15 Unique Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

romantic date ideas for couples
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When it comes to dating, it’s difficult to break out of the box. Dinner, romantic films, same usual gifts, repeat. while there’s nothing wrong with those kinds of dates, they’re incredibly predictable—and predictable hardly equals passion. That’s why sometimes, a couple gotta be imaginative and consider some significantly romantic date ideas. making time for date night can be difficult, Whilst such a lot of other things can get inside the way. And of course, it’s so crucial to hold the romance alive no matter what happens you want to make your romantic date as memorable as feasible. I am getting it, you want to discover a place that is not simply scenic however additionally has a few cool and unusual things to do that is a chunk more of a romantic getaway.

Look no further, we came up with 15 Unique Romantic Date Ideas to shake up your night together. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or just a casual night out, mark the destinations below and things to do on your unique romantic date to select what type of date you are looking for you have in mind.

HoneymoonBug.com presents top 15 Unique Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

1. A Romantic Walk Around JNU Campus – Delhi

Romantic Walk Around JNU Campus - Delhi
Image Source

Okay, so you want to take on some romantic adventures with your one and only, but really don’t have time to go anywhere outside Delhi? Well, you don’t need to be! Surprise your other half by whisking him or her to the top to kick off or end a fabulous romantic date in the JNU campus. If you’ve ever been inside, you’ll know that it’s a world in itself. Hidden in one such lane of the campus is the wonder called Parthasarathy Rocks. Although entry to PSR is not open to the general public and you need a JNU ID card for the same, you can always ask a student to help you get entry, and they’ll happily do it. Trust us, it will be worth the effort and you’ll have one of the best dates ever with your bae!

2. Enjoy, Stay And Play At Jaisalmer

romantic Play At Jaisalmer

Rajasthan has the capability to marvel you with its outstanding hidden jewels. Even as Jaipur and Jodhpur are broadly popular as holiday destinations for families in addition to for couples, one as a substitute unexplored romantic spot in Rajasthan is Jaisalmer. A mention of Jaisalmer evokes snapshots of the desert and feels extra adventurous than romantic. From Italian and Tibetan to nearby Rajasthani cuisine plus the satisfactory nighttime breeze with a candle-mild to your table will make for the ideal romantic setting for you. For a greater romantic revel in your date, accumulate the courage to sit down on a camelback collectively and you may move on to the Gadisar Lake for a quiet romantic evening by the water.

Advice: If you choose the right month, between November to February this is, and the proper things to do, you can simply pull off a memorable offbeat romantic date full of romance as well as adventure.

3. Ice-Cream Together At India Gate – Delhi

Ice-Cream Together At India Gate - Delhi

A fun and interactive date idea that could very well have some long-term payoffs are having Ice-Cream together at India Gate. You may be under the impression this is cheesy, but nothing screams that louder than a walk and ice-cream at India Gate. For the ladies, security is tight in the area, so you can relax about unnecessary attention. We meant from bystanders. But you might want to rethink this date if that wasn’t your first thought.

Advice: We recommend you visit after sunset; if nothing else, your surroundings will give you plenty to talk about.

4. Cuddle Up Together Under A Warm Blanket In Mcleodganj


Who would not love the idea of making a picturesque destination the perfect setting for your romantic date? Explore this picturesque hill station Mcleodganj and get a cuddled up next to each other under a warm blanket with your darling. With the Himalayas encircling it, Mcleodganj remains cool and pleasant in all seasons. You’ll probably feel like you are in a romantic wonderland and that’s a good thing. moreover, the clean and fresh air of the Himalayas is worth more than just a weekend and you would again want to plan your next date here more often.

Pro Tip: You might even experience hailstorm making the temperature drop down a bit, so do carry some woolen clothes.

