Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Hong Kong for Honeymoon Couples

Sunset Cruise on Victoria Harbour
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Hong Kong is the beautiful place for the honeymoon trip.  It has enriched with the colorful range of tourist destinations. When it comes to romance different sensational places are available to spend more time. If you are choosing this destination for your honeymoon tour you have the high range of options to make traveling with your loved one. Various destinations exist for honeymoon trip around world, but Hong Kong is the topmost and perfect place for newly married couples.  They have lots of places to enjoy the honeymoon with sightseeing spots. In your limited package, you may visit most beautiful places and acquire new traveling experience.   Honeymoon destinations help to captures photographs with natural backgrounds.

If you are searching for the romantic things to do in hong kong, you have the high range of options to see hidden spots on the trip.  Plenty of romantic places are there in hong kong. The city is surrounded by sensational harbors and other spots.  A couple has the vast number of tourist places to celebrate your honeymoon.  It is the best destination to take the trip on holidays.  From the various destinations, you choose wonderful spots for a trip. Great selection of options is existed for clients to choose right package. It gives the great tour and treats them to beautiful trips.

Here Top 10 romantic thing to do in hong kong are given following content



It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong.  In the romantic destination, couples spend lots of time.  In the country, you see grandest and opulent temples.  Tourist attraction in the location invites out to the visitors to view stunning place.    It is home to big Buddha that measures more than a hundred feet in height. Views on countryside offer the exciting adventure for tourist.  It has best vegetarian cuisine and spectacular areas that served in the canteen.  To visit the location people are come by cable car or road.

Sunset Cruise on Victoria Harbour:

Sunset Cruise on Victoria Harbour

It is one of romantic thing done by couples.  Every day boat journey takes from the most popular harbor.  This amazing spot to see the sunset behind hong kong from Chinese junk.  You capture photographs of the skyscrapers fade to sunset.  Traditional Chinese boat will be taken on the boat ride.  It gives enhancing look some attractive ionic buildings.  In the location,  skyline shares fascinating facts of the sights.  Eye flowing water are surrounded by theopathic gives beautiful views of modern culture.  Towering cruise ships to make a traditional ride to the destination. The sight gives exotic sports to see a tour package.

Victoria Peak:

Victoria Peak

The peal contains 552-meter Mountain that assists you to take wonderful photographs on the tour.  The forest of skyscrapers gives eye-catching density.  From Victoria harbor, you might able to travel easily.  It takes the eight-minute ride off the ground. This peak tower has fantastic places   Madame Tussauds Museums, Cantonese restaurant Sky Terrace and other spots.  Travelers are elegant to reach the destination without any issues. This romantic place offers different models of transport to reach on required time.

Private City & Repulse Bay Cruise:

Private City & Repulse Bay Cruise

In hong kong, you might acquire relaxation place in the coastal region.  It makes you enjoy on sparkling bays, crystal clear beaches, and rugged islands.  In Repulse bay you go boat ride to get an amazing feel for riding.  Boats are departed by causeway bay, you greet captain for riding. The friendly captain makes the ride safe and secure.  It comes with gorgeous catamaran which that takes to the iconic cityscape of hong kong.  It will start from coast region.  You see spacious places such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Island, and Repulse Bay. It gives idyllic and admiring views to visitors.

Lantau Islands Sunset Tour:

Lantau Islands Sunset Tour

It is most romantic place in these days. Most of the married couples are willing to see a stunning view on their honeymoon tour.  Lantau Island makes you enjoy a trip with full of fun.  On this trip, you view longest beaches, beautiful Cheung Sha beach and spacious evening sky that help to take the transfer back to the towns.   Most significant places are a view from the cable cars.  It gives more memorable spots on an island and enjoys time by watching a sunset.  It is arrival on popular giant Buddha and majestic statue.

Private Session with Local Photographer:

Private Session with Local Photographer

Hong Kong helps you to visit luxury places and elegant to capture photographs of life time memories.  The professional photographer is available to take photos with the best quality. They also take photos for pre-wedding.  Photographer captures beautiful moments on the trip.  Private photo shoot offer images that convenient to your need with high image resolution.   On the day shoot, you take romantic photos with your loved one.  Digital copies of photos are shared with the best clarity. They capture images with best backdrops of the city.  In the session, you take photos of landmarks, possible location, and other places.

Spa session:

Spa session

In the honeymoon tour package, a spa is included to acquire perfect relaxation.  It is the very famous place which combines with pampering treatment like facial, body scrub and etc. You get spa from top leading hotel luxurious Chuan Spa situated in Langham Place Hotel.  They provide three-hour massage for people who include hot stone treatment, Chinese massage, and foot path.  They incorporate on offering traditional Chinese massage.  With your complete experience, they offer massage to reduce stress on the therapy. They handle treatment for soothing your soul, nourishing skin, calming mind, and relaxation.

Sai Kung Country Park:

Sai Kung Country Park

It is becoming commercialized and industrialized nowadays.  The park remains beauty of nature and views unspoiled area on the seaside.   In the park, you find informative visitor center which hiking with dotted trails.  It flanked with protected parks and views some spots from the watery vantage point in the small boat. Local say of eating foods are available in the town.  It hikes out Tai long Wan and easterly beaches.  The hiking trails help to visit awesome places with delicious foods.  All tourists visit this place on their honeymoon tour.   They may take beautiful images with nature.

Hong Kong Park:

Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Honeymoon package help to see glass buildings and concrete buildings which surrounded the location. In the park, you view top most attractions on the small hill.  It is surrounded by large boundaries to enjoy the tour of the climate.  It is the most expensive destination in the world which helps you to see a colonial building.   Lots of plants indigenous recreate different climates.

Hong Kong Backstreet:

Hong Kong Backstreet

This is perfect destination for active couples who like to look at streets of the city.  There are different modes of transport available for tourist.  It explores locals markets, old villages and much more. You see old customs and tradition in the place. It picks you from your hotel and explores contemporary places in the city.  It gives best traveling experience on the journey. Modern tram system helps to ride city rapidly.  You find spacious places around the city.


Are you are planning for honeymoon trip? Choose Hong Kong with the best Honeymoon package and acquire memorable in your life.   It gives the clear guide to enjoy the trip.

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