Top 10 Ideal Honeymoon Destinations In Sri Lanka

Bentota - best honeymoon destination in sri lanka
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The advent of a whole new life is here, as you and your significant other take your first steps together as a married couple. To take stock of all the emotional changes in your life, which destinations will you choose to send your love to your lover in order to have the most magical holiday of your life?  With the natural charm, vibrant colors, pristine beaches, and luxurious comfort, Sri Lanka is the destination where romance is found in the tranquillity of its beaches, the lushness of its gardens, and breathtaking sunsets. Honeymoon trips to Sri Lanka will bring the couples unforgettable and meaningful experiences.

Wondering why couples are flocking to Sri Lanka? Read on! Browse through this list of 10 honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka for your ideal one-in-a-lifetime honeymoon package that suits your taste.

  1. Ceylon Tea Trails

ceylon tea trails - Honeymoon places in sri lanka

Ever heard of a luxurious holiday resort positioned amidst a tea property? Ceylon tea trails make it take place giving you and your partner the right surrounding to re-connect with tranquility. This resort consists of five bungalows from the colonial technology restored on the strains of the gold trendy for luxurious bungalows in Sri Lanka. Each private room has a dedicated butler service and your romantic honeymoon package deal comes with notable gourmand cuisine. And what’s more? All this pampering comes with an exceptional view. Stand anywhere on the property of Ceylon Tea Trails and you’ll have breathtaking panoramas of the relevant highlands mountains lush tea fields and cascading waterfalls.

  1.  Bentota

Bentota - best honeymoon destination in sri lanka

Bentota is a coastal city that is located in the Galle district. one of the major attractions of Sri Lanka Bentota hosts several travelers every 12 months. Even though it is fine known for water sports activities Bentota additionally gives ayurvedic remedies and spas and is packed with quaint villages in jungles. Snorkeling, kayaking, wind-surfing banana boat driving are a number of the many water sports that you can strive. There are also many schools in Bentota that educate you the basics of scuba-diving. So in case, you both are journey enthusiasts you may enjoy your life in Bentota.

  1. Sunset watching at Mirissa

Sunset watching at Mirissa

Spending time by holding your loved one’s hand by experiencing the beauty of a sunset is all you need at Mirissa, Sri Lanka. take a stroll within the white sand and slip into the hammock. Watch the complete scene sun taking place as it makes the sky blush in its afterglow. Mirissa gives the mind-blowing view of the sundown. Like two lovers beaches and romance pass hand in hand in Sri Lanka and also you don’t ought to be a newlywed to sense the love inside the air. With the intoxicating perfume of unique blooms in the warm wind lengthy walks on countless seashores and cascading waterfalls, Mirissa beach is perfect to make your honeymoon blossom.

  1. Cruising Through Mahaweli River

Cruising Through Mahaweli River sri lanka

In case you want to spend your romantic time in a non-public space or occasionally you need to avoid the noise, Mahaweli river is one the satisfactory honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka you have to choose. Mahaweli river is the longest river in Sri Lanka that is any other appeal for couples. Mahaweli movement gloats of plenty of sentimental campaigns deliver rides and offers the excellent of biodiversity of Sri Lanka. Luxuriate within the grandness of the wonderful nature as you are taking a sentimental trip over the move. Kayaking, birding and outdoors can likewise be taken up even as arranging Mahaweli waterway undertaking.

  1. Galle

Galle - best honeymoon places in sri lanka

Sri Lanka’s fourth biggest city, Galle is also one of the paradise and the perfect city for a bit romance. The new town of Galle has the whole lot that a pair would want from their holiday. From homestays for travelers to the old-fashioned and picturesque narrow lanes architectural marvels, this will be one of the most lower priced price range pleasant and cheapest honeymoon in terms of finance for you and could deal with you memorable reviews.

  1. Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temples, cave 2 (Cave of the Great Kings or Temple of the Great King), Dambulla, Central Province, Sri Lanka, Asia

If you and your partner are interested in seeing some of the historical sites of Sri Lanka, then the best thing is to start your trip by heading into the center of the country, to an area referred to as ‘the Cultural Triangle’. The first site you’ll come to is the Dambulla Cave Temple. From the road you’ll see a large golden temple but don’t be fooled – this is a relatively modern construction. What you need to do is take the long path up to the top of the mountain to see the main attraction.

  1.  Enjoy a Scenic Train Ride in Sri Lanka

Enjoy a Scenic Train Ride in Sri Lanka

Imagine yourself and your companion on a train, rushing quietly thru the nation-state over the mountain passes past fascinating ancient cities, sounds romantic? Train rides in Sri Lanka are a lot a laugh that they are bucket-listing worth. Those trains are extraordinarily clean at low cost and at ease. It felt like a mini country due to the fact the views out of doors have been breathtaking. Although it is easy to get a seat we found out that the most famous seat became the door seat. Many couples just sit via the door eating and playing the view.

  1. Horton Plains and World’s End

Horton Plains and World’s End Sri Lanka

Dear honeymooners, Horton Plains, and World’s End is complete of thriller and romance and is likewise in the price range! This is going to be a new revel in altogether. Walk up to the sector’s end peak and witness how the world seems from above. This vicinity is for those couples who love to head trekking and backpacking and for whom honeymoon is just another pretext to attain as much as the heights and revel in that the zenith of the world. From this peak, you’ll be able to set your eyes on tea-plantation villages in the valley beneath, and an unencumbered view south towards the coast. In your life, you could choose Horton Plains for a rendezvous with nature.

  1. Kitulgala

Kitulgala - best honeymoon destination in sri lanka

Love river rafting? This is the place to be! Kitulgala boasts the whole thing you want for a great honeymoon in Sri Lanka. The area is the legit white water rafting region in Sri Lanka which will become an absolute haven for adventurous couples and for adrenaline junkies. Love can discover new ripples as the water comes gushing on your face and stirs up your passion for every different.

  1. BelihulOya

BelihulOya sri lanka - sri lanka honeymoon places

Most stunning of the things are available in small packages. The statement stands true for BelihulOya. A small hamlet widely recognized for its eco and journey tourism. What could make this location a spellbinding one for the newlyweds is that it’s far positioned on a beautiful hillside which falls beneath climatically transitional place, linking both dry and moist zones.

There couldn’t possibly a better way to get some much needed time on your honeymoon from all the city madness, so make the most of your honeymoon with our Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages at diminished possible expenses.

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