5. Head To The Drive-In Ladakh

Head To The Drive-In Ladakh
Image Source

Road trips aren’t just a journey they’re a whole new destination every few moments. They’re the mapping of memories and experience of discovery all that jazz and more. Give yourself a break from busy city life. Feed fuel to your car, let Arijit Singh making the perfect ambiance for you both couples and head to Ladakh road trip. The road trip to Ladakh with your partner will provide you the amazing experience which you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. For making your date more memorable, you can experience the feel of a homestay in Ladakh to imbibe the local culture, get a taste of their home food, and see how well you can survive without much luxury with your partner.

Pro Tip: Consider exhaustion before you start your journey, no longer after. Get a minimum seven hours of sleep for 2 consecutive nights before your Ladakh drive to accumulate your strength reserves. “Also, avoid driving between 1 and 3 p.m, when the body’s temperature is lower and people are naturally drowsy,”

6. Rent A Paddle Boat In Alappuzha – Kerala, And Behold The Sunsets From Lighthouse!

Rent A Paddle Boat In Alappuzha - Kerala, And Behold The Sunsets From Lighthouse!

Who would not like the idea of pretending the electricity went out on their romantic date and spend the complete night by candlelight conversation? From houseboat stays to lazing around pristine beaches, the backwater and houseboat cruises of Alappuzha provides the range of memorable and overwhelming date experiences you can have.

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Pro Tip: go for a night stroll and campfire in Alleppey. night time stroll on the roads of Alleppey is simply thoughts blowing. the peace and the sound of backwaters will positively ignite your romance.

7. Have A Hillside Picnic At Rishikesh

Picnic At Rishikesh - Romantic Idea

Camping ideas are so amazing yet when did you last time down for camping? Alternate up your fashionable date, and plan out an exquisite camp date together with your darling at this exceptional destination Rishikesh. Here in Rishikesh, the camps are located very near where river rafting is situated. What might be better? The slanted hillsides virtually are a change, however, a totally satisfactory one. Enjoy your picnic basket meals and also take the plunge at India’s maximum bungee jumping in Rishikesh.

Pro Tip: Soak in some unbelievable perspectives of the Himalayas and indulge with your loved one in a few zips lining across the white water rafting experience at ShivpuriRishikesh.

8. Enjoy A Scenic Train Ride In Darjeeling

Train Ride In Darjeeling - romantic date ideas

Whether you’ve been married for years or are still in the early phases of a relationship, traveling by train is the correct manner to begin a romantic getaway with the one that you love. this you can experience with your sweetheart in Darjeeling. One of the most beautiful hill stations in India, Darjeeling is famous for its toy train journey and the tea plantation. Make your date memorable with scenic toy train adventure which is clearly brilliant with views of the tea gardens of Doors Tiger Hills, Peace Pagoda at Charlemont hill and Gorkha struggle memorial.

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Pro Tip: Make your dream date more unique by posing for the perfect couple photo at the snow-covered peaks of Kanchenjunga – a beauty to behold forever at Tiger Hill.

9. Hit The Clubs And Beach Together In Goa

Beach Together In Goa - best idea for romantic date

A night of partying and dancing can’t be beaten. Find a lounge or a dance club with music that you both enjoy and spend the evening staring into each other’s eyes while lazing around pristine beaches in Goa. Rated as the 7th best Party Capitals in the world, Goa that takes romance and magic to another level: Grand Island, beautiful churches dedicated to love itself, views of the sunset over rooftop cafes, rarely visited Portuguese old mansions where you can steal a kiss in a deserted ballroom. A romantic date in this destination feels magical with your loved one.

Pro Tip: Get high on adrenaline with various watersport activities to do and be a beach bump with your loved one on blue waters of Goa.

10. Recreate Your Romance In The City Of Lakes Udaipur

Romance In The City Of Lakes Udaipur

If you ask any traveler the phrase ‘Venice of the East’, he will tell you the only spot that can truly own the name is Udaipur, a lakeside paradise of shimmering marble, oozing romance and a European feel you just can’t find anywhere else in India. Nestled by Aravalli hills and interconnected by several lakes, Udaipur is one of the most romantic spots in India making it a perfect romantic getaway for couples. Numerous lovebirds visit the region to pop the ring and the question right in front of the lake.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have budget constraints, you can choose to stay in the royal suite of the kings and queens of the Mewar Dynasty.

