10 Romantic Things to Do In Sikkim on Your Honeymoon

things to do in sikkim
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For people like us living in the plains, there’s nothing better than planning an escape to the hills on their honeymoon for some mandatory cool breeze, thick forests and serene mountains. And we’ve got you such a haven, miles away from the pollution and heat of the city! Read on!

Sikkim, a state in the North-eastern part of India. This state offer nature at its very best, in the form of mountains, lakes, forests, and waterfalls. Also, it is enveloped in a spiritual aura generated by numerous and ancient Buddhist monasteries which serenely dot the state. Sikkim is indeed the best place for honeymooners who are seeking adventure, spiritualism or simply a communion with nature.  Mesmerizing beautiful weather, lush greenery, unending natural trails, and awe-inspiring landscapes, Sikkim is where you need to be on your honeymoon And since the honeymoon is all about you too both, this place offers you the most ideal atmosphere to get some peace and quiet.  All you have to do is get yourself a cuppa coffee and gaze at the breathtaking view of the forest and mountains outside your window!

Get out on the road, turn on the engine, and make memories on your honeymoon as we have compiled a list of 10 Romantic Things To Do In Sikkim On Your Honeymoon.

HoneymoonBug List of 10 Romantic Things To Do In Sikkim On Your Honeymoon


  1. Visit The Amazing Monasteries

The monasteries of Sikkim are recognized for their tranquility. Perched into the hilltop,this region is dotted with 200 monasteries and all are spiritual and architectural points of interest of the state. The amazing thing about these monasteries right here is that each monastery has a history that it consists of with it beyond many years. Exploring monasteries on your Sikkim honeymoon is an ought to do to your bucket list if you need a peaceful enclosure of ambiance which echoes with the soothing chants and prayers.

  1. Visit The Tsomgo Lake

This is one of the picturesque places In India That Deserve a Selfie along with your companion. With large snow-blanketed mountains rising above, throwing their silvery mirrored image on the lake, Tsongmo Lake is nothing brief of breathtaking! After traveling this lake, you’ll comprehend what heaven looks like. Snow clad mountains in the background with water as clean as a shining mirror, the Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim is indeed a surreal wonder to revel in along with your partner. Possible get here thru the Nathu-la bypass at the manner to the Indo-China border. It’s a hard adventure till here, but the enchanting visible is really worth it.

  1. Take a Yak Safari to the Pristine Tsomgo Lake

What about planning a Yak Ride with your partner on your honeymoon? Yak ride is clearly an unforgettable and specific revel in Sikkim. This area provides Yak experience for vacationers. You’ll find the Yaks which might be colorfully decorated with woolen knitwear over the horns and brow and strings of bells across the necks. The rides are exciting and provide an experience to cherish for a long time. This remains a one-of-a-kind journey as one passes through rolling ranch-lands linking the heavenly splendor of the hills and pristine Tsomgo Lake.

  1. Get an Adrenaline Kick While River-Rafting In Teesta

The lifeline of the Indian nation of Sikkim, Teesta beautifies the natural panorama of the nation. One of the fine spots to attempt adventure activities in Sikkim, the river provides some brilliant rapids that can be tamed simplest through the avid rafters with good enough enjoy. If you’re a couple who love the idea of rafting, this is the place where you can satiate your thirst impeccably. Meandering down the rough and rugged rapids of this mountain river, the rafters can get sufficient tides to get an adrenaline rush. The riverbank is dotted with green patches of paddy fields, lush green forests, small villages and scattered white sandy seashores.

  1. Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View from a Ropeway Cable Ride

One of the top things honeymoon couple can do in Sikkim. Cable automobile ride in Gangtok brings the possibility of witnessing the lovely views of the picturesque Gangtok metropolis along with your partner from the highest factor of the city. This is a 1-km zigzag ropeway journey that originates from Deorali and takes the site visitors to trashing. The trip offers the maximum beautiful aerial perspectives of this outstanding metropolis. Other than the city, one also can experience breathtaking views of the Kangchenjunga over this 7-minute trip.


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  1. Get Adventurous And Go for River Rafting At Teesta

Who would not love the idea of doing river rafting on their honeymoon trip? No one!  Additionally called the lifeline of Sikkim, this river isn’t always most effective beautiful however additionally gives massive adventurous games to individuals who indulge in river rafting. The wild rapids of the Teesta River give exciting revel in of river rafting to adventurous couples. This river will provide you with the twist and flip craggy rapids so that you can make your rafting revel in more exciting. The riverbank is dotted with green paddy fields, densely wooded area and scattered white sand where you can set your nighttime camp. That is one of the fine hobbies to do for your honeymoon wherein you could experience thrill and excitement both.

  1. Nightlife Is So Amazing

Seeking out amazing nightlife even as for your honeymoon? Good idea! Sikkim nightlife is also very exciting and lively. You’ll not get bored taking note of the stay music. Experience the local cuisines with delight music besides your partner in a romantic placing. There are many clubs in which you may get romantic and may enjoy mouthwatering dinner together with your soulmate. Do no longer be surprised that the first land-based totally stay casino in India turned into set up in Gangtok. The pubs and golf equipment are quite vintage and famous for providing every kind of liquids. Music, dance, and friends what else you need to make honeymoon getaway more exciting?

  1.  Be Religious

I now not suggest you turn religious in a single day. But, in case you do agree with inside the divine presence of the best soul, then your upcoming honeymoon in Sikkim could turn greater fun-stuffed. If one visits the monasteries maintaining deep religious perception at coronary heart one will truly feel blessed. Meditate interior any vintage Buddhist Gompa, or pay homage to the deity dwelling within the shrines of the temple metropolis of Namchi. Nicely, remember to light a butter lamp every time you visit a monastery. In line with common perception, it will deliver love, peace, and prosperity to one’s existence.

  1. Shopping Hopping At MG Road

All people who visit Gangtok Sikkim on honeymoon does not neglect to shop for Chinese Feng Shui items like laughing Buddha, Dragons, New year Lamp or even the clothes worn in the course of Tibetan fairs. MG road is the appropriate marketplace wherein you could discover all ethnic gadgets. Strive to buy a unique cup found on this market this is printed with unique Sikkimese designs and comes with a lid. Attempt neighborhoodartifacts of Sikkim that appears beautiful. Handwoven blanket, carpet, wooden and bamboo gadgets are a number of the items you can take back home. Be cautious at the same time as shopping for whatever from the nearby market. Strive to bargain due to the fact the providers hike charges. You can additionally attempt buying actual Sikkimese gadgets from Tibetan Handicrafts Centre for your perfect set of the new house.

  1. Visit Ravangla And Namchi, Sikkim

Small vacationer cities located in south Sikkim, these two verdant paradises have to preferably be visited in tandem. Lush landscape, view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and swathes of orchards & rhododendron forest turns these 2 sleepy little towns magical with the advent of summer making April till July the appropriate time to visit in your ideal honeymoon. With revolt of colors and herbal landscape, these 2 destinations in Sikkim are rapidly catching up as one of the top places to move for the honeymoon in India. Easy trekking trails additionally make it ideal locations for the circle of relatives trek in India. The rhododendron treks from April until July are in particular famous.

I honestly think that this list can go on and on, but I also think that these 10 things to do in Sikkim are enough to keep you busy on your honeymoon for a while. In case, you’re planning your honeymoon trip to Sikkim, we can help you plan out your romantic honeymoon. All you have to do is login to our website and book Sikkim Honeymoon Packages that too in a shoe-string budget.

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