List of Countries That Allow Visitors to Drive with An Indian Driving Licence

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In order to explore a new city or a country and know about its culture and traditions, driving in a car or ride on a bike is the best and easiest way to view scenes. If you want to know in which countries you can use an Indian license then go through this full blog. Here, we have come up with a handy list of countries where you can get an excellent experience of driving at your convenience and enjoy the beauty of the place at your discretion. 

1. Australia


Australia enables you to drive through the roads of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Australian Capital Region, and Northern Region with an Indian driving license that must be in the English language. The legality of DL is confined to three months. Apart from this, you have to drive on the left side of the road in Australia as drives in India.  

2. Germany


By having dominion over luxury car brands, Germany is highly known for its driving style. Running a car on Germany’s roads will be a great experience for you. Germany allows you to drive with an Indian driving license for six months. Make sure your license should be in English, not in any regional language.

3. New Zealand 

New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country in the Pacific that is full of excellent driving lanes which give a wonderful driving experience. This country allows visitors to drive with their home country’s driving license for a year. But for driving a vehicle in the nation, your age must be crossed 21 years old. You drive on the left side of the road similar to India. Make sure your license is in English or a translated copy approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

4. United Kingdom 

United Kingdom

You can drive with an Indian driving license for one year in the United Kingdom along with all three countries including Scotland, England, and Wales. Keep in mind that the UK enables drivers with Indian DL only a special class of vehicles and not all. 

5. Switzerland 


You have an enjoyable experience while driving around the scenic and snow-capped mountains of Switzerland. You can drive in this country with an Indian driving license for one year. Besides, if you are carrying an English copy of your Indian driving license then you can rent a car in Switzerland.

6. United States of America 

United States of America

In the most powerful country, America, you can explore long wide roads that criss-cross the country by driving with Indian DL which is valid for one year. Along with DL, you can drive a rented car in most of the states of the USA but make sure the license must be in English and valid. Moreover, you have to carry the I-94 form which shows the date of entering the USA.

7. South Africa

South Africa

Driving on the roads of South Africa lets you explore fascinating towns and the countryside. The country is highly famous for scenic mountains and wildlife sanctuaries. South Africa permits you to drive a car with your Indian DL. Ensure that your DL should be in English and valid that bears your photo and signature.

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8. France 


In France, you can enjoy driving on the smooth road with your local driver’s license but make sure you have a French translation. Here, you are allowed to drive for a period of a year.

9. Canada 


You have an outstanding journey between rugged terrain or the spectacular road while touring Canada that creates unforgettable moments of your life. Canada allows you to drive on the right side of the road similar to India with Indian DL which is valid for 2 months following that you have to retain a Canadian Driving Licence to drive cars in the nation.

10. Singapore 


In order to travel across Singapore, visitors can use their international driving licenses. Moreover, they are allowed to drive with an Indian driving license for a year. But, only 18-years old or above 18-year people can drive in Singapore similar to India. If not you require to get DL translated then make sure your DL should be is in English.

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11. Bhutan


In our neighbour country Bhutan, you can drive a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler with their Indian Driving Licence and relish off-roading around the picturesque Himalayas and stunning nature. But assure you get a vehicle grant to drive throughout the nation.

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12. Finland


Finland is widely acknowledged as the ‘happiest country in the world.’ Here, you can drive with an Indian driving license for a year. But you must have health insurance to enter Finland so that your Indian DL is valid between 6 to 12 months.

13. Mauritius


Mauritius is completely surrounded by the natural panorama, and the most interesting thing about this country is that there’s 51% Hindu population exists. Mauritius is strict about driving especially for foreigners. This country allows you to drive only for 1 day because that is enough time to explore this magnificent island.

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14. Italy


Italy is a country that supplies luxurious sports cars to the world like Ferrari, Lamborghini. This country allows you to drive with an Indian driving license. But, your DL must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit to drive a vehicle in Italy.

15. Norway


Norway is an exotic country that is recognized as the land of Northern Lights. This country offers incredible and spectacular panoramas. Here, you are allowed to travel across this wondrous country and relish the magnificence of the realm with an Indian driving license on self-driven vehicles. You can use your Indian DL for 3 months to enjoy driving at this place.

By driving around the city or a rural area on your own, you will be able to connect with the citizens’ culture, tradition, and way of life so that you can deeply zest the country’s life. While going on a road trip in a foreign country, keep in mind the driving rules and must have an accepted Indian Driving Licence (IDL) so that you will not face any trouble in midway.

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