Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Nepal That Hold Romantic Power

Kathmandu - best places to visit in nepal
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Land-locked between the sizeable countries of India and China, Nepal is often easily overlooked. Surprisingly, what it lacks in size, it makes up for it in adventures! Known for its stunning mountainous regions and unique trekking trails, Nepal offers all this and more with its jungle landscapes, medieval cities, and sacred sites. What’s even better? Nepal caters to every type of traveler, whether you want to do some hardcore trekking or just enjoy a few adrenaline pumping activities. Backpackers often flock here for the Himalayan journey to see those pristine mountain views, and to conquer the monster mountain known as Everest. So what is it that makes Nepal a Disneyland for adventurers? Here’s our list of insanely awesome adventures to do which might just convince you to make it your next adventure destination.

Mountains, jungles, medieval cities, spiritual sites, travel nirvana and the friendliest people of earth. Yep, there’s a reason why we love Nepal, and you will too.

It’s almost too obvious to speak of the incredible natural scenery, however it really is reason enough to visit Nepal. The soaring Himalayan mountains offer some of the best hiking and mountaineering on the planet, while the steamy plains bordering India provide many of Asia’s best wildlife viewing opportunities. Elsewhere, there’s a perfect array of outdoor activities for those adrenalin seekers among us.

But to us, what makes Nepal so great is the intangible. It’s a spiritual feeling that comes over you the minute you step foot on Nepali soil. You feel it when you’re first greeted by an impossibly friendly local – “Namaste” (I bow to the divine in you), you feel it high up in the snowy peaks of the Himalayan mountains, and you feel it in Kathmandu and its stunning historical sites. You feel it everywhere, all the time.

It’s hard to adequately describe the feels, but to truly understand us and Nepal, you have to experience it yourself. (Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Nepal )

Solidify your new marriage with a unique destination almost synonymous with the exotic honeymoon. One such destination is Nepal. Enveloped by the Himalayas and host some of the greatest mountains peaks in the world like the Everest and Annapurna, Nepal is a dreamland that will offer you the best of romantic moods picturesque landscapes impressive treks aura and spirits and will make your love bloom with full glory. Nature lovers, adventure junkies, spiritual buffs, everyone, will be pleasantly surprised by way of the nice and cozy hospitality, people, and meals tradition that makes Nepal awesome. Believe it or not, this country is perfect for newlyweds from every background and has many things to do that have topped honeymoon trendsetter chart.

Every place you visit with your partner becomes a part of who you are. So it would be unfair if we didn’t head to these 10 honeymoon places in Nepal with your better half and live to tell the tale.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Nepal for Couples

  1. Pokhara

Pokhara - best honeymoon placees in nepal

Pokhara the city of lakes isn’t always only the number one tourist vacation spot in Nepal, however also an epitome of honeymoon paradise for newlyweds. It is absolutely one of the most interesting honeymoon locations with its image-best sceneries. From romantic boat rides within the peaceful lakes to a stunning sundown and dawn view on mountains from roaming the ever-awake town streets to indulging in romantic dinners in best eateries Pokhara is an entire honeymoon bundle all inside a small valley. If you want to similarly amp up your honeymoon with an adventurous twist the city additionally offers adrenaline-pumping adventure sports activities like paragliding zip-flying and water canoeing among others. Dotted with luxurious accommodations eateries and pastime facilities, the place offers the quality of both worlds-natural splendor and taking place city lifestyles.

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  1. Bardiya


Move over mountains and hills. Exceptionally pleasurable but underrated, this honeymoon destination is nestled inside the dense jungles of Terai. Here you can ride on an elephant back thru the silent jungle and witnessing the rich wildlife is certainly an enriching experience. Just an hours flight far from Kathmandu moving into Bardiya will transport you into a paranormal land of lush forests and wild rivers to spend some first-class time with the one you love. Indulge in unique and rich sports like butterfly watching birdwatching jungle safari and water canoeing to further increase your honeymoon experiences.

