Unlock the Feel of Oceans in Plains at Chuka Beach in Uttar Pradesh

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Eco-tourism in Uttar Pradesh does exist and we are also very surprised like you!

How a man-made beach in Uttar Pradesh came into existence? You might be thinking about the same. We will answer your thoughts in this article. Just put on your reading glasses to be amazed.

It is very surprising to know that Uttar Pradesh has a beach. Just like you, our travel writer was also amazed to know about the same, a few months back. He’s also 5 out of 5 of his Chuka Beach experience on the Uttar Pradesh journey. Chuka Beach in Uttar Pradesh is a non-touristy spot in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in the Pilibhit district.

This brings me to educate you about Uttar Pradesh off the beaten beach. Let’s take a look at what Chuka Beach means for tourism in Uttar Pradesh in my detailed guide. Feel free to jump ahead to any of the below-listed topics by clicking on them:

  1. Where is Chuka Beach located in Uttar Pradesh?
  2. Why visit Chuka Beach?
  3. What you must know about Chuka Beach before visiting?
  4. Where to stay in and around Chuka Beach?
  5. Town close to Chuka Beach?
  6. How to reach Chuka Beach?
  7. Ideal duration of Chuka Beach visit and when to visit

Where is Chuka Beach located in Uttar Pradesh?

Where is Chuka Beach located in Uttar Pradesh?

Chuka Beach in Uttar Pradesh is nested in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve near Sharda Sagar Dam. This offbeat beach in Uttar Pradesh is surrounded by lush greenery.

Why visit Chuka Beach?

When was the first time you witnessed the thrill of a tiger reserve and a beach? I bet you have never witnessed it if you reside in India or even in an overseas place. But you can do the same inside the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Chuka Beach is a man-made beach and the waterbody looks like the sea.

Gokarna, Goa, Andaman, and Kerala are not everyone’s cup of tea – honestly. Those who reside in NCR town or north India must know that you have to shell down the extra cost to traverse the famous beach destinations in India.

Moreover, in India, Chuka Beach in the Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh is India’s first beach where you could enjoy a tiger safari with friends, family, or as a couple.

If you want to experience the adventure of a beach (excluding watersports), Chuka Beach is what you should be exploring anytime soon! Chuka Beach is a great destination for a party or a weekend trip close to the Delhi NCR region.

Are you ready to dodge your Goa plan & witness Chuka Beach trip with the Honeymoon Bug?

What you must know about Chuka Beach before visiting?

Don’t consider Chuka Beach of Uttar Pradesh wrapped within golden or white sands and lengthy shores.

This Uttar Pradesh beach is inside the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and is a close weekend getaway from Bareilly.

Chuka Beach is spread within 10 km (Approx.) area criss-crossing through lush green forest.

Where to stay in and around Chuka Beach?

around Chuka Beach

The average cost of staying near Chuka Beach hovers from ₹1,500-₹4,000 (Approx.). You can stay on government property in advance because now Chuka Beach is taken care of by the Uttar Pradesh government. You can also enjoy a tree-house stay near Chuka Beach. For better deals on the same, book your Uttar Pradesh tour package through Honeymoon Bug and reserve your space with a minimal booking price.

The best hotels and places to stay in and around Chuka Beach include Royal Kingdom Resort, Hotel Perchwood, Suklaphanta Jungle Cottage, Siddhartha Hotel New Anand, Hotel Grand Sharda, and Chuka Beach Treehouse.

Towns close to Chuka Beach

NameDistance from Chuka Beach
Delhi360 km (Approx.)
Mathura291 km (Approx.)
Agra300 km (Approx.)
Lucknow240 km (Approx.)
Dehradun330 km (Approx.)
Kanpur300 km (Approx.)
Bareilley75 km (Approx.)

How to reach Chuka Beach?

The nearest airport to reach Chuka Beach is Chaudhary Charan Singh International airport in Lucknow, within 260 km/5 hours (approx.). If you want to reach Chuka Beach in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve via train, the nearest railway station is Bareilly, around 82 km (Approx.). Yes, you can visit Chuka Beach via road also from the towns and cities around Pilibhit district in Uttar Pradesh.

Ideal duration of Chuka Beach visit and when to visit

You need to reserve at least 2 hours (Approx.) to explore Chuka Beach and the lush greenery around it. I would suggest you visit Chuka Beach between 9 am – 6 pm when the safari rides are active inside the tiger reserve.

Fun Fact About Chuka Beach in Pilibhit district

  • An IFS officer in 2002 thought of bringing this beach into existence. His idea of converting the sandwiched place between Sharda Sagar Dam and Sharda Canal into a tourist spot was an attempt to promote eco-tourism in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Mr. Ramesh Pandey (IFS officer) didn’t take any donations from the ruling government and started to contribute to ecotourism with his colleagues.
  • A few days after, he and his team promoted awareness amongst the local people residing close to the town and within the district about Chuka Beach.
  • Chuka Beach is basically a water reservoir of the Sharda River Barrage within the Mahof Forest Range.
  • Fast forward to today, Chuka Beach is now managed by the government of Uttar Pradesh.

To wrap things up

Chuka Beach is now an unsung tourist destination in Uttar Pradesh. Hence, it is not celebrated enough by mass tourism. You must explore this beach in Uttar Pradesh before it comes onto the mass tourism radar.

Nestled in the lush wilderness, Chuka Beach is a photographer’s delight tourist place in Uttar Pradesh.

What’s your favourite beach story in India? If you have any other values to add to this article, feel free to tell me about them in the comments.

Faqs about Chuka Beach of Uttar Pradesh

Is Chuka Beach a famous place to visit in Uttar Pradesh?

Although yes, Chuka Beach is a famous place to visit in Uttar Pradesh but it is less touristy.

Can I enjoy watersports at Chuka Beach?

No, Chuka Beach doesn’t have water sports to enjoy. Because this is not a natural beach.

What can I do at Chuka Beach other than wandering?

 You can enjoy wildlife by hopping on a safari around the lush green wilderness to witness jackals, foxes, and tigers.

Does Chuka Beach have options for breakfast and lunch?

Yes, around the beach area, you will find tea stalls selling refreshments to tourists.

When is the best time to go to Chuka Beach?

The best time to go to Chuka Beach is from October to March in winter.

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