11. Romantic Walk In Sentosa Island – Singapore

Romance In The City Of Lakes Udaipur

So why not take your romantic date to a whole other degree? Singapore is the satisfactory destination with regards to experiencing romantic date. Singapore is all about the feels that you may experience no vicinity else, the Sentosa island in Singapore is wherein the word exotic redefined. Walking hands in hands together with your partner at corridors of Hogwarts, assembly Shrek and Fiona of their swamp is most effective a glimpse of what Sentosa island has in the shop. Sentosa is super-fun, frolicking and extremely boisterous, a super vicinity for couples who are planning their romantic date. Pristine beaches, the SentosaMerlion, the fortress Siloso and cable car rides, are some of the various traveler points of interest in Sentosa.

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Pro Tip: For a more romantic experience, take a barefoot walk over the Sentosa Island man made beaches.

12. An Evening to Remember at Burj Khalifa

An Evening to Remember at BurjKhalifa

If you think the desert isn’t romantic, think once more. Living a life king size is what everybody goals and luxury eating in Dubai desert region is probably the pleasant stuff for couples to do. Desert safaris start round mid-afternoon with dune bashing camel experience and then a traditional Arab bbq dinner on the camp website in the middle of the desert. Night time in the desert is excellent and an enjoy to keep in mind for a lifetime. This actually is the one of the satisfactory stuff for couples to do to improve their romance and study more approximately their partner.

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Advice: Dubai is a Muslim country through being the famous romantic destination, you have to abide by their laws. Try to avoid public displays of affection in public like kissing each other and dressing inappropriately.

13. A Candle Light Dinner On Your Villa – Bali

A Candle Light Dinner On Your Villa - Bali
Image source

In case you are the sort of character who thinks sunset dinners are too mainstream, agree with me, you will love to plan a candle-lit dinner out together with your extensive one on a different and steeply-priced villa. This romantic island offers couples this great opportunity where a non-public worldwide chef put together your meal in keeping with the night to your villa for this beautiful divine enjoy. Imagine candles being lit customized provider no crowds with great food being provided it’s one of the most romantic things one could do in Bali.

Pro Tip: Make a bucket list of things to do together in Bali ranging from hiking Adams Peak for the beautiful sunrise and watching a romantic movie at Karma Beach Resort.

14. Get The Best Sunset At Riambel Beach – Mauritius

Best Sunset At Riambel Beach - Mauritius

In case you are planning to make your date an international destination, head to Mauritius. The islands crystal blue lagoons coral islets and unspoiled beaches make it an idyllic placing for cherished up couples young and old. Riambel beach is famous as one of the most lovely seashores inside the whole international. There are lots of activities that you could try out in this location which includes horse riding together with your companion. You will surely enjoy the beautiful moments that you may spend with your partner right here.

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Pro Tip: Get yourself and your partner pampered at one Spa’s in Mauritius and sign up for a couples treatment like a massage or a mud wrap and look for spas with amenities like a dry sauna or a whirlpool to stretch the date into a whole day.

15. Take A Pic Of Lover’s Lock – Paris

Take A Pic Of Lover’s Lock - Paris - romantic date idea

Every couple will make a trip to the city of love in some unspecified time in the future. and yet, Paris is so jam-packed full of special things to do with your loved one that it could actually be quite problematic figuring out what to do on this romantic ceremony of passage. Des Arts the bridge of pleasant arts is full of fabulously colorful padlocks which have been hung by fanatics wishing to make their love final for all time. hundreds of keys lie in the depths of the seine beneath. That’s actually it’s cliche. If making a decision to take this step, we are hoping that your love may be greater durable than your lock.

Advice: Instead of hanging padlocks, we encourage you to simply take a picture. Definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Paris!

These are the 15 unique romantic date ideas to do as a couple. So, what are you waiting for? Make your plans today and get geared up to brush your woman love off to a romantic date that she would never forget. And in case you think we’ve neglected something mainly romantic, let us know in the comments box below.

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