Bali: A Island Paradise For Honeymoon Couples

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Before traveling to Bali, I had the very specific idea in mind of what to expect: amazing food, stunning waterfalls, yoga retreats, surf spots and luxury retreat in resorts and hotels. And this shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to me because everyone told me you’re going to love Bali. I really didn’t know what to think about going to Bali in the beginning but honestly this island absolutely blew my mind. It was literally something that we wanted to be discovered. From its multi-colored sand beaches to legendary wave breaks, warm and hospitable natives, amazing shopping steals and swoon-worthy landscapes, there is such a great amount to rave about here for our honeymoon!  A sense of calm comes over you as soon as you step foot off the plane, smell the ocean breeze and bask in the tropical weather. And with so many things to do on the island of God’s, you’ll without a doubt never get exhausted on your honeymoon unless you need to.

However, if you’re traveling to Bali for the very first time, you may feel like you don’t know where to start. So, for the sake of this blog post I decided to summarize with you 10 reasons why Bali is an island paradise for honeymoon couples.

  1. There are epic multi-shaded sand beaches for sun admirers to laze at

bali beaches - Bali is an island paradise for honeymoon couples

If you yearn for sun and paradise beaches on your honeymoon, you’ll unquestionably not be frustrated. Bali beaches are great, and there is a beach that suits everybody. Bali is a definitive island goal that it boasts amazing beaches with turquoise waters and icing sugar sands and tropical rainforests with endemic natural life. Beaches here in Bali are different enough to please energetic surfers, water sports lovers and sun admirers alike. With turquoise waters and icing sugar sands and tropical rainforests with endemic common life, beaches here in Bali are sufficiently diverse to please energetic surfers, water sports lovers and sun admirers alike.

  1. Ubud Rice Paddies Are Truly Mesmerizing To Witness

Ubud Rice Paddies bali - Bali is an island paradise for honeymoon couples

If you’re planning to make a honeymoon getaway to the exotic island of Bali, you can’t leave out Ubud pretty rice paddies. Make your trail start from the mesmerizing rice paddies Of Ubud. You’ll be so captivated by the views that you’ll ask your driver to stop multiple times so that you could take a picture and freeze that moment. Your excitement would grow when you come across the rice paddies of Ubud which is no doubt the most ionic in Bali. There is a reason why travellers rent a bicycle here just to find cafes with a view to enjoy Ubud’s beauty.

  1. Bali Has Amazing Basking Weather

Bali Has Amazing Basking Weather

If you’re planning your honeymoon beneath the breathtaking endlessly long, deserted beaches including tropical spa together,  Then I’m sure you gonna be a surprised because Bali weather is a nature lover’s nirvana. With temperatures wavering in the vicinity of 26 and 31 degrees Celsius consistently, in any case, whenever of year is fantastically excellent and ideal for honeymooners who need to feel as large and in charge as they may be. Polished and captivating, yet educated and cool, Bali is a mix of immaculate atmosphere.

  1. Nightlife Is So Good You Will Never Want To Sleep

nightlife in bali-compressed

In case you’re searching for wild gatherings and the best hangover cure across your honeymoon, at that point Bali is your place. With such huge numbers of sights to see, individuals to meet and dishes to taste, Bali is renowned worldwide for being a party hungry destination. There’s a never-ending rundown of clubs and restaurants that are open and extremely alive until the small hours of the morning. Ku De Ta Bali is one of Bali’s most conspicuous hotspots, regularly consider the pioneer for upscale nightlife and shoreline eating settings in Seminyak which is, in the long run, mind-blowing than other comparable undertakings everywhere throughout the island. With such tremendous quantities of sights to see, people to meet and dishes to taste, Bali is acclaimed for being a gathering hungry soul. Whatever night owl you’re, chances are you will leave Bali feeling like you require another honeymoon in Bali. A vibe which is unmatched and takes you to an alternate world.

