Top 10 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

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You’ve got the ring — now jump into the planning! Getting married might be the perfect time for you and your soulmate to rejoice the start for the rest of your lives as a married couple. Finding a person to spend the relaxation of your lifestyles with…ought to be a nice feeling and deserves a destination as a memory of the moment and the perfect photography place where it is captured. However, have you ever given an idea of how you would love to get married? And that I don’t suggest the same old wedding ceremony stuff in the unwell manner our society confirms “marriage” to be. I’m talking about absolutely the cool, geeky day goals destination wedding you had whilst you’ve imagined yourself getting hitched. Nicely, you can! With the new-found penchant for destination weddings, the Indian hospitality enterprise is leaping on the bandwagon organizing a few immensely amazing wedding ceremony venues through the years. From opulent palaces to the lavish grand hotels to the pristine beaches, Destination Weddings can look like they fell instantly from a storybook.

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To make your Big Day very special, we’ve comprised a quick list of India’s best top 10 maximum stunning destination wedding venues in India that includes opulent palaces, grand hotels, and pristine beaches.

Top 10 Luxury Wedding Destinations in India

  1. Udaipur: For a place paradise wedding destination in India


Out of the top 10 domestic spots in which honeymooners checked in on facebook Udaipur comes first, and its no surprise. Also referred to as the paradise of Rajasthan, Udaipur is a lavish city characterized with the aid of glorious palaces that creates the ideal atmosphere for the destination wedding. One of the leader amongst them the city palace. you could name the grandeur of Rajasthan this big palatial complex has a chain of splendid houses that serve as wedding ceremony venues sometimes; ZeenaMehal, Manekchowk, and Shivani were palace popular amongst them. And that’s except the serene Pichola lake that beautifully encompasses the metropolis palace.

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  1. Shimla: for a highland Himalayan romance

shimla trip

Known for its rolling hills, gushing rivers, stunning valleys and all the wine your heart desires, Shimla will be the perfect place for a wedding.  \The serene escape from the hustle and bustle of a city, Shimla oozes with romance thanks to its isolated nature and stunning scenery. Weddings are a big business in Shimla, so you’ll have no problem finding a variety of venues, from over-the-top estates to modest farmhouses.

  1. Kerala, for a romance in “Gods own Country”


The tranquility and warm sea breeze will set the right tone in your union in Kerala. Immensely popular via the name of gods own us of a Kerala personifies love and scenic grandeur. Kerala offers many lodging options. Chances are you will want to plan your wedding ceremony right here because the state is so incredibly beautiful you wouldn’t need to leave simply as but. From pristine backwaters to the correct skies to the Arabian sea watching for your attention. Getting married in Kerala is the stuff that desires are made from.

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  1. Agra, for a place that resembles true love


Add a stroke of royal love when choosing your dream Destination Wedding venue in India. Home to one of the most significant historical wonders of the world “The Taj Mahal”, Agra is undeniably a perfect location for a wedding!! Ignite your romance by tying knots in a place where a monument is built as an offering for true love and gifts your partner the tears of joy and sensation of excitement. Agra is one of the most stunning backdrops for a destination wedding in India and symbolizes love for all times.

  1.  Goa: For Party Wedding Ambiance


Who wouldn’t want to get married on pristine beach with the most glorious blue water sweeping the shore one wave at a time while the sky turns gold and orange with the setting sun? No one. Because of its popularity as a party capital destination, the Goa is often overlooked as a potential wedding destination in India, but it’s worth considering.  From simple ceremonies on the beach to five-star gala weddings, Goa a beautiful destination with year-round sunshine practically guaranteed, which is perfect for destination weddings in India.

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  1. Jaipur, for a place paradise wedding destination in India


They called it the Pink City of India, the location is ideal for couples who are asking to experience like queen and kings of their wedding season. The splendor of getting married in Jaipur in which you don’t want to are searching for some distance to discover a quiet place to tie the knot. Each inch is an absolutely top notch. the wedding venues in Jaipur are not anything brief of grandiose from the picture-perfect background splendor to the grand haveli architecture and resplendent interiors with a colorful lifestyle, Jaipur lends itself flawlessly as a destination for your wedding in India.

  1. Mussoorie, For A Perfect Summer Retreat


Mountain weddings are usually so dreamy. if you need a super backdrop for your bridal ceremony so that your photographs emerge as beautiful then Mussoorie is the area a good way to get married. The hills cool breeze and your family around you celebrating the maximum unique day of your lifestyles completes the aura and feeling to be married right here. this frequented hill station translates into an extravagant destination wedding center. A summertime wedding within the cold placing is sure to depart one excited and enthusiastic.

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  1. Andaman And Nicobar Island

Andaman And Nicobar Island

Think of a wedding far away from the mainland inside the midst of sparkling white sand transparent blue waters sunny palm seaside and serene resorts? That’s what Andaman and Nicobar bring to the desk. Have your wedding ceremony on a seaside or on an island or hire a resort and trade vows in the backdrop of the Indian ocean. The pleasing weather of Andaman and Nicobar provides to the satisfying revel in of marrying right here.

  1. Lavasa, for a mysterious-themed wedding destination


There can’t is something greater enticing than taking the ones wedding vows together with your love in an environment complete of peace high-quality silence and a rejuvenating contact of nature in Lavasa Maharashtra. This vicinity isn’t quite commonplace among few of the visitor but it will likely be within the pinnacle listing within a yr or two as one of the first-rate locations to get married. Express your unique character in a mind-blowing manner. by means of selecting a wedding destination that defines who you certainly are. Tie knots and forever be in love. Lavasa an area in which simplicity meets the mysterious beauty. The serenity of this area is going to add greater appeal in your wedlock.

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  1. Rishikesh, for religious riverside venue


When it comes to customs traditions and traditional wedding coupled with a vacation spot twist there is not a better location than Rishikesh. It’s far certainly going to be a possible preference to get married underneath the stunning sky with a groovy breeze of air at the banks of river Ganga. The heritage hub of India is considered to be holy and sanctimonious to begin your marital journey from Rishikesh. The facilities right here to host a lavish wedding ceremony is not any less than a Goa or Jaipur. The scenic presence and rustic charm also ensure outstanding photographs.

Advice:  Remember the fact that whilst selecting a wedding destination, your friends and circle of relatives also are a part of the ceremony so that you may remember taking hints from them as properly.

I’m hoping our list of top 10 luxury Wedding Destinations in India helped you pick out and the maximum compelling wedding vacation spot of your desire.

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