highly praised for its rustic appeal and pristine beauty. Yuskom is considered to be the origin of numerous enthralling trekking activities and it is situated in the western parts of pleasing Sikkim state. Being the ancient monastery of serene Sikkim state, this pictographic hamlet is one of the most serene and peaceful places to visit. You are sure to get untouched nature and pristine beauty in Yuksom.

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11. Tsomgo Lake

Most Famous Honeymoon places to visit in Sikkim – Tsomgo

When you head to visit Gangtok, you will never forget to visit Changu Lake or Tsomgo Lake. Though the lake seems to be frozen during the winter month, summer brings great appeal and magic harm to Tsomgo. During this time, turquoise waterfall from the lake reflects the wonderful views of azure sky and nearby peaks. Situated within 38Km from the capital city of Sikkim, it lies with a height of 12400feet & known as one of the tallest lakes in India.

10. Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass
Must visit honeymoon place in Sikkim – Nathula Pass

This striking pass is situated above the sea level at the height of 4310m & links Sikkim with Tibet. Being the highest motorable pass in the world, this is open only for the Indians but they have to get permission from the department of tourism to visit this pass. The foreigners cannot able to visit Nathula Pass.

9. Pelling

Best places to visit in Sikkim – Pelling

Situated above the sea at the altitude of 7200 feet, this picturesque town is filled with breathtaking views, several waterfalls, natural beauty & adventurous activities like trekking, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking and many others. Every ardent fan seems to love this destination in the captivating Himalayan range. One can get wonderful views of Kanchenjunga Peak and Himalayas by choosing best Sikkim holiday package.

8. Lachung

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim – Lachung

There are numerous reasons to love Lachung. Being the famous snow-destination of Sikkim, it is situated at the altitude of 8610 feet. Situated in the northern segment of Sikkim, this charming mountain village is decorated with the stunning beauty of Lachung Chu River which is known as Lachung Gompa. Its surreal and untouched beauty makes it as one of the charming and scenic tourist places in Sikkim.

7. Ravangla

best honeymoon places to see in Sikkim – Ravangl


tled in the middle of Tendong and Maenam Hills, Ravangla is one of the best places to see in Sikkim. It is paradise place for bird watchers to view endangered and most rare bird species of the world. During your visit, you are sure to view verditre flycatchers, cuckoos, babblers, dark-throated thrush, blue whistling thrush and many others.

6. Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery
Best Honeymoon Destinations of Sikkim – Rumtek Monastery

Considered as the biggest monasteries of Sikkim, this Rumtek Monastery is known to be the ancient monasteries of the state. This monastery is situated near the Gangtok and it is famous for Buddhist traditions and culture and also known famously as “Dharma Chakra Centre”. It is the best place to know about Buddhism and attain mental peace.

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5. Namchi

Honeymoon Attractions of Sikkim – Namchi

Namchi means “top of the sky” in the Tibetan language which will be proved when you visit the place. Situated above the sea level at the height of 1675m and around 92 km from the capital city of Gangtok, it is renowned as one of the gorgeous cities of the state. It is known as a pilgrimage center for Buddhists. Most of the Hindu Devotees visit this place because it has 108 ft Lord Shiva statue.

4. Do-Drul Chorten

Do-Drul Chorten
Honeymoon Places to visit in Sikkim – Do-Drul Chorten

This Stupa is the largest one in Sikkim and it is built by Truslshi Rimpoche in the year 1945. Withstanding a high importance among all religious places in the state, this largest stupa is tied with 108 Mani Lhakor prayer wheels to connect with one’s inner self.

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3. Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden
Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim for Couples – Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

This garden is situated closer to Rumket Monastery and it is the home for several exotic and rare species of trees and plans. If you are a vibrant nature lover, this verdant and lush green botanical garden offers a colorful offering in the Treasure Island. Some of the rare orchid species of this garden are native to this place & holds commercial and medicinal value as well. When you visit this place with family members, particularly with children then your visit will be mixed with colorful ambiance and mesmerizing scenes.

  1. Yumthang Valley
Yumthang Valley
Romantic Honeymoon places in Sikkim – Yumthang Valley

Really visit breathtaking Yumthang Valley seems to be colorful affair! Situated at the height of 3500m, this alluring valley is dwelling for several wilds, rare and exotic flowers. It is well said that one who trips to this quintessential valley will get attracted by its alluring beauty and treacherous colors. Cobra lilies, cinquefoils, and louseworts are some of the commonly available species in this valley.

  1. Gurudongmar
Best and last honeymoon destinations in Sikkim – Gurudongmar

The last place in the list is Gurudongmar Lake which is regarded as the popular freshwater lake at the height of 17,800 feet. This lake is considered holy water by devotees. It is called as Tso Lhsmo Lake and remains frozen during winters with one of the portions of the lake never freezes.

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