14 Best Places to Visit in winter in South India

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South India is one of the best places to visit in winter in India as the temperature is chill and cold, till February end, which makes travel very memorable for a winter vacation in South India. Whether you are a lush greenery lover, or you want to witness the myriads of flora and fauna while staying in a tea garden resort, if you look through the eyes of international travelers, you will know that South Indian tourist attractions fulfill all expectations of perfect holidays

Winters are the best time to explore beautiful places to visit in South India in winter as, during this time, the best tourist attractions in South India like Karnataka, Chennai, Cochin are abuzz with stunning celebrations.

We are here to tell you about 10 best places to visit in winters in South India that you will love to read! First, read them, and then later explore with your beloved one!

14 Best Places to Visit in South India in Winter 2020-21

1. Kerala honeymoon & leisure Trip

Kerala honeymoon & leisure Trip

Maintained its reputation as the best place to cruise along the palm-fringed canals, Kerala rightly personifies itself as God’s Own Country. The tea gardens in Kerala’s favorite place, Munnar has mesmerizing tea gardens surrounded by lakes and hills. A houseboat staying in Kumarakom or Alleppey is an experience of a lifetime for couple.

Don’t forget to stay overnight on winter honeymoon in Kerala on the houseboat. If you are a beach bump, tour the Varkala beach and get amazed by its fairy tale setting. This beach is surrounded by luxury hotels, cafes, and offers a laid back beach experience to tourists.

How to reach – Kerala has three airports – Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut, Kannur airport.

2. Kerala Backwater Tour

Kerala Backwater Tour

Picking Kerala Backwater Tour on your South India trip in winter is the best thing to experience. Kerala is God’s Own Country and here backwater tours are conducted on traditional houseboats equipped with all the basic amenities like a private balcony, washroom, bedroom, and more! Sense of freshness amidst the lush green backdrops is sure to amaze you! If you like soaking sunset over the waters while hearing the chirping of birds, then make sure to take the Kerala backwater tour in South India in winters as your next vacation spot.

How to reach – Cochin International Airport is approx 40 km from Kerala. Book a flight to Cochin or train ticket from Ernakulam/Kochi railway station.

3. Ooty & Kodaikanal Tour

Ooty & Kodaikanal Tour

Join Ooty & Kodaikanal Tour and travelers across the two most beautiful hill stations in South India. Ooty & Kodaikanal are separated with approx 251 km distance and offer peace, calmness amidst its mystic lush green surroundings and charming lakes like Ooty Lake and pristine Pykara Falls. Ooty & Kodaikanal tours are the hype for tourists who want to explore the beauty of South India on their winter vacations. Both Ooty & Kodaikanal are carpeted with excellent trekking trails and were once the top movie locations in the ’90s.

How to reach – You can either reach at Coimbatore airport nearby to the Ooty and Kodaikanal. It takes around 4 hours, 175 km to reach Kodaikanal from Coimbatore and 2 hours, 88 km from Coimbatore to Ooty!

4. South India Spiritual (Madurai – Rameshwaram -Kanyakumari)

rameshwaram temple

Feel the power on a spiritual journey on South India Spiritual Tour (Madurai-Rameshwaram-Kanyakumari). Marvel the intriguing carvings, statues in Madurai Temples. Photography enthusiast and spiritual solace seekers, covering the spiritual charm of South India are best experienced in Madurai – Rameshwaram -Kanyakumari because there three destinations are jam-packed with preserved culture, national heritage sites, and lots of soul awakening temples and of course, the luxurious hotel chains will recharge your mind.

How to reach – Land at the nearest airport, Madurai Airport, approx 14 km from the main city. The airport and all three towns are well interconnected with roads and provide scenic views throughout the journey.

5. Pilgrimage Triangle (Chennai – Mahabalipuram-Kanchipuram)

mahabalipuram temple

Pilgrimage Triangle covering Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Kanchipuram tours are an excellent way of making the most of your visit to exploring the best winter places to visit in South India. This tour is considered an organized journey that starts from arriving at Chennai airport. Tourists are guaranteed to spend their all time enjoying the ancient temples in Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Kanchipuram, some of them are caved temples reflecting the ancient history. It’s a handpicked journey designed to offer holy expedition while enjoying the beach leisure, bird watching moments. From food to local sarees, this kind of tour is something unforgettable memories are made of!

6. South India Honeymoon (Coorg –Mysore-Ooty)

South India Honeymoon

Celebrate your new start in life while spending beautiful moments on the South India Honeymoon package covering Coorg-Mysore-Ooty. This tour is a slice of the journey that takes you to the mesmerizing tea/coffee plantations, mystic waterfalls, and classic royal architecture, temples, trekking trails, and much more! Feel the romance in the emerald greenery of Ooty and Coorg. Those who are art lovers, the city of Mysore is perfect to start the journey.

