Jaipur Is Crowned As UNESCO World Heritage – And Travellers Are Getting Crazy!

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How many of you have visited the Pink City Of India, Jaipur?

Answer this question later, but first, lend us your ears because we have got amazing news for all you hungry travellers.

One more reason to packs to your bags and head to the Pink City Of India, Jaipur is; that the City of Royals is now crowned as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recently, this big announcement displayed officially after the 43rd session of the UNESCO committee. It’s a pride moment for all Indians because Jaipur is now listed the second Indian City to have received UNESCO honour, with the first being the Ahmedabad.  However, the Jaipur is already well known amongst the international tourists too, since the City is the major attraction of famous Golden Triangle India trip, which is also the maximum explored tourist circuit in India.

Why Jaipur Is Crowned With UNESCO World Heritage Site Tag?

With the ancient blend or you can say perfect amalgamation of ancient Hindu, Mughal and Western style of an architectural masterpiece, its the ultra clean town of Jaipur that allowed UNESCO Committee to cite Jaipur in this list. After the announcement is displayed, the committee members of UNESCO stated; the architectural structures of Jaipur have its scientific, and historic significance in the whole world, and this City needs to be stamped with this honoured tag to let the future generations know about the marvelous site.

However, the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur, Rajasthan, earlier has already listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, but this year the whole Pink City is crowned with this tag and honour.

Why The Whole City Is Announced As UNESCO World Heritage?

Jaipur, being the first priority option for the exploration in Rajasthan, is one of the earliest planned cities in India. In 1727, the ruler of Kachwaha caste, Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II, laid the foundation of the Jaipur city with the great scholar Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, who also made the streets of Jaipur under the rules of ‘Crafts’ of India.

In regards to the marvellous architecture along with cultural and historical significance, the City is crowned as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Well, if you are planning to take the best honeymoon tour in India, embark your romantic journey to Jaipur this monsoon, and explore these following places.

1. Amer Palace & Fort


Just 20 minutes away from the Jaipur City Centre, Amer Palace & Fort is situated. Visit this grand fort and admire the admire its magnificence. You will be get stunned with its massive walls, huge doors, and windows. And yes, when you will stand at the summit of the fort, you will get to see the royal and mesmerizing view of the whole Jaipur.

2. Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort

Take a day trip of Jaigarh Fort as well on the same day of Amer Fort exploration. It takes around 15 min to reach Jaigarh Fort from Amer Fort. Here, you will get to know about the history of Rajput soldiers of the ancient period, and the Jaigarh Fort offers the panoramic views of the Amer City from its top. Visit this fort in the evening time to watch the amazing sunset with your spouse.

3. Jal Mahal


Enjoy the beauty of the Jal Mahal from the road, and pay a visit to this red sandstone palace in Man Sarovar Lake. In monsoon, the lake is equipped with rain waters, and only the fifth floor is visible, and rest of the four floors remains inside the waters. Jal Mahal is only 5 km away from the Jaipur mainland.

4. Hawa Mahal


Give your 40 minutes on Rajasthan honeymoon package, and explore the five-story picturesque building, Hawa Mahal on your Jaipur honeymoon. Hawa Mahal has a total of 953 small windows (Jharokhas), where the royal ladies of Rajput dynasty used to watch the city life passing by from their windows.

For a more rewarding romantic experience with your sweetheart, visit the Wind View Cafe, located just in front of this massive palace on the 2nd floor. The cafe is air conditioned, and you will get to see the clear view of the Hawa Mahal in the backdrop of your couple photos.

Tips That Will Minimize The Hassle On Jaipur Visit

  • There are myriad of romantic Jaipur sites where you can weave romance with your romantic partner. The best you can do to is to book your Jaipur honeymoon experience with a top-rated honeymoon vacation planner and make sure to ask them how many places your itinerary got covered. Plus, whether the entrance ticket to monuments are inclusive or not.
  • If short on budget, spend less on rickshaws, and opt for walking as much as you can. Everything is pretty close by.
  • Students below the age group of 18, should carry a college identity card, you’ll get discounts on the entrance of forts and palaces.

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