  1. Food Is So Good You Won’t Mind If You Get Fat

Food in bali

Leave your body hang-ups and portion control mindset because when you enter Bali, you will have a better flavour with a portion of the best foods on the planet. One fantastic thing about Bali is its food. The fusion of flavours from its neighbouring countries makes your next dish spicy, fresh and rich and at the same time distinctively Balinese. One cannot pass up a gastronomic tour around the island of Gods without venturing Balinese food. And it’s cheap too! Wants more? Okay! If you want more food without burning hole in your pocket, there are also no of stalls for night owls to venture Bali street food.

  1. The Amazing Cultural Paradise

    bali culture
    The brilliant things about having such huge numbers of various individuals in a single place are that there’s continually something new to attempt. More unique than its beaches, it’s natural beauty and even its temples, is Bali’s culture, intricately webbed into the way everyone does everything here. Culture marks the pace of life, sets the natural rhythm and inspires the way things are done. Everything revolves around ancient rituals, long-held beliefs and frequent festivities, one of which you’re more than likely to come across during your visit. Temples celebrate anniversaries once in every six Gregorian months as per the 210-day Balinese calendar, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch a live celebration. With fruit offerings, decorated shrines and spiritual dances, you’ll fully get to submerge in the island’s fascinating culture.

  1. No Regrets Moments at Every Turn

bali Volcano trekking

Everybody has a rundown of things they need to do on their honeymoon before they kick the bucket. Regardless of whether it’s something little or something totally epic, the sky is the limit in the island of Gods. Maybe you needed to share a kiss on the enchanted Gili Island, or wind your way around Mount Batur Volcano trekking, an outing to Bali is loaded with minutes you’ve generally imagined. Bali, the celebrated around the world island of the Gods, stakes a genuine quiet to be heaven on earth. Bali’s great natural areas are scattered throughout the island, and there are plenty of hidden gems to explore. There’s so much you can see around and do while in Bali. From soaring cliff view points to the sea view that can get very idyllic at sunset and overlooking the highlight of Bali’s highest peak, Mount Ayung, there are more reasons still! It is difficult to think of Bali beyond its beaches. But the rewards of doing so are far and wide. The Island of the Gods demands more exploration.

  1. Luxury Retreat at Bali Resorts

Bali Resorts

Bali hotels have some seriously fancy perks. Its fast-growing economy, travel youth population and travel investment have all provided fantastic opportunities for the hotel industry. Whether your taste is chic and modern, refined and classic or funky and futuristic, you’ll find a luxury hotel that fits your needs on your honeymoon. Even though Bali is considered to be the hot international vacation destination, the types of accommodation in the country range from quaint and cozy to grand and sophisticated. Bali has many faces each of them dazzling. Bali luxury properties are a true retreat for couples where you can enjoy just above every amenity imaginable. And what better way to experience all the above, than staying in Bali top luxury hotels?

  1. Spirituality Retreat at Temples

temples of Bali

Spirituality is one of the central vibes of Bali so it comes as no surprise that the island is dotted with the most eye-opening temples. This destination has up to 10,000 temples and shrines (all worth visiting). Some of these temples also have beautiful sunset views from their location. In Indonesian language, temples in Bali are called “Pura”, so these are what you will be looking for. Each Pura has its own story to tell which you will only be able to know once you visit these temples. The picturesque setting of the temple with the perfect backdrop is the haven for couples who strive for peace and tranquillity. Plunge deep into the spiritual Balinese spirit and witness the Bali. If you need your prayers to be answered on your honeymoon, make sure to visit the beautiful temples of Bali.

  1. Drop Anchor and Snorkel Whenever You Like

bali snorkeling

Who doesn’t want to stumble upon a good snorkel spot on their honeymoon while exploring to the magical island of Bali? I think no one, right! Apart from its scenic landscape beauty, secluded beaches and luxury accommodations, Bali just happens to be one of the best dive and snorkel destinations in the world. No place else on the planet will you discover jumping like the one done in Bali. Done in the coral triangle, a zone of the Pacific Ocean, you will experience 76 percent of all the world’s known coral species and up to 2000 types of the reef fish. It’s a great opportunity for couples to take out that beautiful swimming outfit and go for a jumping hour, just and just in Bali. Bali is the go-to place if you’re looking for adventure. Bali has various activities to offer to the travellers like cycling, free plunging, swimming, kayaking and go dirt road adventure like ATV. Sounds really energizing, isn’t that so?

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