7. South India Wild life

South India Wild life

Thekkady is located in Kerala and has beautiful tropical forests, an unending chain of hills, mesmerizing tea plantations, and a range of trekking opportunities. Your journey to Thekkady will take you through lush green trails, scented spice plantations. From Trivandrum airport, Thekkady is approx 257 km. You should encounter wildlife at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary; spend time amidst the shimmering artificial lake across the wildlife sanctuary. Winters in Thekkady are carpeted with lush greenery and freshness. If adventure bites you, try bamboo rafting in winters.

How to reach – Domestic Indian tourists can fly from their city to Kochi airport

8. South India Heritage


Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. This is one of the best places to visit in winter in South India as the temperature remains pleasant in Mahabalipuram in December, January. With 7 Ratha Temples, 8 Cava Temples, and surfing, road trip options, Mahabalipuram is an artistic paradise and the best place to satiate your cravings with authentic seafood on your south India exploration.

How to reach – Chennai airport is approx 45 km from Mahabalipuram and taxis are available.

9. Madurai Meenakshi Temple

Madurai Meenakshi Temple

It is one of the top tourist places in South India in winters for spiritual solace seekers. The town is located in Tamil Nadu and is famed for its holy sites or temples. Apart from ancient temples, you will find unique Tamil Nadu culture and learning. Finding inner peace and seeking blessings at Meenakshi Temple to rejuvenate your mind and soul is the best thing to do in Madurai.

Be a shopping spree at Puthu Mandapamfabric opposite to Meenakshi’s Temple and shop scarves, jewelry, fashion accessories, handicrafts, and artwork. Sit down with your fam and enjoy the tranquility of Madurai amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to reach – Madurai airport is approx 10 km far from the city. The airport is well connected with domestic Indian flights.

10. Hill Queen Ooty


Ooty is that journey of your romantic trip which stays close to the heart of the one who has visited it once. Whether its romance, adventure, or mountains, It is the Queen Of Hills located in the Western Ghats at 7500 ft elevation. Otty is an old school winter romantic destination in south India where beautiful prolific vistas, lush green tea plantations, shimmering lakes, and iconic hills are sure to mesmerize you! Flights from major Indian towns to Don’t forget to ride the rail that takes you through hills passing dazzling coffee plantations.

How to reach – Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport available and the distance from the airport is approx 85 km.

11. Beautiful Chikmagalur


Imagine waking up with the fresh aroma of freshly brewed coffee and your sweetheart is next to you! Chikmagalur is one such place in Karnataka where the fragrance of coffee is in the air. It’s Karnataka’s own Coffee Land tucked in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range. This south Indian hill station is shrouded with tropical lush greenery and is the perfect place to reconnect you with nature. If you want to spot wildlife, go for a wildlife tour at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. To satiate cravings for an adventure like trekking, embark on the Mullayanagiri trek, Kemmanagundi trek, and Baba Budangiri trek.

How to reach – Mangalore Airport is the closest airport, located approx 113 km from Chikmagalur.

12. Enjoy in Coorg


Coorg is the favorite destination for camping in the south India hills as there is a range of trekking, and an abundance of lush greenery in the form of coffee, tea plantations. Tourists pick Coorg in winters because it is the best time to witness why Coorg is dubbed as the ‘Scotland of India’. In the lap of mother nature, Coorg is the best place to take a romantic stroll around the charming hills, emerald tea plantations. Honeymooners must relax and rejuvenate while spending a peaceful time at Burude Falls, Chelavara Falls, Mallalli Falls.

How to reach – Board flights from metro Indian towns and land at Mangalore airport, located approx 145 km.

13. Hampi

Honeymoon in Hampi

Hampi is a place where you will experience incredible energy that dates back to the 14th century. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once the capital of Vijaynagar Hindu empire. Hampi is located in Karnataka and is has 500+ monuments, awe-inspiring ruins. For entertainment seekers, there are no dull moments in Hampi as you can indulge in dance, music, drama, and savoring the local cuisine of Hampi is the best thing to do there. Get your prayers answered at Vittala Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Hampi to Goa is approx 350 km, so you can plan a weekend trip to both Goa and Hampi together.

How to reach – Hubli airport is considered the best airport to reach Hampi. It is approx 143 km from the temple town.

14. Gokarna


Gokarna is one of the best tourist places in south India in winters for spiritual solace and adventure seekers. The town is located in Karnataka and is gaining more attention from tourists in comparison to Goa because of its more clear golden beaches like Om Beach and Half Moon Beach. From tall palm trees to serene waves, here couples evening is the best spend while watching the sun melting into the ocean with your beloved!

This temple town boasts all kinds of watersports like parasailing, jet skiing. Gokarna is also one of the best spiritual places to visit in South India for its location around the river Aghanashini. The site is considered to be sacred by the devotees including foreign tourists.

How to reach – The first land at Goa’s Dabolim airport, and then travel approx 155 km via cab to reach Gokarna.

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