Darjeeling Toy Train – Where Different and Gorgeous Scenes Are Found At Every Turn

Darjeeling Toy Train
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Enough of riding your best car like Lamborghini, Porche, and Mercedez? Then its high time for travellers like you and us to think upon riding the most scenic train journey in India that has listed itself as World Heritage Site status. We are talking about the Darjeeling Toy Train Ride, which is officially confessed as the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in the tourism sector. In this article post, we will tell you about why riding the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway would be an excellent approach to encounter the nostalgia of witnessing the 360-degree views of Darjeeling beauty.

History Of Darjeeling Toy Train

The town of Darjeeling which know has become of the most visited honeymoon destination in India, was once a summer retreat for ruling Britishers. From its completion in 1881 to later on it was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, Darjeeling Toy Train ride is pulling tourists from all over India for all the good reasons. Wondering what those reasons are? Keep reading!

What To Expect From The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway?

Imagine riding the old world storybook charm train ride through the well laid narrow gauge track. Isn’t the feeling itself leaves you with a warm touching feeling of the old ancient times? If not, then you will raise your love for train travel when you see the rolling green hills and picturesque tea plantations of Darjeeling from your window seat.

The Toy Train of Darjeeling is stuffed with locals and foreigners both because the ride gives the pleasure of watching out praising the hills that touches the milky clouds with locals going about their daily chores.

If you are one of those travellers, who live, breathe and eat beautiful travelling encounters, that still it is for sure that you haven’t ridden on a train at an elevation of over 2,134 m above sea level. Are we correct or not? The Darjeeling Toy Train Ride is a revitalizing experience that should be high on your bucket list of romantic things to do in Darjeeling with your sweetheart.

The Kid In You Will Rejoiced With The Train Route

Yes, this mountain railway covers around 85 km (55 miles) from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station covering Siliguri, Kurseong, and Ghoom upto the Darjeeling towering hills. If you are a serious nature lover, then it’s your chance to take this toy train ride as Ghoom is the highest point on the route with an altitude of over 7,400 ft above sea level.

From one point to another, your ride inside the Darjeeling Toy Train will make it way through the hills while giving you ample of photography opportunities to click the virgin raw beauty in front of you!

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Darjeeling Toy Train
Darjeeling Toy Train

Why Ride The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Ride?

With a steeply climb through many dazzling reverses and loops like Batasia Loop, you will get tot to enjoy the panoramic super clear view of the Mount Kanchenjunga in the background. What else do you want more in your Darjeeling honeymoon package?

Advice – There are two halting points on its 2-hour journey. The first one is the Batasia Loop. Which halts for around 10 minutes. On your visit to there, you will encounter an engineering marvel where you could easily enjoy the captivating panoramic beauty of the entire city. Another halting point is Ghum Station, where the train stops for around 30 minutes.

Best Time To Ride The Moutain Railway Ride

If you intend to take the Darjeeling package honeymoon , go in October, November and December. These are the best time to ride The Darjeeling Toy Train as you can clearly encounter the gorgeous beautiful scenes at every turn because of the fog or mist.

Train Services

Such is the charm of Darjeeling Mountain Railway that it operates plenty of train services. Here we’ve listed all of them. Take a look:

Daily Toy Train Services – Memorable diesel and ‘B’ Class steam trains with different mixes of first and below average carriages, which run right from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling.

Joy Rides – Ride the diesel and B Class steam engine to enjoy the ride from Darjeeling to Ghoom return. The duration of this pleasurable ride is 10 minutes at Batasia Loop and 30 minutes at Ghoom Railway Station.

Jungle Safari Holiday Trains – Train Engines that runs from Siliguri to Tindharia return, are best known for offering the gorgeous views of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.

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How Many Number Of Trips To Expect On Daily Basis?

Starting from the morning, the train organizes plenty of daily trips. It all depends on how the particular season is to decide the number of rides to be cover. But throughout the peak season I,e, from October to December, DHR conducts upto 20 joyful rides per day!

HOW TO BOOK Darjeeling Toy Train :

Well, the normal procedure would ask you to go to the railway station and book the tickets through ITCTC. And maybe, you will not find discounted deals on the DHR Ride. But if you would give a call to Honeymoon Bug, you can skip the hectic tasks of going to railway stations for the tickets.

If you want to rejoice the kid soul inside you, and wants to travel smart on your Darjeeling tour package including the costs of DHR ride, click here to hunt some of the best deals.

There is a lot more to get to know about the Darjeeling Toy Train Ride. However, we have covered all the significant information on the most scenic train ride in India. For more information like tips to know before you ride, things to carry with yourself, and what is the cost of the tickets, tap here.

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