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Take a break from the mundane affairs of life and head to some beautiful place and give them a memory that they can cherish later in life. If you are planning to visit any of the places that offer mesmerizing views and solace then we have mapped down the 10 Best Places to Visit in Munnar that will make your vacations cheerful. Imagine yourself being amidst nature and amazing scenic trails? Sounds great right? That’s what these 10 places will make you feel like.

Whether you are going with your family or with your group of friends, Munnar is such a destination that will add up a lot to your holidays and will leave you overwhelmed for lifetime. The location is also blessed with a plethora of wildlife and every year a lot of wildlife enthusiasts visit Munnar and take back a full bag of memories with them. So, make sure that you visit all the places that we have mentioned down.

10 Best Places to Visit in Munnar


Echo Point, Munnar

Nestled around 15 kilometers away from Munnar, Echo Point is one of the Best Destinations in Munnar as it has been perched at a height of 600 feet above the sea level. Known for the natural echo phenomenon, usually tourists come here and scream either their name or any word they like and you will notice that your voice will reverberate back. Flanked by white meadows clouds, Echo Point is situated along the banks of mesmerizing Kundala Lake that makes the place even more fabulous. You can take a stroll around the picturesque hill slopes and can even opt for adventure activities like Trekking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to trek, you must have a trekking stick with you as it will make your work easy while ascending through the rough trails.


TATA TEA MUSEUM munnar kerala

From the ancient times, the history of Munnar has been attached to the tea plantations. It is considered as one of the major places that cultivates tea in the world. Tata Tea which is known as KDHP Museum is in proximity of about 2 km from Munnar. The visitors come here to know the past of the tea plantations as it is going on since the ancient times in Munnar. Here, you will also explore different types of flavors of tea and it is one of those Best Places to visit in Munnar where you will get a lot of information about the past. You will see all the kind of tools and machines have been used while doing the cultivation of tea in the documentary that keeps on running in the museum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carrying camera or eatable items are not allowed inside the museum premises.


KUNDALA LAKE munnar kerala

Kundala Lake offers an array of beautiful views to all the tourists visiting the place. Located at an altitude of about 1700 m above from the sea level, Kundala Lake is a must-visit for everyone if you are travelling to Munnar anytime soon. Offering the panoramic views and rolling down the slopes of tea plantations, the serene destination is a dream land for every nature lover. Under the blue sky and surrounded by verdant vistas makes it an ideal place for people who want to hideaway from the hue and cry of city. It is also considered as one of the best Munnar Tourist Places to explore. Kundala is also dotted with flowers and you will witness various types and would want to capture each of them. One of the famous and unique flowers is Neelakurinji and according to the local people of the region, the flower blooms once in twelve years.

IMPOARTANT NOTE – There is no entry fees but the administration charges fee for photography and for the video camera. The dipping in water is strictly prohibited.



Bounded by lush green and misty mountains, Pothamedu view point is just about 3 km away from Munnar which makes it easy for the tourists to visit the place more often. It is the best way to unravel the natural beauty of Munnar’s scenic hills and you will be able to see the whole view in a better way. It is perfect for all the people who love nature and who like to capture the mesmerizing views. Known best for the adventure junkies, Pothamedu view point is one destination offering many exciting things for the globetrotters. It is one of the Best Places in Munnar that will take your holidays to another level of excitement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no fee charges and make sure that you take jacket or a blazer with you as it is nestled on high altitude.


ANAMUDI munnar kerala

Step into the full of magical land of Anamudi which is listed as one of the Best Places to Visit in Munnar. also, one of the highest peaks in Southern India, Anamudi is a treat to your eyes. The location is a delightful experience for every kind of traveler and basically known for the trekkers as every single year people come here to explore the natural scenic side of the place. Not only from the country itself, but Anamudi also attracts International tourists around the globe. It might not be oh-so-common destination but it will surely entice anyone as it offers some breath-taking vistas. The site is home to enormous species and birds.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before trekking or hiking, you have to first go through the certain rules and regulations provided by the forest officials.


MEESAPULIMALA  munnar kerala

If you are big time fan of trekking and want to explore a destination that a very few people have heard of then Meesapulimala in Munnar is the perfect place to unveil your adventure side. It is considered as the highest peak in terms of mountains in Western Ghats and is located few kms away from Munnar and has one of the best trails for trekking. The name of the peak has been originated from as it is made up of eight peaks and these mountains have been formed in the shape of a moustache. In the region, this is considered one of the best treks in Munnarthat let you experience a lot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The route for the trekking here might get rough gradually, so make sure that you keep every important thing with you in case of an emergency.


LOCKHART GAP munnar kerala

Finding yourself amidst the serene and calm environment is a dream for many. But wait! Lockhart Gap in Munnar will turn your dream into reality. Located about 12 to 13 km away from Munnar, Lockhart Gap is another one of the Tourist Places in Munnar that offers a refreshing and relaxing experience and will surely calm down all the wearisome people. The white cotton mist and clouds covering the mountains looks scintillating while you look at them. The name Lockhart Gap has been kept as there is a gap between two mountains which seems a heart shape like structure. At the time of dusk, the view is even more soothing and rejuvenating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid visiting in the monsoon as there is a high risk of having a landslide.



When the water drops splashing on your face or water drizzle how refreshing we all feel right? Lakkam waterfall which is few kms away from Munnar will give you the same feeling. Tourists flock here to experience the majestic views and since the waterfall is surrounded by flora and fauna, it makes the waterfall the Best Tourist Places in Munnar for all the visitors. The Lakkam waterfall is also best for all the adventure seekers as it boasts trekking experience and offers opportunities to unravel the deep and dense forest. The unadulterated place is befitted with several views as it is perched around 7300 feet above the sea level. If you have penchant for photography, Lakkam waterfalls is just a perfect place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since, the waterfall is situated quite high from the sea level make sure that you wear something comfortable while trekking.


CHITHIRAPURAM munnar kerala

When it comes to exploring Munnar Tourist Attractions, Chithirapuram is one stop destination that will fulfill your needs and satiate your cravings for nature. Set around 10 km away from Munnar, Chithirapuram offers many things to witness including tea gardens, steep valleys, palaces and heritage sites too. Not just that, the location is also best for the adventure junkies and you can experience several activities here like hiking, paragliding, trekking, boating and parasailing among others to give you a heart-thumping experience. A lot of people from the local come here for family picnics and enjoy the day with their loved ones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Go with your group of friends or with people for the adventure activities as the region entirely covers the forest area.


MARAYOOR DOLMENS munnar kerala

Do you love unveiling about what happened in the past or a history fanatic? Do not worry, as Munnar also a perfect location for you all. Marayoor is a small hamlet in Munnar that will let you explore the Stone Age as there are some remains of the stones that were used back then. It is quite unbelievable but the village has several dolmens of stones and according to the historians, they are there for almost thousand years and the best part is that they are still intact. A square shape-like structure has been made with the help of stones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not forget to carry a valid id proof with you while entering the historic site.

Going on a vacation is must to break the monotony of life. But most importantly the first step is to decide the place that will make your vacations unforgettable trip for lifetime and we think these are the Best Places to Visit in Munnar is one of them and if you really want to explore South India then it is the best choice! And you will be head-over-heels in love with the destination. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and leave for the peaceful abode of nature.

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