Best Tips for Destination Wedding Planning in India

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Now-a-days, the destination wedding system is getting very popular. While keeping the own happiness of the wedding couple intact, the motive is to keep everybody happy. For this great day, brides see the dream. On this day, cheerful people giggle around her and have fun. On this joyful occasion, nobody is upset for any type of reason. The cheerful people make this occasion full of enjoyment. It is notable that planning a marriage from the home location is surely a challenge. It is so because one, who is far from the home, is not well known to the local vendors and market. So, in order to provide the destination wedding planning a perfect start, an orderly path, that can lead one to a worry free destination marriage celebration, has been designed by us.

If you read the following wedding checklist, you would learn how to prepare for a plan of destination weddings, how to choose the best wedding planners in India as well as how to estimate the wedding cost for your desired wedding destinations in India.

Make Booking of a Date

On the occasion of wedding, people are significant. As per your choice, search for a long weekend date, or according to your belief, refer to your family priest and select a weekend falling between the suggested dates. In this way, your guests would be capable of attending the rituals of your marriage. And, select the date of a season that is best of that place if you already have a special destination in your mind.

Choose a Destination   

For a proper destination, which seems best, a lot of research goes into taking a decision of a proper destination. One should pick a destination that is easily reachable and having the moderate temperature. While picking the wedding destination, one should keep in mind the thing of wedding cost.

Because of the popularization of marriage tourism in India, there are several wedding destinations such as Udaipur, Goa, Andaman and Kerala. Mostly counted under luxury wedding budget, royal Udaipur is the one place that has captured the fancy of the romantic couples getting wedded.

Make the Plan on a Budget

Marrying has always been a matter of great ‘display of wealth’ since the times of kings and rulers. Really, this wedding extravaganza has no limits for expanse. To take the decision about the amount of money that is required to be spent over the marriage is very significant. As the cost of a destination wedding is already touching sky, try and go for frugal but not cheap choices while making the planning of your wedding.

Timely planning is more significant for a budget wedding. It is the first and foremost notable thing. While cutting on to the last minute stress, the better ideas you get with better discounts the earlier you  begin. The second notable thing is that you should not bloat the list of your guests. For retaining the intimacy, it is always a better idea to comprise close family members and friends. The third and the last notable thing is that you should use talent-in-house for the purpose of the wedding. In case, you have any artist in your family, such as a musician, comedian, anchor, dancer, and so on, utilize him / her for setting the stage on fire in place of hiring somebody from outside.

Bring Your Friends and Relatives in the Notice

To let your friends and relatives know about the date and the destination as well, call them up after making a list of them. For doing the bookings accordingly, let them make up their mind and prepare an almost proper plan. At least, let them use that time for proving their worth in the workplace if the bookings you have made as part of your job. In this way, they could have courage to demand for the leaves later.

Choose the Wedding Planner  

Before settling down for your chauffeur ‘Wedding Planner’, who will assist you smoothly through marriage along with saving a lot of stress and time, do a lot of research and check out various websites or refer to people. As per your needs and budget, choose either a full service planner, who looks after every complicated detail of the marriage, or a day of coordinator, whose service begins just 30 days prior the marriage, or you also have an alternative of hiring a wedding planner who offers help only in taking the decision of the location, along with the list of local vendors or service providers to select from.

Compatibility between you and the wedding planner is very significant so interview the planner after taking the decision about the type.

Express Your Ideas for the Wedding Planner / Vendors

Create your relationship with your wedding planner / vendors and keep them updated with what is moving in your mind. It is also needed as your wedding requires to be outstanding. Along with this, at the same time, believe them and offer the creative liberty, they would  be demanding to display what best they can provide. For making the wedding planner a proper layout of how to go about in the wedding, supply all the amendments and information before hand.

Reserve the Venue and other things / Pre-wedding visit to the destination

After all, your wedding planner / organizer is going to take care for everything about this grand event management, you should spend a week’s vacation at the destination with him / her. This step will assist you to understand the place and will also be helpful to the planner for knowing you and your ideas. At first, make the inspection of the potential marriage venues and the facility of guest accommodation. Go through the vendor’s list provided by the wedding planner and let him / her arrange for the meeting with the selected ones after you have chosen the venue and the arrangement of guest accommodation.

The list of the bookings to be done by the time you come to the end of the days of the visit is following:

  • Marriage Venue
  • Guest Staying
  • Wedding Decorators
  • Caterer Company
  • Music Band (If nobody found within your family)
  • Videographer / Photographer (If nobody found within your family)
  • Henna Artist (If nobody found within your family)
  • Beautician (If nobody found within your family)
  • DJ and Dhol etc.
  • Transport Service Arrangement (For Pick-up and Drop)

Reach in Advance

You should approach the venue before one or two days and stay on a safe side. If anything, in any way is out of place as per yours, make yourself comfortable and make the adjustment of everything as per yours. Get prepared for the reception of the guests and provide them a personal touch by welcoming them in your traditional way. To be received by the host itself is always pleasing.

Go Viral

For letting the people know, get published through your beautiful marriage invitation cards. As it takes a fair bit of time, begin with its distribution. To divide the work would be better. For uploading your wedding on social media and having the bag of thousands of likes, go for the pre-wedding shoot while following the trend. To mingle with your photographer / videographer would come as a great opportunity for you. By the way, they would come to have the knowledge of what really you would be hoping of them for the marriage.

Finally, it can be said that when everything goes smoothly in a marriage, it is virtually an achievement. Thus, in order to make your marriage the best destination wedding of all, I have written this blog or you can call it ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Destination Weddings’, adorning it with best destination wedding tips and a holy plan of work. If in any way, these tips assist you to make your marriage a success, it would provide us great joy. For having the chance of the best destination wedding, one can book Budget Honeymoon Package with Honeymoon Bug, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India as well as the world. All these packages, which are available at reasonable prices, can also be customized as per the requirement of the clients. For getting more information about other destinations, one can also visit online at I hope that this information would be very helpful for you.

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