  1.  Nagarkot


Simply hours drive from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is but some other top honeymoon destination in Nepal because of its impeccable vicinity and environment. Especially because of its near proximity with the capital city it is suitable for folks who can’t commit an extensive period of days, however, want to de-pressure from the demanding wedding ceremony celebrations and start on a clean conjugal adventure. Amongst others, Nagarkot is well-known for its high-quality views of mountain range extending from east to west. What better manner to spend your mornings and evenings apart from looking the solar paint the mountains tangerine with your beloved on top of that? Nagarkot gives the right stability among tranquility remoteness and serenity with its clean air and greenery to detach from the hustles of metropolis lifestyles and have fun in nature lap. Like Pokhara, Nagarkot also boasts of pinnacle-magnificence hotels and lodges that let you experience natural desert and luxuries at the equal time.

  1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu - best places to visit in nepal

Kathmandu is a wonderful place to visit whilst being to your honeymoon you will really have a exquisite time traveling this fantastic location. Its miles an exceptional honeymoon vacation spot which you might surely love to visit. You may additionally experience the outstanding nightlife and casinos at the same time as being here. This location will make you witness the high-quality chook’s eye view of Mount Everest, Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath temple, Dakshin Kali temple, Kopan and Shechen monasteries and so forth even as being right here. It’s so remarkable and exceptional that you could not be capable to  prevent yourself from getting impressed.

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  1. Sarangkot

Sarangkot - nepal honeymoon destination

There is something about being in nature that can put you instantly at ease – which is just what you want from honeymoon. And Sarangkot is a perfect place to embrace this. You will enjoy the great view of Himalayas and its peaks while being here, you can also enjoy some beautiful sunrises and sunsets while being here. You can also experience ziplining with you love. If you’re ready live out your flora-and-fauna-filled dreams come your first married trip, this destination is sure to peak your interest.

  1.  Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari is Nepali for ‘five lakes’ at the base of Jungal Himal, which are considered to be holy and of religious importance. This destination is very popular amongst the honeymoon couples. The trek to Panch Pokhari is a 12 days trek to these five holy lakes through untouched traditional villages in the presence of spectacular Himalayan landscapes. The trek offers pristine mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure combined with unsurpassed scenic beauty and biological diversity as you make your way to a group of high altitude lakes, sacred to both Buddhist and Hindu people. A must visit place In Nepal with your better half.

  1. Poon Hill

Nestled at the Annapurna foothills, Poon hill is the viewpoint that offers unobstructed and magnificent mountain views. Take romance to the range at the Ghorepani and Poon Hill trek which is a colorful foray into the Annapurna Region which starts and ends in Pokhara. The trail goes through patchwork valleys, dense mossy forests and past icy waterfalls where one can stop to cool off and rest. On the way to Poon hill around every corner is a tantalizing glimpse of the high mountains, hole horizon of which is revealed to you as you reach the higher points of your trek. The trek to Poon hill certainly one not to miss out on if you are planning to visit Nepal for your honeymoon soon.

  1. Chitwan National Park

If you feel that a national park would be the ideal place on your honeymoon then you should begin your path from this UNESCO natural heritage site. Chitwan national park is every other most beautiful vicinity in Nepal. Chitwan national park park is glorified with various flora and fauna and wonderful exotic species. Here you’ll reveal the sudden side to Nepal yet an appealing proposition for nature lovers. A picturesque region for newlyweds Chitwan national park is the best place for honeymooners to reconnect with nature.

  1. Boudhanath (Stupa)

Need your prayers to be responded? Head to Boudhanath Stupa as you probably already know, is a significant region in Buddhism and one of the best places in Nepal for honeymoon. Nestled on a historic change route that entered Kathmandu from Tibet, this holy place is a home to many tourists presenting prayers to their lord here. It is where you can preserve conversations with the one you love and probably try to make your existence satisfied through the dedication of staying collectively.

  1. Nagarjuna


Expect vast stretches of varied shades of green to meet your eye at one of the best honeymoon places to visit in Nepal. Situated along the the north-west of Kathmandu, Nagarjuna is a quaint hill station that boasts so much sheer natural beauty, you might just reconsider your decision to head back home. Bask in the magic of lush green landscapes and beautiful caves and hills with your loved one along with soothing Buddhist Gompa where you can see and learn Buddhist way of prayer and meditation. For the trendsetting couple, Nagarjuna is the perfect place to stay for a honeymoon.

Seriously, Nepal is gorgeous and demands to be visited – go pack your bags and make your bookings with Honeymoon Bug to get the best of Nepal Honeymoon Tour Packages.

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